Tuesday, 22 November 2016


sorry, all gone.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in today.
Jim here has been up half the night, 
doing battle with the new website.
Poor bloke.
It’s an IT quagmire,
and there’s a little monkey having fun,
 flicking switches when his back’s turned.

But if anybody can crack the code, it’s our Jim!

In the meantime, while Jim tracks down the monkey 
and unravels the wires at .com,
let’s shop at the old shopping .co.uk website.


Yesterday I launched a Super Blog Sale here in the run up to 
GRAY FRIDAY (sale of the year!)
Each day this week we will offer up a non-Clarity product
Spectrum Noir Pencils on yesterday’s blog 
still available at a silly price until midnight tonight.

Today I thought we’d look at the Earthtones Colour Burst Powders.
Six powerful little bottles of explosive powder!



Terre Verte

Yellow Ochre

Burnt Orange


£29.99  £17.99

+ 10% Gold Club Member £16.19
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £15.29

Postage Paid Uk Mainland. 

click here to buy


If you haven’t seen these in action, oh boy!
They are fantastic.
I used them on my What is Aleppo? Protest Banner 
the other day, remember?

Here are a couple of other pieces of artwork by the DT,
using Colour Burst Powders....


If you’re interesting in the stencils, 
they will be a third off in the GRAY FRIDAY SALE!

I have a good idea for this week’s Super Blog Offers.
Each day I am launching a 24-hour blitz sale on something crafty, right?
For example, colouring pencils till midnight tonight 
(ie Monday’s Blog)
Colour Burst Earthtones until midnight tomorrow night
 (ie Tuesday’s Blog)
So I’m thinking next week on those days 
I will do a step by step project using those respective products,
so we can craftalongabarbie together!

If you already have the stuff, great.
If you don’t but you take advantage of the sales, 
you will have it by the time the project is done.
Yes, and then the following week, we could have a little gallery of your work.

Let’s do this thing!

Love & Hugs,

Don’t forget there’s still a few hours left on the pencils too.

£24.99   £14.99. 
+ 10% Gold Club Member £13.49
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £12.74

This is a 24 hour Blitz sale.

+ 10% Gold Club Member £53.96
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £50.96

And these items won’t be included in the Friday Sale

If you aren’t a member of the Clarity Design Clubs, 
now might be a very good time to join!!


  1. Another great offer Barbara...you're so good to your Clarity (extended) family...Thank you! I was just about to head off to the new website to set up my account but will give Jim a break and leave it until later to get things sorted,instead I'll concentrate on making my shopping list for Gray Friday. Will be keeping an eye on the fab bargains here too! xx

  2. Hi Barbara I couldn't resist the Colour Burst Earth Tones and I have just ordered them - thank you so much for this offer. I hope the new website gets sorted out and that Jim finds the solution. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. I love that little monkey he is so cute makes me smile, don't envy Jim fighting the net hope doesn't prove to hard for him greatsales have past on To my family for my pressie hehe so they buy this week while offer on xxx

  4. Poor Jim - I hope he doesn't lose too much hair over it! Great offers Barbara - I have the original SN pencils - are these different/better/improved or brand new?? Great idea for the step by steps too next week - can't wait to see the artwork from everyone. Xxx

    1. Hi Dawn,
      They are better than the originals. The leads are thicker and don't break as easily, love Alison xx

  5. Hi Barbara, thank you so much for another exceptionally generous offer. I don't have any colour bursts or anything like them, so I'm definitely going to get these to try. Still trying to decide on the pencils. Love your idea of blogging a related demo each day next week. Not sure I'll have time to craftalongabarbie though, depends how far I get with my christmas cards this week.

    Hope your day is going well, and you're still feeling sunny inside. Guess poor Jim isn't. I think Paul got me to sign up to the new website when doing my Diamond club upgrade, but I'll wait to check until you tell us it's ok.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. p.s. love the look of your new website. I logged in, that part, and diamond discounts and navigating the website worked well for me. I ordered on the old website, so not tried that yet xx

    2. Brenda, you will love the colour bursts. They are so much fun to use and with amazing results particularly on watercolour card. I love that you mever know how it will look until it is done. My niece loves coming to help me play with them and has created some amazing pieces that she has then stuck a stamped topper onto.
      The pencils are excellent so if you can stretch to them you will find them an asset to your colouring.

    3. Hi Brenda you will love the colourbursts, they do their own thing! Just don't sneeze as you are tapping the bottle ( tap don't squeeze!) and make sure Daisy doesn't sit on the loose powder, otherwise she will be changing colours for days!!! Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    4. Hi Brenda hugs for you and daisy xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Oh poor Jim! I thought something must have gone wrong when I tried to log on and couldn't. Hope he manages to get it sorted without too much trouble for him. Thank you for the colour burst offer - my order is in! I've been wanting to try them for ages so this offer was a no brained for me. Great idea to do the step by steps for the goodies too. As ever the DT samples you've shown are brilliant - can't wait to play! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you're not suffering too much in this dreadful weather. It's brightened up a bit here now but really cold and very damp. Stay safe and warm everyone, love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison. It's been horrid here too but no major flooding thank goodness. All went well at my pre op assessment so unforeseen circumstances aside I'm set for next Friday. Thank you for asking the other day xx

    3. Hello Alison,
      See you were in town yesterday, it's always busy now. You'd think they were giving stuff away for nothing.
      Maureen xx

    4. Just me again,
      Well done Jim! Just logged on to new website - great! Xxx

    5. Once again it has been a cold crisp day here with amazing colours reflecting on the clouds at sunset. It looked just like an inked sky with so many colours.
      You will love the Colour bursts and the effects achievable with them. I have the original set and I am just going to order the earth tones.

    6. Hi Alison, blooming phone AP lied again, said it was going to be sunny so put the towels on the line and went out. 3 torrential downpours later I took them in!! Sending hugs xxx

  7. Oh Barbara - Gray Friday AND the new website both together!! I hope it is not too horrendous on "the day". I've held off buying the colour bursts because of the price .....until now xx

    1. Hi Chris,
      Pleased everything went well and hope the same goes for next Friday . Love and hugs Alison.

    2. Will be thinking of you on Friday Chris xxx

  8. Hello Barb,
    The offer for the pencils is tremendous. I've wanted them for ages as I gave the originals to my granddaughter who is a much better artist than me and who uses them for her school work. Now when the new pencils arrive I'll be able to accent my colouring so much better. I already have the brushos and think they must be the same sort of thing as the Colour Burst.
    Good luck to Jim, I wouldn't know where to start, and I hope the little monkey disappears quicky.
    Maureen xx

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Well done - you've got them for a fabulous price! Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Oh yes you've got to get them and that's a brilliant price 😀Xxxx

  9. Hi Barbara, poor Jim, I hope he finds that cheeky/naughty monkey. Another fabulous deal and I do love my colour bursts. Fabulous samples using the colour bursts too. Can't wait to see what the offer is tomorrow.
    Love and hugs to you both.
    Linda xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, I have been on to your new web sight looking for the coasters, could you please point me in the right direction. I found the new web site is much better as the Groovi plates are larger and clearer, thankyou .

  11. I don't envy Jim one little bit, I get cheesed off when the computer does its downloads! Not sure I dare spend anymore! But I shall keep an eye open just in case! Have fun xx

  12. Jim the new website looks great. It's lovely to be able to see closer detail. Well done!

  13. Finally! I have just managed to get into the new website after a lot of trying. The problem is not Clarity's fault but mine, totally. Lost my password and was not sure which email address I had used. In truth, it is the fault of all those who think it is good to hack into our accounts. We are constantly told not to write down passwords Tec, but how can we keep track of which password is current for which account? Enough of my moans.
    You are always so generous to us, Barbara. Love this Colour Bursts, so vibrant and good to use. I am looking forward to next week's step by step with them. Good luck to Jim with his techie shenanigans. I do not envy him his task, but I do envy him his ability to sort these things out. xxx Maggie

  14. Evening Barbara, another amazing price, thank you. I love the DT samples.xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a great offer, I've got some of these but have only played with them a couple of times. The design team artwork is inspirational though so I must dig them out again and have another play. The design club stamp would look good with them. Good luck with the website jim, I hope you are well stocked up with bananas chocolate biscuits and coffee to keep you going. I'm looking forward to ' craft along with Barbara ' next week. Sounds like it's going to be fun.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. I've been dropping hints about grey Friday to Julian and leaving my list in a prominent place - do you think it will work?. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diana hope Julian picks up on your hints I keep telling tom too hugs xxx

  16. At least today I can say that I'm not tempted by the colour bursts...because I already have them all. I am however still thinking about the pencils. Your offers are very generous.

    1. Hi Julia do you like the colour bursts ? Hugs xxx

  17. Fab offer yet again. Hang in there Jim, love the picy of the baby monkey xx

  18. Evening Barbara I've got the new website sorted looks amazing haven't ordered on it yet but I'm sure in time I will xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to all who needs them you are in my thoughts each day .Going to get my cushions out ready for the grey sale, I'm tempted to the colour bursts but aren't sure xxx

  19. I've ordered the pencils so hoping they are better than the originals. Although they are ok. Xx

    1. I was sorely tempted by the pencils too but as have the originals plus a nearly complete set of Polychromos have kept my funds for Gray Friday! Hope you have fun with your new set of pencils and look forward to hearing your views about them!

  20. Love the colour burst powders. I like the bright vibrant colours and the fact I have to work with what I get, just like the gelli plate. Great sample cards. Xx

  21. Hi bloggy friends, full of cold tonight! Wasn't too bad yesterday, blooming bugs. Hope everyone is OK and preparing their cushions! Xx

  22. Loving the new website and all set up and ready to place my order(s)!

  23. Hi Barb, another great offer, although I have the burst powders already. They are amazing to use, the colours are so vibrant. Have to go try my logon to the new website. Take care all. Bx

  24. Finally managed to get onto the new website, but again (like Maggie) the fault was mine re: passwords/email address. Well done to Jim on sorting the gremlins - I know the air here was blue when John was doing our new website last year! Great offer again, but I'm saving my pennies for Friday, as I already have a similar product in my stash, and have promised myself not to buy duplicates. Really looking forward to the blogs next week x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x