Thursday, 1 June 2017

Thursday’s Blog is something Blue...

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.

Decided it’s time for another book of papers.
You know, like the Northern Lights one, but different colours.
Dee’s already designed her next two, but I am dragging my heels!

So out with the alcohol inks and the yupo paper....

It’s messy, but fun.

I designed the last collection to work behind parchment 
as well as for regular stamp art and cardcraft. 
This is the Northern Lights book:

We’re running low on this one,
so it’s time to reprint.

They have all been very popular, but the Northern Lights one definitely hit the Groovi Spot.
Actually, we have had a very good idea ... more will be revealed.

I wanted to get a sort of halo in the middle,
and darker round the sides with this lovely blue one.

Mmm. Went a bit mad in the corner down there.
But never fear!

 Wipe it clear!
That’s the great thing about yupo paper.
Squirt of blending solution and go again!

Add a couple of other colours,
let them move around.

Much better.
Few more finishing touches and a little magic -
and it will be just perfick!

Since we’ve got them all out of the cupboard,
we may as well carry on.

and on....

Made a great start.
Really happy with them.

All things being equal, we should be able to get them to the printers by next week, and in the shops by the end of the month.

If only everything were that straightforward, eh.

Here’s a bloggy offer on the current designer paper pads.
in case you wanted to stock up on them.
If you want to go for all 4, we already had them reduced.
But let’s knock another 25% of that bundle price
to £33.73
special price + club member’s discount + BARRRRRGIN!


Love & Hugs,


  1. They are looking lovely ! So useful, just difficult to choose which one you want to use ! Xx

  2. Looks like you had a good play today, Barbara. Hope it helped in your head. I'm sure your next set of paper pads will be just as brilliant and successful as your first ones. Well, I've been very good, and refraining from buying your paper pads as I have a stash, not as good as yours, that I've hardly used any of. How naughty of you, I feel my resolve slipping fast. And struggling bad with a very scrambled, agitated Asperger's stuff head, so maybe in need of a wee crafty treat. How can I not buy them at this special offer price, and my Diamond discount, and the voucher I have.... Oh well, I'm sure I can find space for them.... Thank you for yet another amazing offer.

    Wee thought. Have you considered selling your papers as digital downloads? Separate market to the real thing, I think, as nothing you print off can compare to the real thing. People could then have the option to resize them digitally though.

    Today's new postive to live by - be someone's reason to smile

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow
    Love Brenda xx

  3. Love alcohol inks on Yupo paper, it moves so well and the ones you have made are beautiful. Had fun crafting today and plan on more tomorrow. XX

  4. Love all the paper pads so looking forward to having even more choice my northern lights is getting a bit thin now lol

  5. Evening bloggy friends, lovely day here. Lots of crafting, lots of time in the garden with a good book, I do love half term! XX

    1. Hi Donna ,
      Enjoy it while you can - at least you've had good weather for this holiday xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Looks like you've had a lovely inky play today. The new papers look fantastic. Oh you are a temptress Barbara I ve been good so far and resisted the papers but there you go giving us such a good deal. I must resist, oh go on a little peep won't hurt!! Haha. I do like the way the inks blend together on the yupo paper, you get such interesting patterns.
    Love Diane G xxx

    1. Hello blog friends, been a lovely day here today, feet are rather pink as they were in the sun as I chatted to my neighbour this morning! Whoops. Had fun decorating a chocolate cake this afternoon, it was a bit too hot for piping chocolate but I'm sure it will fast ok even if it isn't that pretty. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Ooh, chocolate cake - can I come to your house please?!!!!

  7. Hello Barbara

    Oooh looking good. Northern Lights is my favourite. Perhaps you will be able to have the new ones at Colemans on July 1st? Or on the Retreats? Looking forward to seeing them.


  8. Ooh I does love a nice paper pad and they don't come much nicer than yours Barb. Can't wait to see the new ones hit the shelves. Xx

  9. Oh dear my finger somehow hit the buy and send button lol lol ,liking the look of the new papers.looking forward to the shows Sunday

  10. Fantastic, must have a play myself but liking the look of these x

  11. I think I had better empty the car completely before setting off to the Open Days. I might need the space. My list is getting longer. xxx Maggie

  12. Wonderful> I love the pads> Sometimes just look at them and dream> Which inks did you use on this project - great effect.
    Looking forward to Sunday
    Love Anne (Reading)

  13. I love all the papers, but Northern Lights has been my favourite x

  14. Hi Barb,
    Ooh, fab - new paper pads! Can't wait to see them. If the things you have done today are anything to go by, they will be gorgeous. I love the last ones and another set of them is a no brainier at this price! Thank you. Have to say that Northern Lights is my favourite pad, Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been a mixed day here - overcast and windy, then sunny and calm.Another gym session today then traced out a Groovi design for a birthday card that I need for next week. Called I. At Crafters Companion on way home from gym and bought the Perga Liners - they are rather nice! Love and hugs, Alison xx

  15. Oh my goodness....more goodies to tempt me at the retreat! I wonder if I better rob a bank?
    Your play time looks like fun!
    Love and hugs xxx

    1. Well, you might just get away with it Jane, with you being so good at being incognito.....!!! Xx

  16. Wow looks like you had a great time getting inky love them think I need a messy play day haven't done much for while need to get in there and get messy. Lots love hugs Joy xx

  17. Great colours on these alcohol inks on yupo pieces Barbara. I can see another wonderful paper pad appearing soon which I know will be very popular. x

  18. I really need to add to my pretty paper mountain like I need another 'hole in my head' but ...with this fab offer how can I say "No"?! Ooh and just remembered I still have one more discount code from the catalogues.... oopsie order about to be placed. How much does a divorce cost these days? rofl xxx

  19. That blue one looks as if it might make a great background for a snowy scene (won't mention the C word. I bought 2 of the paper pads and I love them, such good quality.
    Nice day here, some sun and sometimes overcast. Had great fun with the grandchildren down on Newlyn green and a Paw Patrol kite!! Simple pleasures xx

  20. Ohhhh nice very addicted to Alcohol inks in yupo well anything i can do with them. Really are the best backgrounds you can do, or even on tikes plastic eggs. Just love inky playing lol

  21. Hi Barb, wow those new backgrounds look great, I can see another very popular paper pad on it's way. Take care. Bx

  22. I promised myself I would not add to the mountain of paper but these new ones look very tempting..........

  23. Now this reminds me that somewhere in my craft room is a pack of pristine yupo paper. Roll on my days off next week so I can get messy!

  24. Sending good vibes, and ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) to all who are sick. Safe Journey Barb. Of course you had to go.


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x