Sunday, 18 October 2015

What a brilliant day!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

What a brilliant day we have had.
Very good friends of ours got married today, 
and we were fortunate to be invited.
So we got to spend the afternoon in the company of other good friends too.

And I would love to share photos of the happy day,
but you know what?
It’s not my place to,
and it’s not my story to tell.
It’s theirs.

So I shall tell you how much I enjoyed their generosity, 
and the fabulous food,
and their family and other friends instead.
Lots of laughter and hilarity, which is always good for the soul.

One amusing moment before the meal.
The waitress had put some canapés on our table.
I tried a particularly pretty one, but it was vile. 
So I said to the friend sitting next to me, who was trying to decide which one to go for,
“you won’t like that one.”
At which point she put it straight in her mouth, 
and promptly started choking and convulsing.
“I just told ya!” says I.
“Yeah” says the other Londoner, 
“I thought you was just saying that so I wouldn’t eat it”.
Well, yeah, that was the idea!”
“No,” she splutters, “cos I thought you wanted more for yourself!”
Served her right! But it was very funny.
Her face was a picture !!

On the subject of weddings, let’s see if I can’t find a simple romantic step by step from earlier in the year, 
to finish off a wonderful day....

ah... here we are.
A Heart Canvas...

Spread acrylic paint over an 8" x 8" with a brayer.

We need 3 or even 4 layers. The paint dries quickly.
Thin layers and several, but be sure to roll the brayer clean between layers,

Like this,

Or you'll get this! 

When you've got a nice even dark red,
Attach the stencil.

Load a little Grunge Paste

And gently drag through.
Wash your stencil in warm soapy water sooner than later....

Nice. Allow to dry.

Takes about 15 to 20 minutes. 
You can help it along with a gentle heat from a heatgun.

Then, once the centrepiece is dry, add more texture around it.
I chose to leave some canvas exposed, as contrast.

Then use one of our stencil brushes to paint the hearts. 
Literally squirt some paint into the centre and just start painting out to the edges.

I mounted this red piece on a larger canvas board,
But I haven't got a photo of it.

Dave says it looks like tooled leather.
I agree.

Very easy, very classy.
Makes a great wall piece.
And a lovely gift.
Glad you like it Dave!

Much love,

PS Don’t forget to get your stencils before the sale ends at midnight.
This heart stencil is a must have!


  1. Hi Barbara it sounds like you had a brilliant day. It would be lovely to see photos but I understand. I just love the canvas and I have this stencil so I will be giving this a go. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a great evening. Hugs Jackie

  2. So glad you has a lovely day! I know it would have meant a lot to the happy couple that you and Dave could make it!
    I liked that canvas when you made it and still like it now...perfect project for a loving day! Xxxx

  3. So glad you has a lovely day! I know it would have meant a lot to the happy couple that you and Dave could make it!
    I liked that canvas when you made it and still like it now...perfect project for a loving day! Xxxx

  4. So pleased you enjoyed today. I hope the weather was kind. Looking forward to seeing the pics!.

    Love this canvas really lush red and yes it does look like leather. Enjoy your evening. Xx

  5. So pleased you enjoyed today. I hope the weather was kind. Looking forward to seeing the pics!.

    Love this canvas really lush red and yes it does look like leather. Enjoy your evening. Xx

  6. Love it. A lovely end to a lovely day.

  7. A lovely canvas to conclude a lovely day! ;~}

  8. I loved this when you first did it and also thought it looked like leather. Feet up now and keep those lovely memories playing in you head. XX

    1. Evening Donna hope you had a creative crafting day xxx

    2. Hi Donna hope you've had a lovely weekend, you must be on the countdown to half term now, all that lovely craft time. Xxxxx

    3. I got a card finished ready to post tomorrow, got out my autumn colours and stamps. Inks everywhere! Such fun. One more week and then I'm on half term, YAY!! Xx

  9. Evening Brenda hope you have had a good day. XX

    Evening Sheila, Diane and Dot XX

  10. So pleased that all went well today for the happy couple and that you and Dave had a lovely time. Serves that lady right for thinking you were being greedy lol! Really like your romantic canvas and the leathery effect you achieved. Hope you're having a relaxing evening. Hugs, Jeanette xxx

  11. Beautiful canvas. What a stunning effect.

  12. Amazing and does look like leather one I keep saying will do so back on list. Glad today went really well for such a special couple who we love dearly seen some pics amazing enjoy your evening xxd

  13. Really pleased that you and Dave had a wonderful day, and helped to celebrate with such a special couple. ...lovely canvas and just perfect for today...hugs...xx

  14. Having witnessed that very moment, trust me when I say... When Barbara tells you not to eat something, believe her! Still giggling!

    Perfect canvas for a perfect day! Xxx sweet dreams xxx

  15. must have been Sazzle's wedding. i can just imagine that moment lol! glad you had fun, hugs xx

  16. So glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding Barbara and in the company of other friends too. A beautiful piece of work and with the painted grunge paste it really does look like tooled leather, very classy! x

  17. Beautiful art work Barbara, happy wedding day to the special couple ,and you & Dave enjoyed the day too hugs xxx

    1. Evening Donna
      Evening Diane
      Evening Dorothy
      Evening Brenda
      Hugs to all xxx

    2. Hi Sheila hope you have had a good day and have got some crafting done. We started to tidy the study/craft rom - I found my texture paste so may have a play tomorrow xxxx

    3. Hi Sheila, hope you are feeling better, have you been crafting? Xx

    4. Hi you two no crafting today my daughter and granddaughter came to visit which was nice and my granddaughter is comming later in the week after collage I must get a card in the post .i order my friend some clarity crafting products so nice to do something good for a friend she has just had her last chemo last week so will be good if she could craft too .im going to try to do a groovi with the holly boarder will see how today goes sleep time now hugs xxx

  18. Well as I was there and witnessed that moment too I can only reiterate what a wonderful day it was and a lovely canvas to end today's blog on xx

    As ever Barbara, much love to you both

    Kim xx

  19. This is gorgeous, must try this, I have this stencil it's lovely. Glad you had such a lovely day, I love a good wedding do x

  20. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with lots of very special friends - I'm still chuckling about the canapés that's really funny. It's lovely you have let the happy couple share their photos on the internet if they choose to, even though we would love to see them, so many people these days post photos of other people without thinking don't they. Many congratulations to the happy couple. Beautiful artwork today Barbara, it was a favourite when you originally showed if and I bought the texture paste to play with! I must find it again and have a go. Thank you for reminding us of something so beautiful and romantic. Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Brenda hope you are ok xxxxx
      Hi Dot xxxxx

    2. Hi Diane, do you fancy coning round and tidying my craft room? I would make you a nice cup of tea :) xx

  21. Hello Barb, so glad you had a lovely time at the wedding, can just imagine the laughter over the canapé incident. Love the canvas, really beautiful. Take care. Bx

  22. Hi Barb,
    Really pleased that you and Dave have had such a lovely time at the wedding surrounded by your friends. I really did have a chuckle to myself with the canapé story - so funny! I remember you doing this canvas before and agree with Dave that it does look like leather. Might give this a go for our wedding anniversary. Love to you both, Alison xx

  23. Morning So pleased you have had a lovely day yesterday and good to hear you are feeling better than you were the other day.

    Big crafty hugs Pen x

  24. Beautiful canvas to end a beautiful day love to Dave xxxxxxx June horrocks

  25. I'm glad you had a lovely day with Dave and your friends, just what you needed. Your canvas is very effective and does look like leather too. Got to get on with some samples now :-) xxx

  26. Glad you had a great day, Barb. This is really spooky - I just finished a wedding card for a friend's daughter last night, using this lovely stencil & some sparkle medium - simple but fabulous, if I do say so myself! Great minds think alike, eh?
    Note to self - must try it on a canvas :-)

    ttfn, see you at the NEC,
    Liz M xxx

  27. Glad you had a lovely day yesterday - I know the couple will have loved having you and Dave there. Hugs xx

  28. A beautiful canvas to sum up your day. The more I see of your work the more I want to begin with stamping, stencilling and gelli plate art. Just wish I knew HOW to start from nowhere!
    Tonbridge Sue

  29. Congrats to your friends and glad you enjoyed the beautiful wedding. You did make me laugh about your friend - sounds just like my family, trying to double bluff and taking the best morsels! Susan x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x