Sunday, 18 June 2017

A simple stencil step by step...

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
What a lovely sunny day it is!

I’m waiting till it cools down before I pack the caravan ready for our road trip tomorrow.

Thought I’d have a little inky session, a little down time,
 after all the excitement at the Open Days.

How about using one of those fab new stencils which Mel designed? There are 5 in the set.
You can get them individually, but they are all so lovely, it will be tricky to choose!

5 for the price of 4

Here’s something very handy if you are into your stencils.
It’s called Magnet-Kleber (German, pronounced Magnate Clayber)
Kleber = adhesive.

Apply it very lightly to the back of stencils, especially fine detailed ones, like this one.
Let it dry on the stencil and then position it where you want to use it. It will hold the stencil in place beautifully, on all surfaces.
You can use the stencil over and over again, and the sticky will stick.

I used a blending sponge to apply the adhesive to the stencil.

While it’s drying, let’s get the card ready. Clarity Stencil card is great, not least because it’s the same size as the 7x7 stencils.

Brush some Golden Turmeric Artistry ink onto the card with a stencil brush

Before you add any other colours, position the stencil on the card, sticky side down.
You will notice how it seals beautifully. Press it down well.
Add Wild Bilberry now. GREAT COLOUR!

Add another blue - Ocean Reef. Brush it in from the sides.

Place a piece of kitchen paper over the piece and spritz with water.

Roll a brayer over the paper towel to help it connect with the card.

Cor. Don’t you wish you’d used a piece of copy paper....

Remove the stencil

If you’ve got some sticky residue on the card, 
gently roll it off with your finger.

Add a great arty message.
I love this stamp.

That’s it. Very simple, very quick.
Very relaxing.

And after a rather frustrating little fashion show this morning, trying on last year’s shorts and summer dresses,
( which was anything BUT simple, quick or relaxing ).

Ah well. There are sure to be some pretty astounding sights at Glastonbury, so nobody’s going to notice my derriere - that’s for sure !!!
I remember last year was pretty extreme...

I mean - why do I worry ?????

Mud? What mud?
I am sooooo excited.
The weather looks to be magnificent, and just the fact that the ground is really dry before 200,000 invade the area,
we are set to have a much more pleasant time than last year.
My oh my.
We all deserved a bloody medal after that mentally muddy madness!

The famous £100 wellies. BEST investment ever!

So come on. Let’s have a caption for this one:
She says, He says....

Got to go.
Time to pack the caravan....

Love & hugs.


  1. Wow, another thing to add to my very long list 🤣 Enjoy Glastonbury, you deserve it. X

  2. Hope you both have a lovely time. I am not quite home yet - will chill in garden tomorrow and hope for a sunny day for you. Xx

  3. What a sooper-dooper easy and beautiful technique - thank you. Enjoy Glastonbury!

  4. Have a fabulous time away with your man - down time - enjoy it. Xxxx

  5. Hi Barbara, love your stencil artwork. Thank you for sharing. Don't know why I always think I need to make complex pieces! Maybe if I could get it into my head that simple can be as effective, I wouldn't fear it so much, and I might just manage to be proper crafting so much more.... I have stencil glue, Pinflair I think, had it ages, and forgot about it until now, wish you'd said this and reminded me a few weeks back!!!

    Glastonbury time already. I would pack your wellies anyway. (Brilliant that oor Big Yin has got a knighthood 😊) They'll hopefully keep the rain away for you. Mind you, you might be desperate for a bit of rain as it sounds like this year's problem is going to be dust clouds, and dust in everything.... Me, I'd just be happy to get out away from here for a bit for some space in nature and fresh air... Hope you have a brilliant time. Love Brenda xx

    1. Forgot about the caption!
      He's shouting "waiter, we're ready to order now". The guy in the white t-shirt and wellies is saying under his breath "you'll have a long wait mate"!

    2. Morning chip's wi broon sauce fir me and a big SHOUT OUT for our Sir Billy to the King o Wellies...xx

    3. Yay, a fellow broon sauce lover, I'm used to being the odd one out on that!!!! xx

  6. She says "Well honey you made it to Glastonbury and you said you would be as happy as a pig in muck to do so". He says "yeah I didn't mean that literally though".

    Enjoy your trip and do some bopping on my behalf xxxx

  7. Have fun and stay out of the mud lol.

  8. Don't blame you for not packing the van until now, we got home at 2 & it was hot!!! Had to unpack the van as we store it on a local farm but it seemed to take ages!! Have a great time at Glastonbury, you may need a brolly, not for the rain but for a sunshade!! Love the picture, these stencils were one of my purchases so I must have a go. So many ideas gleaned over the last 2 days just need to get on with it & play!!

  9. Glastonbury s not the same without the mud but I am sure you will manage!!! Love the demo, must get some stencil glue. Would this work on my stamps that have lots there adhesion? Don't get sunburnt. Have a great time xx

  10. She says "I think we've overdone it on the pies"
    "He says "I was thinking I'd have another"

    Have a great time. Thanks for a great day on Friday, Barbara. We are so glad that grace is OK XX

  11. Oh wow! You've just reminded my that I never got round to buying these stencils. I really must put that right, they are fantastic! Great card too. Glastonbury should be so much fun and just the right wind down from your hectic days recently...don't think you'll be catching up on your sleep though. Must go now as Poldark is just about to begin and I don't want to miss his sickle, erm, I mean riding skills... ooh er misses! love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  12. Going to try this as I love the stencils which I bought when you first showed them I'll be saving the kitchen towel and using it when dry!! I keep all of the pieces of kitchen roll I use for wiping up inks (especially mica amd metallics), iron them and then separate them out, spray glue to 160gsm card and use as backgrounds. I have several cards I've made using the results but sadly no photos - and I don't think I could put them on here anyway could I? Have fun at Glastonbury. I hope it rains just a bit -it wouldn't be the same without a drop of mud!!

  13. Evening Barbara! Those stencils are on my list ready for the retreat. Four weeks today I'll be down in Crowborough ready for the first pair of days!
    Enjoy your trip to Glastonbury! Amy is getting her coach at 3.30am on Wednesday morning. I asked her was she ready... Yes including my brolly she said!...
    Not for rain but for shade!
    Anyway enjoy your little holiday... Hopefully you'll not need your expensive wellies.
    Love and hugs xxx

  14. stencils are so versatile. lovely print with this one too. have a blast, hugs xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    This is fabulous and the stencils are amazing. The stencil glue looks interesting - think that might be on my list to get! Hope you have a fabulous time at Glastonbury - make sure you've got your sun tan lotion - think you might need it. ( I would take the wellies too just in case!) love and hugs Alison xx

  16. Evening Barbara does this glue work like stick and spray would it hold grey rubber stamps with no mounts like stic and spray with out the fumes may be worth try !! 😍😍

    1. Like news stencils to do list be stencils. Have a great time at Glastonbury think going to be hot there hope you got a fan for car an keep you cool love hugs Joy Latie 😘😘😍😋

    2. Hi Joy, I use a glue stick, like Pritt stick, for attaching rubber stamps to mounts, safe, and wipes off at the end with a baby wipe. Hope that helps xx

    3. Thanks Brenda will give it ago xx

  17. Gorgeous card, love the look of the glue! Ooh the caption - he says 'are you having a nice time dear?' She says ' it's ok but when does the naked mud wrestling start!' xxx

  18. Stencils are great as they can be used in so many different ways, and I love the colours you have used Barbara and the sentiment panel looks great over the top. I hope you have a wonderful time at Glastonbury and I think the caption should read "I know I asked for mud pie but I didn't mean that literally". x

  19. Hello barb, a great piece of artwork, love these stencils, and one of my favourite sentiments. Hope you got the caravan packed, and are going to have a great time. Take care, stay safe. Bx

  20. Have a fab time at Glastonbury xxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    What a great idea this glue is, it will stop wet things squishing underneath by the looks of it. These masks are gorgeous and it is difficult to choose a favourite. The clean and simple artwork is beautiful. I don't blame you for waiting until it's cooler to get the caravan packed, don't forget wellies suncream and a fan! I think it's going to be hot! Now as for the caption I think the lady is saying "I'm sure we had two umbrellas when we started walking through the mud" and the young man in the white top is thinking" I know mum uses Daz but will this white top ever be the same again!". Have fun.
    Love Diane xxx

  22. Enjoy barb xxxxx
    Love June horrocks xxxx

  23. Morning Barbara loving that stencil work card you see that's my wee problem not knowing when to stop adding stuff and then I see you create something like this and say that's it Dot how good is that simple you say no I say that is just beautiful and the creative road I should be going.
    What you talking about Barb wish my eh! derriere was as wee as yours so pack all last years stuff and enjoy.
    Re caption...Woman says Bob don't look now but do you see that woman taking the photo...Bob says what about her Agnes...Agnes says well her wellies cost £100.. Bob... how do you know that love.. Agnes ..awe I read it somewhere..xx

    Take care have a ball...Love Dot..xx

  24. She said: I don't think much of Canterbury, I haven't found the cathedral yet.
    He said: What do you mean, I thought you said you fancied a few days at Glastonbury.

  25. Only one caption for this photo - "Who ate all the pies?" looks like the picnic table is sinking in the mud!!! Love the stencil artwork, and that sticky stuff sounds like just the job. Is it OK to use on a gel plate too, as I use my stencils on both card and the gel plate and can't afford to have 2 of each? Enjoy Glastonbury. x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x