Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumnal Inky Offering and a Cloudy Winner!!!

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
Murky day today, although the colours outside 
the art room window are rather fabulous.
Autumn is here!

In fact, it being Monday, 
and Monday’s blog being Flowers and Trees,
let’s take a closer look at those colours....

I have just the thing!
Distress Reinkers. You know, those little bottles.
Let’s play!

First let’s get the colours sorted.
So stamp two of our silhouette trees 
Meadowdance and Deerscape Silhouette Set

Pick some Autumnal inks and drip them onto the trees.
I used
Wild Honey,

Spiced marmalade,

Festive Berries,

and Forest Moss.

So now you have made your own custom Autumn ink pad.

Do the same for the other tree.

Change the colours by dripping the inks here and there 
on the Cut n Dry felt...

Time to set the scene.
I have NO IDEA where I’m going with this,
but the tree colours are great and that’s a start!

Tear a piece of copy paper for a hill,
and build a little scene, 
using the trees 1st AND 2nd generation ink,
and turning the trees on their side to make hedgerows.
I used Theuva Card A5. It takes the ink beautifully.

Like so.

That would do for a little notelet, wouldn’t it?
But I’ve only just got warmed up!
So let’s continue, shall we?
(Just bear in mind that there are about 5 cards in this one piece!)

Plant a tree at the front, 1st generation ink.

Move the torn copy paper around to make more hedgerows.
These trees are the two best trees in my box.

Along the base put some masking tape.

Fabulous colours, just like outside the window.
These inks are brilliant;
quite aside from reinking your ink pads!
How else could I get this effect!?

See how the ink bleeds out towards the edge of the Cut n Dry?
That’s why we cut it tight, to fit the stamps.

Let me try something.
If I lightly tap the inky Cut n Dry around the base of the artwork...

Let’s see how these bottled inks work with the brushes.
Perfectly. The brushes take the ink beautifully.
So now for the sky.

Add a mask and dust.

Really coming together now. 
Again, we could get off the train now.
But I want to try something else...

How about cutting the piece right back and punching out the sun/moon?
Radical, I know, but it could be different.
We sell the punch too.

Red backdrop.

Orange backdrop.

White backdrop.

Yellow backdrop.

Decision made.
Let’s just use the chisel edge off an Amber Promarker 
to edge the piece.

Yellow it is then.

One more thing I want to try.
I am actually having a day off today, 
so this is just very enjoyable,

but I want to practice something....

Flowing writing.
I have used a pencil to continue the hills out beyond the artwork,
and added the first lines of Keats’ Ode to Autumn.

Went back over the words with a Fineline Gold pen.

Rubbed out the pencil lines,
(Very happy to report that the gold pen didn’t move!)

then added yellow lines instead.

And a tree for good measure!
Bit busy.
But not finished yet!

 Back in with the pencil, to funk it up and join things together....
(I said FUNK)

Now I’m happy.
Got there in the end!

But oh! The colours!!!!
Hope you like this inking technique.
Let’s have a sale.
The Distress bottles usually retail at £3.50 each.
So let’s say £3 each until Sunday.
And should you decide to batter the bank and buy the bundle,
we sell 48 colours in a box.
rrp £168
usually £150

Clarity Club members receive an additional 10%.
That’s substantial. They save £51.

love & hugs,

And now for the Winner of the
Competition from last Thursday.

Thanks to some lovely kind people 
who counted the comments for me 
(Thank you - Danke - Merci - Gracias!)

The Cloudy Team won be a slim margin,
thereby going through to the final!

And who wins the card I made and a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher?


(email me you address Lucinda xxx)


  1. Well done Lucinda xx

    I do love crafting with Autumn in mind, the colours are so beautiful! Love the inky technique and the finished card is stunning. Xx

  2. Evening Brenda xx
    Evening Sheila xx
    Evening Diane xx
    Evening Dot xx

    1. Evening Donna first on the blog wow you must be feeling better
      I manage to craft today so it's a good day for me big crafting hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna and Sheila
      I thought of you today with wet playtime Donna - deep joy! Did you get them doing mindfulness colouring? That would keep the little sweethearts quiet! Sheila I'm so pleased to hear you did some crafting today, that's really good news. Mind you wet weather makes you want to craft doesn't it. Love to you both xxxx

    3. Luckily the children played out both playtimes so that was a result. Fingers crossed for today. I have got them zentangling in the past! Xx

    4. Sorry Sheila hit publish before I said how glad I am to hear that you managed some craft. Xx

  3. Love love love the colours of this card, Thanks for sharing Barb. Xxxx

  4. Gorgeous autumnal artwork today, I was admiring the changing colours of all the trees on the way back home from Port Sunlight on Saturday, really beautiful. Love the effect of tapping the felt pad around the card x

  5. I love this card , the lovely autumn colours ,,,.xx

  6. BBBBeeeeutiful. LOVE this, I love the inbetweenie seasons, autumn and spring, you can bypass the hot and sweaty summer, and the slushy cold and damp winter, I'll plump for the inbetweenies anytime. wish I could afford those inks... :( but I'ver got to pull the reins in until after xmas. darn !!!

  7. Beautiful. Love autumn colours. Always wanted to go to New England Maybe one day. Will admire your artwork for now. Congratulations to Lucinda

  8. Gorgeous today Barb. I was sat gazing out of the window whilst waiting to into court to do jury service this afternoon and thinking what beautiful colors are around now the trees are turning. This is my favorite season for sure. Cheers Barb. X

  9. I love your art Barbara and I'm glad you treated yourself to a day off and just enjoyed creating instead of doing the normal things you must have to do when running your own business. Autumn has always been my favourite season and Keats poem is so apt, but I think Autumn gets overlooked as we seem to cut straight to Christmas from summertime. Take care both xxx

  10. Hi Barbara and congratulations Lucinda.
    Love today's artwork. Making your own ink pads looks like fun. I haven't tried it yet so it's on my to do list.
    X from Chris

  11. Congrats to Lucinda. I LOVE this technique Barb. I have the silhouette set...must give this a try. Gorgeous card. Glad you enjoyed your day off c

  12. Well done Lucinda . Love love love the Autumn colours in the trees think my favourite season glad your having day of I know must of us said blogging was still work but you love crafting and you can hear your pleasure in this blog really enjoyed it thanks hugs Joy xxx

  13. Well done Lucinda. :0)

    Wonderful technique Barbara, and a great sale offer, too! Thank you. x

  14. Love this technique and love the idea of using reinkers with brushes. What a lovely card Barbara! Autumn has certainly arrived here in Herefordshire too!
    Well done to Lucinda X

  15. Congratulations lucinda. What a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing.
    Been thinking about re inkers and the more I see the more I think I need them. Wonder if I could say an early Christmas present ?????

    Crafty hugs

    Pen x

  16. Hooray! That's me! I'll email you in a mo Barbara. How exciting, I never win anything!!!

    Now, do I get stencil brushes or some re inkers?

    Love this piece, the colours are gorgeous. We've been bemoaning the change in weather here, and how dark it is, but this is the other side of Autumn.

    1. Congratulations Lucinda - go wild, get both :) enjoy spending xxxx

    2. Oh, you know I will at some point - just a question of timing! Have to leave some things on the Christmas list for hubby!

    3. Congratulations Lucinda, enjoy your win! x

  17. Beautiful art work good that you had a day off to craft love the colours of Autumn
    Congratulations lucinda happy spending xxx

  18. Hello Brenda
    Hello Diana
    Hello Dorothy
    Happy crafting to all xxx

    1. Hi Sheila - I did some Groovi today - addictive isn't it! - even managed to write in a straight line - eventually ! Xxxx

    2. It's wonderful isn't it I use the boxes enjoy xxx

    3. Groovi is great I love mine. Xx

  19. Hello Barbara

    Absolutely fantastic! Love love love the trees.


  20. speechless - absolutley awesome. What absolute, unique creativity. Must have a go
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  21. Hi Barbara
    This is really beautiful, wondered where you were going when you cut the sun out but by gum it works! Love the view from your window too. Love the way you sit and play on your day off just because you can and you really enjoy it. Most of us would be dashing around like a mad thing with the vacuum in one hand and a loo brush in the other! Enjoy yor evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    Hi Dot xxx
    Hi Brenda xxxx

  22. love autumnal colours - as I drive 40 miles each day each way to and from work - across country from the east to the west midlands the last few weeks have seen such a change in the trees and fields - I drink the scene in and wish my blink of my eyes was a camera lens and often think - ooh this would be a typical gray moment - the maple trees being the first to show the beautiful reds and yellows of autumn - gorgeous - even todays rain on the way home seem to make the leaves glisten despite no sunlight.
    Much love
    Kim x

  23. I just love this technique of making your one ink pad, love the card, very funky.

    I drove home from a wonderful weekend at Rutland Water today, so beautiful to see the changes in the trees, but then the autumnal colours are my favourites in the pencil pot!
    Jackie xx

  24. Clever stamp work and stunning art work worthy of s placenon the Gray gallery wall I think, mojo back with a bang no it was never lost...take care..x

  25. Replies
    1. Hi Dorothy how was your day ? Xxx

  26. I LOVE this card - the colours, the design, the technique, the words - gorgeous

  27. All gorgeous . I'm hanging on because one day I'm going to win something grand .

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Sorry Barbara not sure what happened but have had to delete and start again. I love this cut n dry technique with the inks which is so pretty and the effect with all the colours is amazing and what a great offer on the inks. You should have a day off and enjoy some 'you' time more often. x

  30. Hi Barbara
    A gorgeous card and a great technique.
    Congratulations Lucinda.

  31. love this technique. need to get my foam out to play. hugs xx

  32. Stunning autumnal card! Congratulations to Lucinda! xxx

  33. One for your gallery I think !

    Well done to Lucinda, although I think I voted for rain which has been fairly apt for today!

  34. Hello Barb, a beautiful card, really realistic representation of the colours I can see out the window. Glad you chose yellow for the background, that was my favourite. Well done Lucinda, I voted rain, and that is all it has done for the last few days. Have a great day. Bx

  35. Absolutely stunning! Can't believe your autumn colours are so much more advanced than ours up in the Highlands - must be delayed by our summer finally arriving in Sept/Oct! Susan x

  36. Beautiful colours. I am determined to actually get a few good hours in my craft room today! Always something to drag you away isn't there! X

  37. Super card Barb, love the colours and all the inspiriation! Wish I could take advantage of all your offers.

  38. Wow i really love this. Have only a few reinkers so might have to wrestle the credit card off hubby (i fell off the crafty wagon big style last month so promised .... well you all know how that story goes)
    Loving your shows from hochanda - so much improved from when they began & lovely to have the classroom environment back.

  39. i think this design is stunning with so many techniques to try. I can't believe the trees turned out so lovely as they just looked a mess on the pad. I really must try that and the colours are spot on. Like how you have filled the foreground in too. I know I shall go back to this again and again.

  40. Lucky Lucinda!
    This is a stunning composition and the colours are fabulous.
    Tonbridge Sue


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Barb x