Saturday, 7 March 2015

Up up and away in my Beautiful Balloon...

Hi y’all!
Thanks for stopping by.
Am having a play day with my pal Paul Church today, 
so have just stepped away to blog while he works out what we’re doing with Ken Oliver’s Colour Burst Granules

and Paperartsy Paints!

Saturday’s blog a new technique.
I have been getting my head round these 
Fresco Paperartsy Chalk Paints,
which are very very good.

All things being equal, 
we should have them on our website ready to rock n roll 
by Monday!

So here’s a Gelli Plate project I did, using them, 
together with our Clockwork Stencil

and our beautiful balloon:

8" x 10" Gelli Plate on a 9" x 11" Mega Mount for starters.

Spread a little Cheesecake Fresco Paint onto a craft mat, 
and roll onto your Brayer.

Brayer it through the stencil onto the Gelli Plate.

Let it dry on the plate.

Do another one.

Add a little Cheesecake around the edges with the brayer.

Let’s change colours.
South Pacific.

Blot with a sheet of Punchinella.

Allow the whole piece to dry. About 3 minutes.

Add a little Caramel directly onto the Gelli Plate

and spread with the brayer.
No need to wash the brayer in between colours.

Now flip the Gelli Plate on the Mega mount over 
and land the wet paint onto a sheet of our Clarity Gelli Card .

Rub the back and pull your print.

Only want a piece of it...

Now stamp the beautiful balloon in Black Archival 
onto the Acrylic Chalk backdrop.

Colour in the Beautiful Balloon with Distress Markers.

Run one of the markers around the edge of the piece, too.
Let dry.

Looking good!
The Fresco Chalk Paint feels really nice. smooth...

A couple more finishing steps.

Add the compass,

and the swift from our Journaling Set

Just a touch of colour required,

and the piece is complete.
Perfect for a man’s card!

Whilst I’ve got the Gelli Plate and the stencil out, 
let’s try another background piece...

Very steampunk!

I have simply dragged a brayer loaded with dark blue over the background print to tone it down.

I hope you like this. 

And while we’re on the subject of beautiful Balloons,
please allow me to put a little musical worm in your ear 
for the rest of the weekend.

What’s the betting you will catch yourself humming this tune
some time tomorrow??!

Spot the Craft Apron...

I had to do it! 
I was sick to death of Sandie Shaw and Puppet on a String!

Have a great evening,

much love,


  1. Great another brilliant idea for a man's card, always find them a bit more tricky. New paints to try, oh crumbs another shopping list coming on. Will you have them at NEC? I am coming along with daughters and grandaughter again. Hope you have had a good day with Paul,lots of ideas I bet. xx

  2. Hi Barbara Oh am I first? Wow! This is beautiful Barbara, theses new paints look wonderful, great names too! Looks like you have had a fun play day with Paul. This balloon is gorgeous and looks amazing on the background. Haha yes now the song is in my head - was that one nimble bread or am I thinking of another one? Enjoy your evening. Love Diane xxx

    1. Haha serves me right for dallying! Didn't make it first after all. Lol xxx

  3. Love the look of these paints and this beautiful artwork. Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather this weekend. Xx

  4. Hello Barbara

    Glad you and Paul had a good day.

    Saw this on your German blog and liked it.


  5. Hello Barbara

    Glad you and Paul had a good day.

    Saw this on your German blog and liked it.


  6. Hi Barbara Wow this looks AMAZING love the look of these paints xx

  7. Be careful! Fresco finish paints are yet another addiction!! About 70 colours (some in limited collections) and they have such lovely names - Beach Hut, Tinned peas, Banana, Smurf (who can remember them??) I bought a couple after a class and they seem to have bred like rabbits!! I don't use them a lot but I have them for whenever the mood takes me!! Part of my SABLE collection!!

    1. I remember the smurfs, smurf was one of my nicknames, the other being noddy!!!! xx

  8. Really fab artwork, right up my street, love making my own backgrounds, must invest in this balloon stamp as well :-) x

  9. Hi Barbara, another fantastic project, a real work of art x x x

  10. Nostalgia for sure . Loved it

  11. Gorgeous Barbara, and these paints look amazing. I love that added balloon and the compass stamp over the edge looks terrific! Glad you and Paul had a great crafty play day. x

  12. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, love the muted colours. The new paints sound good, and just checked them out, no or very little VOC's, proper bonus. Might just become my paint of choice :-).

    Thank you very much for ridding me of Sandie Shaw and Puppet on a String going over and over and over in my head, made even worse by only knowing a small portion of the song!!! No doubt I'll be back to you in a few days asking for the next musical instalment!!!! And I sooo need one of those craft aprons!!!!!
    Love Brenda xx
    p.s. what's all this about lovely weather, it's stormy here!!!

  13. Thanks a lot Barbara. Even better when you can read it in English ha!ha! Oh dear more different paints look very good though. Have to wait a while for them. In the mean time I'll try it with the System 3 ones. Lovely backgrounds with the clockwork stencil. Hope you enjoyed your arty play with Paul, did spot the clarity apron.xx

  14. Lucky Paul Church! Sounds like you've had a great day. Those paints look really nice, can you use promarkers with them? This is a lovely card looks very antiquey.

    I have spent the day in bed! Well til 2:30pm. Couldn't quite manage the craft room my foot was throbbing and the creative juices weren't flowing. I took the opportunity to link up my accounts and join a few blogs. Amazing crafters out there. I'm torn between getting the wee folk or a gelli plate. Hmmmm decisions.

  15. Remarkable! How did you think of that background for the balloon let alone the technique ! All works so well! X

    1. Ps how good to see the sun shining through by Paul in that pic! I was a lovely day today even sat in garden with cuppa and cake this afternoon!

  16. Beautiful piece Barb, I love Paperartsy paints, I hope you and Paul enjoyed your day, precious times with good

  17. this is lovely. those paperartsy paints are sure brill. this will give gelli a different twist, hugs xx

  18. I hope you and Paul had a fun day. I can't imagine you not... Love this idea for a background, and the finished piece is great. xx

  19. Do so love a bit of steampunk ~ must add that stencil to my 'this month's basket' as it will go very nicely with a recently acquired cog die.
    Did I ever mention that my new year's resolution was to buy all your special offers each month, and add a stamp and stencil too, along with a Distress pad ~ I figure this is a good way to build up my supplies a little at an affordable time! ~~~Deb

  20. Wonderful looks like you and Paul had a great time playing I think need a play day fed up with packing think will play tomorrow xxx

  21. Beee-yootiful artwork Barbara. Love the gelli background and the balloon is just stunning. Pat x

  22. Fabulous art work, I'm looking forward to you having those paints
    Jackie x

  23. Hi Barbara
    Great male card and the balloon stamp looks quite large but not come across these paints yet the colours look very nice,will check them out.

  24. Lovely Barbara. More things needed for the stash!!
    Heather x

  25. I keep trying to convince myself I don't want a gelli plate but I have loads of redundant acrylic paint and my resolve is crumbling lol. Birthday soon so may have to drop some hints as really love the art work you produce on it. Thanks for all the inspiration xx

  26. I love how you can paint different layers onto the gelli plate and they all come through, I may have to invest in one of these sometime lol.Its my birthday on Tuesday so I will drop hints lol!

    I'll come and fly in your balloon Barb any day, up, up and away...Come on sing along!!!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  27. Lovely. It is always fun to craft along with a friend or two. Recently I have met up with some of my online friends who stay in and around Glasgow and now they want stencil brushes and a gelli plate as they loved mine so much!!

  28. Love this. The balloon stamp is one of my favourites. Very versatile. I've just checked out theses paints and love the range of beautiful colours. It would certainly save time mixing my own colours if I had some of these!

  29. Hello Barb, you have been very musical this week, I was already humming this when I read the title of the blog post. Stunning artwork, it looks like another purchase is on it's way. The colours are quite different to anything I have seen. Lovely pics of Paul, it is always great to craft with someone, and share ideas. Have a great day. Bx

  30. Loving the look of these paints - more things I NEED Barbara!!! You and Paul have a lot to answer for when the time comes!! LOL

    Kim xx

  31. Hi Barbara. Looking back to Friday I love your new storage, those units would make me a very happy bunny, enjoy filling them : )
    The balloon card is great, beautiful colours too. I love the names of the chalk paints, who thinks them up I wonder? Have a lovely day. Take care. Mrs B x

  32. Hi Barb,
    Love this and as you say makes a great man card. Really like the look of the chalk paints which probably means another spend coming on! Great that you have had time to chill out and spend time crafting with Paul - he looks like he was having fun. Love the finished piece. Love Alison xx

  33. Love it thank you love June xxxx

  34. Hi Barbara, looks like you and Paul had great fun. Fab card and idea for a mans card. Kind regards Joanne K x

  35. Oh, what a beautiful Card today, Barbara!!!!!! I love the colours the ballon stamp and steampunk.So it´s absolutely one of my favourites...
    Rolf xxx

  36. Beautiful card and those paints look like I need them!! Been thinking about the bigger gelli plate as I like doing 8x8" cards so this would cover the whole background. XX

  37. Love this Barbara - those paints look great too! Haven't yet got a balloon stamp, but I'm tempted!!! Susan x

  38. Love the look these paints have given the project, very subtle. Pleased to see you taking time to spend with friends doing what you like to do it's such a stress buster for myself when I do this, hope it was for you. Best wishes Pearl xx


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