Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Wee Folk want to play!

Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog is something BLUE, 
so I thought we’d have some fun today.

Ready for a little game?
Most of you will probably already have our Letterbox set.

It is the biggest selling stamp set we have ever conjured up!
Having said that, the Wee Folk are hurtling up the outside and likely to lap them very soon!

So I thought it would be fun to marry them up for a project.

Decide what you want to say, 
and box out the letters on scrap,
like so.

Once you are happy with the spelling,
box out the words again on Gelli Card.
Now it’s for real!
Then mask off the boxes with the masks 
which come with the stamps.

Add a moon mask,
and start brushing in blue skies with 
our stencil brushes.

The Moon masks, Cloud masks and Hill masks 
all come in a Landscapes Mask Set.
Together with the Castle and the Rooftops.
You can get all 5 for £11.99
For all it’s worth, I think that hour for hour, pound for pound, 
this set is fantastic.
Add a set of Clarity Brushes and a couple of ink pads:
Bingo. Hours of art.

I used:

Time for a few clouds.
Again, the Cloud Mask does the job beautifully.
Don’t even re-ink the blue brush;
just keep brushing along the edge of the mask.

If a cloud goes through the moon, 
remove the mask while you add it.

It would look pretty weird 
if the clouds went round the back of the moon!

Use the small clouds mask to add a little contrast to the blues.
I used Latte Adirondack.

Excellent combination.

Next let’s add some hills. 
Once again, the Hills Mask is brilliant.
It comes with rolling hills and mountain peaks.

I used Willow Adirondack for this area.
(ink pad offer of the month...)

 The thing is, you can add amazing depth to a composition 
just by moving the hills to the back 
and using less ink. i.e. not re-loading your brush!

Before you remove the letterbox masks, 
add a little shadow with the Black Adirondack 
and a make-up sponge.

The scene is set.

Enter the Wee Folk!
Add a couple of them, using a Black Archival ink pad.

Isn’t that delightful ??

Trim back the artwork on the sides, 
Add a black trim with the black Sharpie pen along a ruler.
Our C-thru Inch ruler with the steel inlay:
(product of the month)
£7.99 £4.99

And now let the fun begin!
Here are the letters which make up the words.
I mounted them on our mini handles, all ready for the job.
Some of them are used twice.

Your job is to figure it out.
As soon as you do, DON’t write the answer below, 
or you will spoil it for those who drop in later.
Email me your anagram solution:
and tell us you’ve cracked it in the comments, by adding

Tomorrow I will randomly pick a winner from the e-mails and send that lucky winner the card with a £20 Gift Voucher included.

If you hate anagrams, then don’t worry!
It’s not an exam!
Just leave an uplifting comment below and make my day x

much love,


  1. Very good Barbara. I must have a go at this card. Need to get wee folk.
    Got your words and have sent email.
    Good fun, thanks.

  2. Thanks Barbara the wee folk are so delightful have to put thinking hat on today try to work this outxxx

  3. Easy peasy, just stopped mid housework for a cuppa what a lovely way tobspend a few minutes and now I have a great idea for grumpy's birthday card to make whilst I am at the craft club this afternoon. Xx

  4. Easy peasy, just stopped mid housework for a cuppa what a lovely way tobspend a few minutes and now I have a great idea for grumpy's birthday card to make whilst I am at the craft club this afternoon. Xx

  5. Hi Barbara great teaser will work out later xx

  6. EASY PEASY! Thanks Barbara, The letter box kit is so handy & great with the wee folk.xx

  7. Easy Peasy. I love these little people and the fairies too . Such a lovely blog today x

  8. Oh how cool is this? I love the wee folks. Hope there are more coming down the line! Way fun! Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara oh lovely artwork today, I love my hills and clouds not to mention the moons and skylines! Right lots of easy easy comments so must have a look and see what I can get. I did notice there was an apostrophe in the rough paper one but not on the best so will see what I can do. Hope to email you soon! Have a lovely day. Love Diane xxx

  10. Ooh, might have to have a go at this later. Love the wee folk and will be getting round to ordering them. Hopefully later today or tomorrow. Lovely simple card that can be used in lots of ways.

  11. This is so charming Barbara , a card for the young and the young at heart !
    Love it!

  12. EASY PEASY! it wasn't really that easy but it was fun working out all sorts of word combinations

  13. Love this must get the we folk love to see what you do with them thank you Barbara love always June horrocks xxxxx

  14. Easy Peasy! have sent an email as I would love to win a piece of your artwork. You are one extremely talented lady.

  15. Easy Peasy - love the wee folk

  16. oh finally got it. i'm not good with these things but i think i have cracked it. if only we could do as it says..... hugs xx

  17. Hmm. brain not working today. Have found plenty of two letter words tho! I'll keep trying.

  18. Such a cool design - love it! Can't get my head round the words, but probably because I've got a shopping list, blocked u-bend and other things on my mind!!! I'll try again later once I've been shopping and got the drain buster ... my life is so glamorous - NOT! Susan x

  19. All done and email sent. Love this card - simple but brilliant. I love my cloud mask and use it alot. Xxx

  20. Great design, all these items used are brilliant, love my wee folk, waiting for my wee fairies to pop through the door. EASY PEASY going to email next. Michelle XX

  21. Id love to say 'easy peasy' but today fir us it certainly wasn't ;-) took both of us frowning at it all afternoon!

  22. Trying but very difficult for a French native. Not giving up right now..... Lovely art work by the way.
    Laurence xx

  23. I need everything you've used! Is it Christmas yet? Thank you, Jan x

  24. Yep, easy peasy. Now if I can just get the card making to be that simple! Will just have to keep following your blog and picking up the hints and tips.

  25. I'm hopeless at these,,,, but loved the card,,.xx

  26. Well I have to give up Barb, I have written down all the words I can think of and nothing makes sense lol!

    Beautiful card though!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  27. I've got no idea :-) Love the design Barbara, its amazing what can be created with some masks and a few stamps but you need a good imagination to think of it in the first place, and as for the cloudy moon trick, now I see what I did wrong!! xx

  28. Love the art work. Easy Peary with the words too. This would look great with the wee fairies frollicking about the boxes too.

  29. Not so easy easy peasy for me . Haven't given up.,such a cute card

  30. Oh Barbara, what are you doing to me!!!! I'm still trying to finish off my story to send into you, my Jane artwork, well I've had a wee play to try to work out the first bit, and then that got stalled again, so needing to get stuck into that very soon (hope you are still saving me a seat Donna), and now it's anagrams!!!! Well I sat for ages trying my hardest and all I ended up with was making myself agitated about it, so I've had to give up on it! And all these 'easy peasy' comments, just to rub my nose in it!!!!!!! Can we not have a numbers challenge, I might have a chance of joining in that!!!! ;-)

    So, failed on everything else, but I think I can manage an uplifting comment for you. Barbara, I think you are an exceptionally kind, generous, caring, understanding, will help anyone you can, talented lady. And I feel very privileged to be allowed to be part of this here, with you and all these lovely guys on here, the best gang in the world, with you as our leader, even though you do make us work ever so hard for our daily Barbara blog fix!!!! ;-)

    love Brenda xx
    (I think it's time to make myself some camomile tea!!!!)

    1. I just sat looking at the letters until I thought nope not a clue! I think I will join you in a cup of camomile tea! Yes I'm keeping your seat saved, been lying across both of them this week so its nice and warm! Xx

    2. Good, because it's got rather cold here and I can't get myself warmed up (that chilled to the bone one, it's my CFS) despite 2 pairs of jammies and hood up on my hoody so I'll be glad of a warmed up seat! Good to see you back on here and starting to feel a wee bit better. I've missed seeing you on here (if that's ok to say, sorry). I knew it must be a bad bug to make you too ill to comment, I've been thinking about you :-) xx

    3. Arr thanks nice to know I was missed! Hoping this clears up soon feel like a wet rag :( XX

  31. Just about dragged myself (almost) back to the land of the living! Cor nasty little virus keeps changing which bit of me feels worse, can't believe I still feel like this almost a week later :( I have been reading every day but actually focusing on typing has been a bit difficult. Great cards all week though. Xx

  32. Easy peasy. Loving this card :-)

  33. Blimming Heck! I think I'm stumped but will keep looking and even got hubby having a go! Before I got to the end of the blog I'd already Sussex what you were going to ask! A great idea and love the idea. Xx

  34. Easy easy! Well it wasn't but got there eventually!

  35. Easy least. Got it in the end. Love the card.

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  37. Lovely artwork Barbara, such a good idea to marry the two sets. And yes I worked out the anagram! Hugs xx

  38. Easy peasy ... Not but i think I've got it now! Xx

  39. I am so pleased to tell you that my Clarity parcel arrived from you today. It has masks, stencils, chroma card and wee fairies and I have the letterbox set and the wee folk already so this will make having a go at this lovely card EASY PEASY. I did not get masks with my letter box stamps so is it possible to get them separately please,
    Crafty hugs
    Chris X

  40. Easy Peasy, really like this, fab idea, thanks jx

  41. Easy Peasy! Loving you fantastic artwork as usual. I look forward to reading your blog each evening when I get in bed. Take care, Nellie 🍉 xx

  42. easy peasy and much fun Barb - helped pass on the evening! Hugs Rachel xx

  43. Another great card and technique! Xxx Sam

  44. Hi Barbara, I love the wee folk they are now in my craft bag all the time just like the word chains and letter box kit! Love the art today!
    Will we get more wee folk?

    Much love
    Kim xx

    1. I'm sure I heard Barbara say on one of her shows that they are going to make Wee Animals. I am really looking forward to that, I hope there will be some dogs!

  45. Love today's artwork - so pretty. Anagram - I don't have that sort of brain. problem solved I'll ask my husband, he's good at anagrams.

  46. Easy the end. Actually I've just come home from a Quiz evening so the brain was more in gear for a teaser.
    I didn't think the Wee Folk were for me but having seen the variety of ways you've used them I've fallen for them now. I also really like the effect of the Latte on the clouds. Carol x

  47. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. Hello Barb, Easy Peasy really :-) Love the artwork, great idea with the Wee Folk stamps and the letter box stamps. Off to email you, have a great day. Bx

  49. entered a comment earlier, but couldn't get it to publish, don't know what I did wrong!
    I don't think

  50. Easy Peasy - at long last!!!

    Happy Birthday Barbara
    Anne x

  51. Easy Peasy............and Happy Birthday too

    Mickie x

  52. I feel really ashamed, I've got the little people, but done nothing with them yet. (also have the box alphabet, so now I need the other masks! Think I know the wording , but will check again.

  53. I feel really ashamed, I've got the little people, but done nothing with them yet. (also have the box alphabet, so now I need the other masks! Think I know the wording , but will check again. Oh, yes, got it, so I'm sending you an email. EASY PEASY

  54. I sent an email at lunch time, but although I had typed my comment , I think I must have forgotten to publish itas I can't see it in the list. Any way after dreaming about the anagram all night I finally think I got it around 12.30 pm today. Might send another email incase the other one didn't arrive

    Margaret xxx

  55. A very happy birthday Barbara!
    Enjoy your day.

  56. Oh and a very happy birthday Barbara, have a wonderful da with a wee glass of wobbly.

  57. Happy Birthday, Barbara. Have a lovely Friday 13th and a super weekend. x

  58. Easy peasy!! Took a while though - hate anagrams! xx

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  60. Stephen says EASY PEASY, but I didn't get it! My excuse is I gased myself with sulfuric dioxide today so my brains tired!Wx

  61. What a nutter, and now I just realised I'm A week too late


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x