Saturday, 29 April 2017

Life’s a Bowl of Cherries

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Since we have a 25% off all stencils sale going on this weekend,
let’s look at some stencils!

We have so many wonderful designs!
All original artwork by Mel, Jim and Annie.

Spoilt for choice here!

So I think I will get one of my favourites out.
It’s a word one, by Mel.

Step by Step -
Here goes....

Mount your 6x6 Gel Press Plate on our 7x7 megamount.
Spread some red acrylic paint (London Bus) over the plate with a brayer and blot with some punchinella or our dotty wave stencil

Patchy is good.

Now let the paint on the plate dry.

Impatient? Blot a bit to speed it up!

Now load another layer of red acrylic paint over the top.

While that layer is still wet, place the Cherry Stencil  
face down in the paint on the plate.

Blimey. Anybody reading this would think it was a cookery lesson!

Blot around the stencil with a sheet of copy paper.
You will see that the wet paint will lift some of the layer underneath, but not all.

Wait until the paint you can see is dry.
Then you have to act fast.

Remove the stencil and quickly lay a sheet of copy paper or card down on the plate. Rub the back of the paper or card.
If you flip the plate over, you will see this:

But when you peel off the paper, 
it will lift a print of the words for you.

And now you can see what is still left on the Gel press Plate.
Cool or what?!

Now to lift the print off the plate.
Let’s use white acrylic paint (Snowflake) to do the job.

Spread it out lightly with the same brayer.

Too much paint won’t work.
Too little paint won’t work.
I know. 

Here’s what I do.
I put a good 2p size portion on the 6x6 plate,
then I roll it out. This is too much, so I start lightly rolling it off and rolling the excess paint onto a sheet of copy paper on the side.
Keep doing this until you see the print underneath peeping through.
When you can see it, it’s time to pull the print.

See it?

Now quickly flip the Megamount over and plant the print onto a piece of our 7x7 Stencil Card. The megamount is the same size as the card; ideal for lining up.
Like so:

Flip the artwork back, rub the back well, to transfer all the paint from the plate to the card.

Peel the card off the plate.
And the plate is totally clean too.

So there you have it:
2 prints from one Cherry stencil.

Let’s define the letters with a red pencil.
Look at the difference above and now below.

Let’s add a little green with a pencil too.
Or not!

Trim the sides with our ruler + the Groovi Grip to stop a slip!

Mount on a piece of Dee’s Brighton Rock Designer Paper.


Enjoyed that arty half hour.
Love this stencil. Ought to spend a little longer on the greenwork, but I have to go cook supper, or Dave will fall off his perch!

And yes, Life is a bowl of cherries.

Some Bitter. Some Sweet.
My favourite fruit.

Maybe next Sunday at 5pm on Hochanda TV,
 I’ll take my Gelpress Plate with me....

I will announce the winner of the quiz tomorrow.
Thank you so much for joining in,
and yes, we do have ONE winner!

Anyway, why not go to the website and have a look at all the lovely original stencils we have designed now. You never know - there may be one or two which tickle your fancy...

Love & hugs,