Thursday, 15 October 2015

New Polka Dot Stencil

Hi there!
How has your day been?
Mine is still going strong!

I am up to my elbows in paint, and having a fine old time!
4 hours later:
It all started with a brand new Polka Dot Stencil, which Jim designed and presented me with this evening 
on the way out of the door at 6. 
“There’s 24 spots!” he said, “brilliant for an advent calendar”.
True. I will leave that one with you ....

So this is it, the new stencil, also in the 25% sale:

So I started to have a play with it after tea...

 Gelli Plate dots with the bits you also get...

Too dark.

Another attempt with Golden Open Paint on the Gelli Plate;

Mmm....add to stash for later....

Gelli Print with Town Stencil, my favourite, and dots,
using Open Phthalo Blue.

Interesting. Same paint on yellow paper...

This is cool.
Small Gelli Plate 
Lay down Polka dots, brayer open Azo Gold over the top,
remove stencil, pull print.

I was starting to see dots by this time....

Positioned all the innies in the stencil holes on the Gelli Plate,
lifted the main stencil.
Hey Presto!
Perfect positioning. 

More blue paint -

Another one for the stash...

Now let’s try inks instead. 

Squeezed Lemonade and 
Stormy Skies.

Could spend the whole night trying different things out, 
but I still need a blue blog....

I promised Jim I would use his new stencil though!
And it’s his birthday today.
So I really want to tell him I used it 
and it was a hit 
and you loved it!

Got it.
Brayer Space Cadet paint on the Gelli plate, 
(that’ll be me then!)

keep rolling until it has nearly all lifted

When Space Cadet is dry, 
brayer layer of darky blue Inky Pool over the top.
Lay down Town Stencil.
Get some Punchinella and blot a lot of the dark blue paint away.

Oh! Hang on!!!
Polka Dot Mooooon !!!!!!

Wait until the paint exposed to the light is dry,
then quickly lift the town stencil and the Polka Dot Mooooon,
and place a sheet of copy paper or card on the Gelli Plate 
and rub the back.

You lift all the paint out of the houses and moooooon -

check out this print!

Now add some light Cheesecake Paint to the dry Gelli Plate 
and spread it over the plate. 
This amount, by the way, is far too much.
So I will roll and roll and get rid of the excess on copy paper
until it starts to lift off again.

Then flip the Gelli Plate on its Megamount over,
and place the wet paint down on a piece of clean white Stencil/Gelli card.

Rub the back of the artwork,
peel off, pull the print as it were, to reveal
a totally clean Gelli Plate....

and a magnificent Town stencil print.

with a Polka Dot Mooooon!

Add a few highlights with pencils,

and the job’s a goodn.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our 25% Stencil Sale.
(+ Club Member’s discount)

And grab yourself a Polka Dot Stencil while you’re there!
Brilliant for backgrounds.
And Moooooooons!

 love and hugs,

Shall I clean this up before I go to bed?



  1. Another 'must have' stencil; just love polka dots! ;~}

    1. I'm with you on that one how did your Christmas cards and advent box for Mike to take to his parents ? They will be stunning hugs xxx

  2. and after I placed my order…….oh well, another stencil for my wish list! (and - not meaning to boast, my daughter had twin girls today!! Sadly they are in Milan so I wont see them for a while!! 1.9 and 1.7 kilos, tiny, tiny babies)

    1. thank you - so excited, Iris and Rosa.

    2. Congratulations. How wonderful for you all x

    3. Congratulations Gillian, pretty names.xx

    4. Congratulations on the births of your grandaughters Gillian - I bet you can't wait to see them. Shame they are so far away. Xx

    5. Hi Gillian, you boast all you like my love - you are now a proud grandma ( or Granny or.......). Lovely names, so tiny. I hope mum and the girls are doing well. I hope you get to see them soon, meanwhile face time/ Skype is wonderful. I think you deserve another order! Xxxx

    6. Congratulations! I bet your daughter wishes you were closer too - she'll have her hands full, but in the most delightful way. Wishing you all the very best.

    7. Congratulations hugs for you all xxx

    8. fantastic news!!! Congrats all round!!!!

    9. Congratulations, you boast all you want! Great news. Xx

    10. congratulations fantastic news....

    11. Huge congrats. Boast away my love - you must be as proud as punch. Xxx

    12. Great news one for each arm Grandma xx

    13. Congratulations - double trouble!! X

    14. Thank you for all your comments and congratulations. We now have photos of two tiny cherubs!! Cant wait to FaceTime and see them in action. They may not be home for a few days as they are so tiny but not in incubators or having help to breathe. We already have 2 grandsons in the UK so now everything matches!!

    15. The best news anyone can have. Sorry they're so faraway but a great excuse for frequent visits to glorious Italy. many congratulations.

  3. Oh my goodness, I got the Town Stencil when we came to see you at one of your great open days and I haven't used it yet. How can that have happened? Must get it out - a gelli plate play day is called for :)

  4. Great stencil and love the town stencil. Must get the geli plate out and have another play. I've left my craft room in a mess tonight too, it'll still be there tomorrow. Thank you for the demo.xx

  5. Well done for not clearing up tonight. I bet you will be back there tomorrow still playing with the same stencils and paints and producing loads more great ideas. Love the look of that new stencil and it just might have to drop into my basket very soon. I could do with a really inky session before going back to my parchment commissions. I am aiming to get my granddaughters really inky over half term too. Hope you get lots of sleep tonight in spite of a brain full of inspiration. xxx Maggie

  6. Great new stencil and definitely lots of blueness. Hope that mess you left behind is in your art room and not on the dinning room table or the air might be blue in the morning too!! Looks like you had a great time playing xxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Like the polka dots stencil very useful.I think I like the inks background the most,your town scene is a gorgeous for a Christmas card.

  8. Hi Barb,
    great new stencil - well done Jim. Love how you've used the town stencil, also one of my favourites. Had a lovely day playing with my Groovi. I wanted to make a couple of thank you cards for my friends for taking me to Edinburgh. When we were in the gardens at Holyroodhouse we were so impressed with the fact that they were overshadowed by Arthur's Seat -simply stunning. So i did my impression ofvthis using the tree plate and the hills plate, strung the bunting between the trees with thank you, added a few flowers and a row of bushes using the butterfly wresth plate and coloured it with Spectrum Noir pencils. Oh put a sun over the mountain too. I was well impressed with it. My friends guessed straight away what it was and were blown away by the cards. So acreally big thank you again for inventing the Groovi system. My character borders aldo arrived today so I'll be playing with them tomorrow. Love Alison xxx

    1. I hope you understood that - there appears to be a few typos! Must get into habit of proof reading!!!

    2. Hiya Alimentary, You will have to post pictures, I would love to see your rendition as I am from Edinburgh and used love playing up Arthur Seat. Hugs xxxxxxxx

    3. Apologies for the crappy spelling Alimecca... Predictive text crept in. X X X

  9. Love it! Well done Jim and Happy Birthday, and lovely messing around work Barb. It's on my list. Take care

  10. Hi Barbara
    Well I think you can safely say the polka dot stencil has been well and truly used! Love the finished artwork with the houses, I look at this stencil and think I don't need it, then see what you do with it and realise I do need it! I like the idea of an advent stencil with numbers from the letterbox kit ( that should be number box kit!), with wee Christmas images or folk behind it. I'm glad you left the mess out, you would still be clearing up past midnight otherwise. Happy birthday Jim - hope you have had a fun day designing and making the stencil - I wonder what was going on inside his head as he looked at it. Thank you for sharing - now off to bed!
    Love Diane xxxxx

    1. Hi Donna xxx
      Hi Sheila xxx
      Hi Dot xxx
      Hi Brenda xxx
      Strap on those cushions ladies I can hear the gasps of I must have that from here! Donna how's the heating situation? Xxxx

    2. Hi Diane, hopefully today fingers crossed! Xx

    3. Morning Diane aye cushions are on ...x
      Mornimg Brenda hope your ok this lot are a bad influence noo but in a good way...xx

  11. Fabulous, some gelli inspiration! Definitely need to get some open acrylics, and try some of these.
    I thought I'd been through and chosen the stencils I wanted from the sale, now I'll have to revisit my list!
    And Happy Birthday to Jim.

  12. Beautiful stencil so versatile so much stash for you to use later xxx

    1. Hello Donna
      Hello Dorothy
      Hello Diane
      Hello Brenda
      Hugs to all xxx

    2. Forgot to say my holly groovi boarder arrived today it is stunning looking forward to using it .my head is all over the place today slept most of the day away xxx

    3. I couldn't resist the stencil sale polka dot stencil plus others
      Do you think we can have a polka dot groovi plate please xxx

    4. Morning Sheila, I'm being really good and trying not to look on the sale. Xx

    5. Morning Sheila hope your good today...x

  13. Hello Barbara

    Spots before the eyes? Looks good.


  14. Another need of stencil will have to look in morning love stencils night xxx

  15. nice work Barbara, my craft room looks like that permanently, CFAFT

  16. Hello Barb, firstly a belated Happy Birthday to Jim. I love the polka dots stencil, go Jim! Barb all the images of your play time (also known as R & D) are fab. Need to go have a look at the stencils, there are so many I want (read as need). Have a great day. Bx

  17. Love all the playing. And what a great stencil, belated Happy Birthday to Jim. Can just imaging Santa flying across that moon

  18. Sad owlett face, fell asleep missed your blog :( Night owl 'L' plates tied back on. Love your house print with the polka dot moon, very arty. Great new stencil, well done Jim and happy birthday. Xx

    1. Morning Donna me to sad when it was a Dots blog to. Good luck with the boiler man...xx

  19. Lovely dotty prints and fantastic finished piece, love the stencil and the colour of paint you used cadet!
    Thank you for all the inspiration Barbara,

  20. Love this card been working on the Town Stencil yesterday now I have more ideas.

    Crafty hugs and love

    Pen x

  21. Morning Barbara just when I thought I'd got my list together for the srencil sale along comes Jim with another one and a Dots one at that now that has to be a need..take Dot...xx

  22. Brilliant, love the new stencil and a sale too mmmmm need a shop I think but no time now so will look later. Must dash
    Jackie x

  23. Wow, what a creative explosion! I am seriously, seriously tempted to get into gelli plate art (bit slow off the mark) not to mention 'filling my boots' with stencils and paint. Your prints and finished art works are wonderful.
    Tonbridge Sue

  24. Love that polka dot stencil Barbara and thanks for all the inspiration and a great finished piece with the town stencil. Thanks for the great sale on stencils at the moment too. If I had a room that I could just shut the door on I wouldn't be clearing up before going to bed either. x

  25. lol Barbara - I love the artwork, but particularly the last photo! Just as well you have a clean workspace policy for the tv shows :-) Lovely to see your arty mess too - makes me feel semi-normal about an untidy crafting area!
    Hope you're having a great day and looking forward to "the big reveal" today.
    I'm off to check out the Clarity website xxx

  26. Love it Barbara! And all the stash for later too...if only I tidied my craft room after one play session!!! Susan x

  27. I live this stencil. I did love the dark blue print too! But they all look good. Xx

  28. OOOOOOOO...... I do love a sale and have placed an order. YOU really are naughty (but nice) thanks Barbara for your wonderful offers.

    Been busy playing with my Gelli plate today.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  29. Clarity is oozing with talent, Happy birthday to Jim. Fantastic artwork, love the new stencil think I need a treat x

  30. Catching up again!! This is really lovely. Glad I haven't got round to putting my order for those new border plates....will add this stencil to my list. Hugs xxxx

  31. I love this post, it shows how much can be achieved. I need to play more with mine but somehow I end up with muddy compositions. Maybe I need to go back to basics and start again.

  32. Lovely freethinking way to build stash. Thanks for the pointers. Great new stencil too.

  33. You do make me laugh.... Love the new stencil Jim x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x