Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Flower Bouquet Duet

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Wedenesday's blog is something new, and here is a Stamp duet which will give you many hours of fun. It is such a cool set! The stamps work well alone, but when you layer them up and use them together, you will be impressed!

Let me show you how they work. 
I mounted mine on Clarity handles, and then numbered them.
1 and 2. I also wiped the blue indexing off with Blending Solution. It really helps to be able to see right through the image; wait and see....

Stamp no. 1 onto a piece of Cut n Dry Felt cut to fit, using an archival, permanent ink pad.
I used Library Green, only because it was on the table!

Time to paint the bouquet.
An excellent combination of colours for this bouquet are:
Mustard Seed Reinker

Write the names on a piece of card and slip said card into a little ziploc bag. A clever Maria-Tip!

Drip the inks onto the bag in the right places. Ink palette. Voila!!

Paint the bouquet. No need to be too exact.

The ink will spread right to the edge of the felt, so don't get hung up on the detail here!

Leaves last....

Stamp Bouquet No. 1 onto Gelli Card using the Library Green ink pad.

Now ink up Bouquet No. 2 in the handmade customised ink pad you just made, and then stamp it straight over Bouquet No. 1. Really easy, especially if you get rid of the indexing. They literally just drop into place.

You can do this dozens and dozens of times. store the pad in the ziploc bag; if it dries out, spritz with a little water and go again!

Look how pretty bouquet No. 2 is as a background! More will be revealed....

Add a little depth of colour with pencils if you like,

Next, ink up bouquet No. 2 in Versamark, stamp over the flowers, add detail clear powder, and heat emboss.

Provided the Library Green ink was dry, the powder will only stick to the flowers and leaves. Very clever glazed effect. The dark green stays matt.

Can you see this?

Now for the vase stencil. Also very versatile and fun to work with.

You are sure to have some flower scrap on card somewhere, where you blotted. Draw out the shape of whichever vase you fancy, and cut out.

Coat the cut out vase with Versamark, add clear embossing powder again, and heat emboss.

See the difference? Not glazed Vs glazed.

Cut back your original embossed flower card, and use the bouquet stamp no. 2 with second generation ink from your custom pad. Cover the background randomly.

Brush in a table top, using a Post It and a stencil brush.

I've been hanging out in Santa Fé, so let's add some funk and vibrance to this, shall we? Stamp a bright pink, like Picked Raspberry here and there, second generation ink. You can wipe the ink off the glazed bouquet, so stamp over it too.

Let's do the same with Tumbled Glass. And Bingo. Look at the transformation!

Almost done. Add the glazed vase using sticky fixers to raise it. 

Wipe the glazed bouquet clean. All done.

Hope you like that one! Very colourful isn't it!!

Until tomorrow.

I'm off for a walk in the warm sun. I think it does the body good x

Much love,

Barb xx


  1. Hello Barbara,

    I haven't tried this technique yet. I have watched you and Paul, really must just go for it. It is only a piece of cut'n'dry when all is said and done. Hope you enjoy your walk in the sun. We don't have snow here in this part of Northamptonshire, but it is very cold.


  2. Wow, I really like the glazed boquet, it looks so 3d. I have used parts of this technique, Dee gave me a good demo in Ally Pally. Enjoy the sun. It's very grey and still here, it looks like the snowy mountain tops of yesterday are being washed away with the rain. In fact it looks a lot like a PJ and sofa day to me. Haven't had one in ages :)

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  4. Hello Barbara,
    beautiful card and colours especially the background.
    Have fun in the sun
    Rolf xxx

  5. Wow love the stamps today have just popped them into my basket have been meaning to have a go at this felt technique enjoy your break love Pauline xx

  6. Lovely vibrant card, stamps & stencil look very useful. Enjoyed the step by step, haven't had the nerve to use this technique as yet. Why do I buy the all the ingredients so to speak, then get nervous about trying it all out. Should have made a New Years resolution to get my act together. Still it's not to late. All looks good in my stash tho, like a shop. Have a great walk Barbara, it's raining cats & dogs here.xx

  7. You are one wickedly cool lady! This is brrrrrrrilliant! I love, LoVe LOVE it!!!

  8. Hi Barbara This is lovely and I like the way the glaze only goes on the flowers. Wondered where you were going with the bright colours in the background but should have known it would look brilliant in the end! (Silly me!). Enjoy your walk in the sunshine, could do with some of that here. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  9. Good morning,
    This is a great card so colorful I love these two stamps. Enjoy the sin it was 82 here yesterday....

  10. Hi Barb,
    I think this would look great as wall art, then everyone could see it and admire. Enjoy your walk in the sun with the lovely Dave!!! xxx

  11. A welcome spash of colour on this grey January day in Norfolk. Might have a go later in my playtime. Enjoy the rest of your break x

  12. Stunning Barbara beautifully done enjoy your walk in the sun raining here xxx

  13. Love this Barbara! I must admit to being a bit worried when the brighter colours came out, but yet again you've win me over. Must add those stamps to the wish list. Enjoy your peace & quiet. Xx

  14. Looking forward to having a go with the felt one day - I know I've got some hiding away somewhere! The colours in this are lovely, I'd have never thought of being brave enough to add the blue but it changes it immediately. Magnificent ! Thank you!

  15. I could do with a walk in the sun - it sounds wonderful even if it is a bit cold. Horrid grey and wet here. Enjoy your walk xxxxx

  16. Wow! Beautiful colours Barbara and the technique is terrific. I love the vase of flowers with the wonderful array of flowers behind. Have a good walk. x

  17. This is gorgeous I do love those bright vibrant colours. I could just do with a walk in the sun it's freezing cold and grey here so enjoy yours
    Jackie x

  18. Hi Barb,
    Gorgeous, really like the colours. Can see both of these stamps popping into my basket shortly! Love the glazing on the flowers. Hope you enjoy your walk in the sun - wish we had some here as it's cold, sleety and miserable at the moment! Love Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barbara, hope you enjoyed your walk. Lovely stamps and great demo. Thanks for the inspiration. Kind regards Joanne K x

  20. Hello Barb, more beautiful inspiration, lovely colours to brighten a dull grey day in Blighty great stamps. Hope you enjoyed the walk. Please bring some sunshine back with you. Bx

  21. Fab card Barbara - the addition of pink and blue really bring it to life. Hope you had a lovely walk - sun is in short supply in Berkshire!! xx

  22. Glorious colours Barbara and a good tip about the inks.
    One of these days I will get some and try this!
    Yes , the sun does do the body good, we could do with some here , snow is on the way methinks.
    Enjoy your day,

  23. What a great result!!! Thnx for the tutorial
    Greetings, Alie

  24. Stunning Barb, colourful the better. Brilliant.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  25. Hi Barbara
    Stunning card and I love the glazing on the flowers and vase.
    Hope your walk fills you with lots of ideas for future stamps.Have a great day.

  26. Lovely artwork Barbara, very summery, thank you. love Brenda xx

    1. How's the weather up north? Hope you don't have too much snow! xx

    2. It missed here this time, there's just been frost lying the whole time. Thanks for asking. Have you got any where you are? I liked walking in snow feeling and hearing it crunching under my feet, and I like to watch it fall, it's one of my Asperger things, that and watching a real fire burning, I feel compelled to watch, they're like a wee calming thing for me. Have you managed to start your altered art yet? xx

    3. No snow here thankfully like you we just have frost and ice. I like watching snow fall as well, very calming everything seems to go still and quiet. Of course its much better when I'm at home and not at work wondering if I will make it home!
      I haven't started my altered art project yet, although I did finish my zentangle butterfly tonight which I am entering into the Clarity challenge. I do want to start it, just finding it hard to find the courage at the moment! Xx

  27. Lovely jubbly! Oh and please bring us some warmth back! I've got more skins than an onion! Love and hugs xxxx

  28. Another wonderful blog and demo thank you so much love Joy xxx

  29. Love how you glazed just part of the image with the versamark! Really clever, and such a colourful composition. Susan

  30. These stamps are lovely, really liked the demo you did with these on the TV so they are probably going to be on my next order. The colours you have used are lovely together, looks so vibrant and just right for a cold day back here in Kent! XX

  31. it's amazing how the bouquet still stands out with such a busy background! clever , hugs xx

  32. Gorgeous Barb. Funny I put up a pice if this stencil and stamp - I do love playing with these. Love your background AND the base. xx Sam

  33. Gorgeous cheerful card. Just what we need on this yucky snowy day. I have just received this set and can't wait to play x

  34. Lovely technique and lovely result. I hope you enjoyed your walk. Cold rain here on the South Coast. x

  35. Absolutely awesome! So vibrant. Hope you had a fab walk xxx

  36. Hi Barabra.What a bright and cheerful card, just what we need on a dull day like it is here today.
    I hope you enjoy your walk in the sun : ) Take care.

  37. What a lovely card -the
    p.etals must look really soft and realistic in felt
    .Got some pale felt somewhere and. a new.paintbrush-I'm ready to go


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