Monday, 5 June 2017

The Long and Winding Road - Monday

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in.
Many thanks also for watching, supporting and even buying the lovely Gentleman’s Collection if you did.
They flew again, didn’t they!
Trust me.
We supply the TV with THOUSANDS of plates. 
Not hundreds. THOUSANDS.
So when we sell out, you really have gone for it. 

And we just can’t make more, because then the next collection will fall behind. And with Steve’s back at the moment, we definitely can’t be adding more spice to the soup!

But here’s the simple piece I made in hour 1, 
showing off the lovely plates,
but more importantly, showing you how to build a landscape by layering them up.

Let’s keep it simple...

Second square in on the Nested Square in the Starter Kit.
Notice I have only attached the parchment to the Plate Mate at the top. With good reason...
Slide the large landscape plate in on top underneath the parchment,   and decide where you want the road. Don’t emboss it yet; just know where it is going to be.
Then slide the third plate in on top of the landscape plate, the car, and emboss the car where you want to see it on the road.

Slide the car plate out and emboss the road into place.

Slide the plate around, locate the trees and add the trees.
Remove the landscape plate and add the double-frame.
Which you could have done at the beginning too,
but it is good to keep the nested plate in the background, 
for alignment. 

Slot the hills plate from the Starter Kit into the Plate Mate.
Add the backdrop.

Add MY DAD using the Gratitude Word Chain Border 

How about a little bunting?

And how about a chequer border, using the nested square again.

We can add a little embossing using the basic grid around the border and inside the words.

Next comes the whitework
I do like the pink Pergamano mat.
Very forgiving.

Time to colour in.
I used a combination of Perga Colours and Distress Markers.

Looking good, but it isn’t until you mount it on a sheet of the Northern Lights background paper, that it comes to life.

A little matting and layering, and the job is done.

You see, you don’t have to be able to do all that complicated picot cutting and gridwork to get in the groove!
Anybody can do it.

Time to stop.
My bags are packed and I’m ready to go join Gracie.

All things being well, I hope to see you at the Crowborough Open Days next week.
If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?
There are plenty of reasons to join us:

A chance to meet :

Dee Paramour 
Linda Williams, 
Tina Cox,
Maria Simms, 
 Jo Rice, 
 Paul Church
Rosie Cottrell
Sam Crowe
my Mum

What a line up!

And there’s a free snip clinic
where friends will 
help you improve your picot cutting.

It would be nice to see you.

click on the day to buy your tickets.


Love & Hugs,


  1. Much love and prayers for Gracie and the whole family.

  2. I hope all goes well, Barbara. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Look forward to seeing you at Crowborough on 16th. Love and hugs. X

  3. Loved all the demos in the shows. The one here is beautiful!
    The open days will I'm sure be fantastic...I can't make it down but I'll be there in my head. If I could be there I would!
    Have a safe journey to see Grace and hope all goes well!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. Yet another great success for you Barbara & not forgetting the rest of Team Clarity! I loved all the shows that I was able to see - unfortunately I wasn't able to see most of today's shows because of the storm coming in, down here in Cornwall. I am looking forward to watching them later. Get yourself packed now Barb and go to Grace - take our love and positive vibes with you - hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends - hope that you are all ok and managed to watch the shows. It has been SO cold and rainy and windy here - my M.E. surfaced today and I had to go back to bed this afternoon. Thankfully Neill is still making good progress, and now able to do some more of the exercises. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly we've got our heating on this evening! Hope you feel better tomorrow x

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Like Chris I've put the heating on - it's almost like Autumn here! Hope you feel better tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hi Gilly rain lashing against the window as I type. Hope you feel brighter tomorrow xxx

  5. I have never had the pleasure of meeting your Mum, but I hope to this time round. Looking forward to meeting so many Clarity friends down there as well as being wowed by your talented team. Who is going to be at breakfast in the hotel on Friday and Saturday, and at the pub for a meal together at the end of the day? Loved the shows, Barbara. You know exactly what I did when I saw both lots of plates. Of course you do. See you in Crowborough and give Grace lots of hugs from all of us. xxx Maggie

    1. Well we will be there Maggie but guess you knew that. Barbara's mum is lovely so friendly. X

  6. Safe trip and all good wishes to Grace and Steve. Good luck to Dave for holding the fort too ! The gentlemen plates are lovely and look forward to getting them in the near future. Xx

  7. I'm at work on 16th and going to Telford on 17th. Will see you for the last retreat though. Hope all goes well.

  8. Safe Journey Barb, and fingers crossed for Grace. Much love to you all xxx

  9. Safe journey and hope all goes well for Grace. Thinking of you xx

  10. I loved that demo and the one with canyon really wowed me. I need more brushes! You did a great job Barbara. Don't forget to pack the starter kit for Gracie and God speed xxx

  11. Beautiful Barbara, my wee tablet screen didn't do it justice! Thanks for this demo. I think I need to invest in more plates for making scenes!!! I really struggle to imagine the size of the individual elements on each plate, so end up not buying in case they are too big!!! It's hard to get my head round that you sell thousands of plates in such a short time, the quantity of people buying them, and that's before you add on all the ones being bought on your Clarity website. I never imagined so many people were tuning in. Must make you feel good, to know you have got the designs you are offering us spot on.

    Hope you have a safe flight. I'll be with you and Grace in spirit, pouring positive psychic thoughts and energy your and Grace's way. Remember to pack a starter kit for Grace, and some extra plates, plenty parchment, the perga pens, and pencils, your colouring books too... I hope it's goes the easiest it can for you both, and it's the best outcome possible. Loads of love, and big bear hugs, Brenda xxxxx

  12. Fantastic artwork, I've just treated myself to the Northern lights paper pad. Safe travels to see Grace, keeping everything crossed x

  13. Brilliant collection. I'm saving up. Big hug for you and Gracie xx

  14. Safe journey and hope all goes well for Grace. xx

  15. Safe trip to see Grace. I pray everything goes well for her. Hope to see you on the 17th. Hugs for you both xx

  16. Safe journey and I hope everything goes well for Grace. C xx

  17. Have a safe journey and stay as long as you're needed. Love to you all xx

  18. Hi Barb,
    This is brilliant, and thank you for the step by step instructions. The Northern Lights backing paper really sets it off. Really forward to getting my plates and playing with them Well done for an amazing One Day Special. Have a safe journey to New York and I hope that everything goes well for Grace, I'm sure it will. Give her my best wishes. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope the weather has been better for you than it's been here. It's more like Autumn! Gym session this morning which went really well and then did another card using Tina's floral swirls and corners. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

    2. I went to the gym this morning too! Have you got your ticket for leyburn yet? Happy to push you in a wheelchair if necessary. Hugs back xx

    3. Hi Alison it's horrible here too but it meant it was cool enough to catch up on the ironing, whilst watching tv of course. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Chris,
      I've ordered my ticket! Believe me you wouldn't want to push me!! It will be lovely to see you again xxx

    5. Diane,
      Now you've done your ironing, would you like to do mine??! Xx

  19. Caught you online last night and live this morning. Lovely shows, you did so well. Wishing you a safe journey and sending love and healing thoughts to you and the family and Tina and family. x

  20. Fab shows, safe journey sending love hugs and healing vibes xxx

  21. Have a safe journey Barbara. Hope all goes well for Grace. I know she will appreciate you being with her.
    Gayle x

  22. Glad everything went well today Barbara, I knew those plates would fly out, and hope all goes well for Grace. Have a safe journey. x

  23. All the best Barbara and have a safe journey. X

  24. Prayers and hugs to you darling Gracie . It's so hard sometimes being a mom .
    Don't forget we will be in Brooklyn tomorrow evening so if we can help with anything just drop an email .
    We drive up from Virginia and it's about a seven hour drive .

  25. Dear Barbara I hope you have a good and safe journey, and that everything goes well for your dear Grace. Really enjoyed the program's I have managed to watch, some are recorded. Well done. best wishes to Tina and her family, and also Steve. Xxxxxx

  26. I'm not surprised those plates sold out so quickly. Once I saw what you and the design team produced I can see that I will have to get them sooner or later. Didn't see that coming, thought they weren't for me. I have just finished a card for my daughter-in-law using Tina's corners,very pleased with how it turned out.
    Have a safe journey to New York, Grace will be so happy to see you. Wasn't it lovely that she was watching you yesterday. Hope all goes well with her op.
    Missed recording 2 shows today, the electric kept playing silly beggars with the storm we were experiencing so will have to watch on catchup. xx

  27. Hi Barbara
    How fantastic, another sell out. Love the artwork and wow it really does pop with that backing paper behind it. Safe journey and give Grace a big hug from all of us, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love and hugs
    Diane xxxx
    Ps hope you've got a large suitcase full of groovi stuff with you xx

  28. Wishing you a safe journey and I hope all goes well for Grace. Will be so much better for her to have her mum with her and if you can't make the Open Days well we will miss you of course but understand completely. Sending loads of good wishes to you both. X x

  29. Safe flight and sending all good wishes to Grace. Cannot make the open days this year but will be there in spirit. X

  30. Hi Barbara,I said it would be good. Sell out all the way.
    I now know all the men's cards would be sorted.
    You and all your team have done it again wonderful samples from the Design Team, and loved you and Paul on the Sunday shows there will be always be some thing to learn loved the little flowers you made simple but so effective.

    Have a safe journey to see Grace, my thoughts and prayers are with you all Tina Steve and all at Clarity no mater what they do just brilliant and wonderful what more can we all say .
    Lynn xx

  31. Safe journey to see Grace, fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well and the results are good. Positive thoughts coming your way. Xx

    Well done on another great Groovi ODS! Very clever plates full of useful things. They are on my wishlist. Xx

  32. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Sending hugs. Xx

  33. Safe journey to see Grace, hugs and prayers to you both, also Tina and family, hope Steve's back is improving, and take care Dave and the rest of the Clarity team.xx

  34. Wonderful shows and beautiful new plates I need to get saving as I need them all
    Everyone's artwork was amazing and you did so well standing in for Tina on Sunday
    Please have a safe journey to be with Grace and I hope all goes well take care Hun Xx

  35. Great job yesterday, and I especially love the hot air balloon plate. I'll hold off ordering for a bit bearing Steve"s back and Dave's sleep in mind! But I did want to send you, Grace and the rest of your family my very best wishes for smooth sailing through these choppy waters ino a safe, fun-filled harbour soon xxx

  36. Great plates, great shows, fab demos and once again the great DT provided wonderful samples and extra inspiration.

    Hoping you have a safe, smooth journey to NY and sending positive thoughts and caring hugs to both you and Grace that all is well. Hoping things are improving re Steve's back and Dave is managing to get some sleep. Won't be at the Crowborough Open Days but have ordered our tickets (Anne and I) for Leyburn....can't wait to see everyone again xx

  37. Hello Barb, the shows were great, so many tips and techniques, and beautiful samples. Love the gents plates. Have a safe trip over to be with Grace and praying that everything goes well. Hope Steve's back gets better soon. Hang in there Dave and try get some rest. Hugs to all. Bx

  38. Safe trip Barb. You're all in my thoughts and prayers, especially Grace. Hope all goes well. Love xxx

  39. Safe journey barbara praying all is well for grace
    Your art work is brill
    Love June horrocks xxxxxxxxx

  40. Prayers and many hugs. Be safe will be worrying with you.

  41. Safe journey, and hope that all goes well with Grace's surgery. Thinking of you both xxx

  42. I hope people don't get confused about what that Snip Clinic is????


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x