Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sunday’s Groovi Step by Step and a GIVEAWAY

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Another beautiful Sunday day darn sarf.

And what better day to launch the weekly Groovi Project I was talking about on Friday. You can always go back and read what the plan is if you missed that post...

And to celebrate the start of this weekly learny-journey which we are embarking on, I would like to offer a Give Away Gift.
A lovely baby Plate.

But not just one...
How about 20 of them?!

Leave an uplifting comment downstairs. 
Tell us what you like about Clarity and the Groovi System.
We will pick 20 random winners from today’s messages, 
and we’ll tell you who got lucky on Wednesday

And in the meantime, here’s a little step by step.
I decided to practice a little before we begin our daily Groovi Meditation. If you’re just embarking on your parching journey, believe me - if you’re following what I do it will be very achievable!! Hahahaha.

Starter Kit required.
When starting, start with smaller, bite-size pieces. 

No. 6 and No. 7 squares to make a little frame

You need the Inset collar, to hold the Baby plate in the Starter Kit Plate Mate. See?

Working from behind, fill the box with the words and a few flowers. 

For a crisp outline, use the No. 1 Stylus Groovi Tool. 
The one with no ball at all.
Next, use the nested square plate from the Starter Kit to make funky boxes in the frame.

Let’s introduce the Basic Grid, the Diagonal one.
Use the No. 2 tool, the one with the tiny ball at the end, to make little flowers in every other box.

Work from the back.
Colour next. Pick your colours from the B-Pencils (oily ones) in your Perga Liner Combo Box.

Colour from the back.
Add a tiny amount of Dorso Oil to a Spot-On Sponge and then dab your Blending tool in the oil. This will blend the colours beautifully and eliminate the grainy texture. 

Blending Tool?!?!? What is this Blending Tool you speak of?!?!?
I can hear Maggie Craner from here! Hahahaha...

This is our answer to the cut n dry nibs being discontinued.
And they are so much better, because you have a proper pen to hold, and the nibs can be slotted in and out.
3 nibs come with the holder, and you can get packs of extra nibs. 
Dave, Paul and I have been working on this for months!
And now, finally, we are less than a month away from completion and launch. I kid you not - THESE ARE BLIMMING SUPERB.

They aren’t just for parchers either. I have been using them for EVERYTHING! Can you tell I’m excited?
I reckon these will fly.

Anyway, back to the project.
Colouring done. Blending done.

Next stage: perforating.

Can you see the straight basic grid in the background here?
This will help me locate the holes perfectly in the little boxes.

Work from the front using a 2-Needle Bold tool
I work on a spongey sandwich:
White Super foam (or basic white foam which comes with the Lightwave underneath), 
then Plate Mate and grid, 
then parchment on top.

Once we have done all the inners, let’s do the outside.
Again, the straight basic grid helps immensely.
The 2-Needle bold tool  fits into the bold grid exactly.

Now for the cutting.
Cutting over the waste, picot snip out the inner areas. 

See how I hold the scissors?

How long does this takes?
Takes as long as it takes.
Once I accept that, I actually find the cutting very therapeutic.

Cut round the outside next.

Mmm. Now I lay this on the Designer paper I had in mind, 
I think it’s too light. Needs something darker...

That’s better, and mounted on black glossy Claritycard
it really pops.

It is only attached behind the flowers, just to hold it in place,
because I have an idea, which may make it pop more...

So happy we have the Groovi Grip to hold the ruler in place!
Especially when you’re cutting little slivers like this.

Run the Crafters Glue runner  along the length of the slivers on the back, and use a pair of tweezers to locate underneath your cutwork frame.

Now we’re cooking with gas!!
Much better!

Lot of work for a little card.
But a great learning curve too.

Layer and mount on a white 6” x 6” fold-card to finish.

There we are.
That’s the first project.

Basic lineart and composition.
Colouring with pencils and blending with Dorso oil.
Basic gridwork.
Picot cutting out little boxes and along a straight edge.
Building a background frame with tweezers.

Maybe you will join me...
You can use any image in the middle, can’t you?

Tomorrow, I shall start again, with another project
 - a day at a time - for next Sunday.

Mind you, it is the start of Mad March...


Love & Hugs,
Don’t forget the Giveaway for 20 plates - you’ve got to be in it to win it...