Wednesday, 21 March 2018

GAGG !!!

Hi there.
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Wednesday’s blog - when we speak of why we craft - not just what we craft. 
I’m supposed to be having a week off, having overdone it at the NEC, but it’s not that easy for this old bird to switch off.

Been thinking about it.
It isn’t a control issue. I’ve gone over that in my head.
It isn’t an inability to delegate - I am very, very good at that.
It’s not about money either. 
It’s simply an inability to stop thinking thinking thinking about work-related things.

I guess I care. 
It’s that simple. 

Since I don’t seem able to reduce the number of hours I think about the business, what I CAN try is to increase the number of hours I think about something else. This may seem obvious to you, but when you’re caught in the Wurka-Hollick trap, it isn’t that simple.
Since there are only a finite number of hours available in the day, perhaps I should tackle that end. If I listen to a book that really works, because it requires my undivided attention. I cannot think about anything else. When I read a book, my mind wanders, but for some reason it stays focussed on the earplug version of the same book. 

Then there are the Wedding Invitations to write, and the Wedding Favours to make and the beds to change and the ironing to do and the neighbour to strangle - but at least none of that is work-related..

G A G G !!!!!

Anyway, before I go and start ticking things off my non-work-related list, let me tell you about these beautiful pieces of artwork below!

At 6pm this evening, our Rosie will be launching a fabulous collection of new Groovi plates at a very special price on the ODS (One Day Special). They’re all available online already, but I would suggest you hang on to buy until after 6pm, because the prices don’t drop till then.

The ├╝ber-talented Mel has illustrated some wonderful new rounds for us: 

Sprites and Fairies 

There’s nothing like them! The way that Mel has woven trees, woods and moons into the background is sublime.

And don’t forget: the centres can be swapped out, the individual elements can be called on. These really are ingenious.  

  Jane Telford

There’s a brilliant background plate included with the Sprites too,
which can be used with all your other plates...
Carole Pankzstelo

Fishermen and Rowboats 

Here’s a super collection for Men. Again, all completely interchangeable with the outer framers.

Amanda Williams
California Landscapes 

The California landscapes are dear to my heart. When the kids were small, this is where we lived.


The Lone Cypress on the 17-mile drive at Pebble Beach

The Napa Valley

Obviously, these are simply divine landscape plates; 
they could be anywhere you like!

Glynis Whitehead

Karen Jackson
     So there you have it.
10 x A5 square

Hope you can pop in to see Rosie work her magic on HOCHANDA at 6pm launch. 
  • SKY 663 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
I have a feeling these little beauties will fly...

Love & Hugs,

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Youtube Tuesday 27th March - Peacock Paste Trilogy

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Beautiful sunny day here in the garden.

Perfect day for planting a row of trees, in fact.
The new neighbour (city boy moves out to the country) recently decided to cut down all the lovely old trees on his side of the fence, to make way for the 2-storey extension with balcony that he intends to build. 

So a nice young man, a tree specialist who Farmer Dave has employed, is planting a fresh row of young but already well established trees all along the fence again - on OUR side. 

The wind chimes are all hanging here in the kitchen, 
waiting to be hung in the new trees, and then we’ll just wait for the tinklinklinging to start. We love it, don’t we Dave?! 

We’re ready to flick the switch on the new motion detector flood lights too, so the neighbours will have no trouble finding the loo in the night. That should stop them farting in church, as Dave says....

And this is how feuds begin.


The lovely Maria has done a cracking little video using the brand new fineline stamps which I launched on TV this weekend.

If you bought them, then here’s a super 3-way demo.
And if you didn’t, then you should!

20% off

As always there is 20% off items in the video.
Viva Decor Inka-Gold Wax Pastes

All current offers on our website can be found here.

In addition to the offers above, our Peacock Duet stamp set is also available at a special introductory launch price.
I really want you to be able to see and experience these super fineline stamps; they are exceptional....

RRP £39.98
Launch Price £29.99

Love & Hugs,

Monday, 19 March 2018

Groovi Go Went Gone!

Hi there.
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Just a quickie today, to show off these beautiful little Groovi Plates, which we have copied over from the stamps....

The stamps? Oh they are divine. Illustrated by our good friend Mel:

Anyway, yesterday, Paul Church - Mr Perga Man - also one of the best blokes you will ever meet in all your days - introduced these two lovely new Groovi Plates at the NEC on live TV with HOCHANDA.
He launched them in conjunction with the compact Groovi Go Starter Kit, the one for travelling.

Now we can’t work out how it happened, but let me tell you - 
the sales went through the roof !!
We were baffled! We always expect big numbers from Groovi - that’s just a fact. The Groovi Parchment movement is massive and we know it. But the numbers yesterday on that particular TV show were astounding! 
Mind you, Paul is such a great demonstrator and advocate of the Groovi system, why are we surprised? And the little Starter Kit really is a steal.

Oh, and most of the country was locked indoors because of the baby Beast from the East again!
So what else CAN you do except watch shopping TV and buy more Groovi stash!

Here are a few lovely samples from the Design Team, so you can get some ideas and inspiration.
Amanda Williams

Josie Davidson

Karen Jackson

Linda Page

Jane Telford
Chris Walker

Anyway, I’ve decided to stay away from the office for a whole week today. There are two pesky, irritating b’s who are starting to really get on my pip again. I thought they had calmed down and were keeping a low profile around me, but it seems they are hell bent on upsetting me and grinding me down. SO best to avoid them.
I mean these two: Wurka and Hollick

I thought they had left town, but nope. They are back with a vengeance. So I’ve decided to just walk away for a bit and ignore them. 

Love & Hugs,

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Shoplifting Mayhem

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie from the NEC


Mind you, could have done without all the shoplifting.
Pisses me right off.
And it’s not just little amounts.
Here’s one little haul of a thief who got caught and arrested...

There were several others caught and arrested.
Some we just made them pay for what they had tried to steal.
One was a modest £230 at the till.

Unbelievable, isn’t it. 

Now multiply that by all the other stands which were being pilfered too, and imagine how it feels.
I had a real low moment in the afternoon when it got really bad, 
I can tell you. This is such hard graft. We all work so blimming hard. Left a pretty nasty taste in my mouth. 
And my language wasn’t that nice either. 

But hey ho.

On a positive note, the TV live stream at 12 noon blew the doors off. Those peacocks certainly flew out the door! 
And they can’t usually fly too well, can they?
Thank you to those who came along to cheer and support.
And thanks to you good and loyal people at home, who watched and bought.

Here’s one of the simple demos I did, showing off the  super fine line of the new stamps. We have definitely nailed the fine line polymer stamps now!!
Happy Days.

Dust the black Clarity Card with talc.

Get rid of the indexing on the stamp with a baby wipe before you ink up with a Versamark ink Pad.
Stamp on copy paper once before you stamp onto the black card.

Dust with Gold and blue Perfect Pearls.

and the words.

Buff with a tissue

Let’s do the same with one of the other stamps on a background paper....ahh. So we can do this on normal paper and card too, not just glossy. Correct.

Mount and edge with a black Sharpie pen



Happy days.

Love & Hugs,

And if I catch a shoplifter tomorrow, 
it won’t go well for them.
Is that a threat? No. It’s a promise.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Loyalandlovely - It’s a great day at the NEC!!!!

Hi there!
Greetings from the NEC.

We have had the BEST day!
And I don’t mean financially, although you can rest assured our loyalandlovely customers spent a small fortune with us - as they do.

The Clarity Crew - that’s us - was on full-on demo duty!
Rosie was running back to back FREE Make & Takes all day.
Linda did her first LIVE TV stream with a live audience - and did brilliantly.
Paul and Heather were in the Groovi Zone and converted so many newcomers! 
And Hazel and I brought up the rear with stamps and stencils.

Here are a fewof the demos which Hazel and I did...

Stamping on our Designer toppers - quick n easy

Printing with stencils

Backgrounds brushed into stencils with ink

Inks brushed on texture paste

Paste dragged through stencils on canvas board.

But so many super friends and customers.

Snow threatened tomorrow.
But the show must go on!

My turn tomorrow.
I have a TV Show at 12 Noon streaming live.
I am showing off the rather superb Peacock and Feather Stamps, the brand new Super Fine range of stamps which we have developed.

You cannot believe the fine lines.
I am excited to show you.

See you there - snow or no snow!!!
Love & Hugs,

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Proud as a Peacock !

Hi there.
Blogging at the stand this evening!

Just wanted to share a few pics with you from here.
Isn’t it amazing how you can build a little Clarity world within another world, starting with nothing but boxes, crates and a vision,

a full day...

 - with the help of a few good friends...

And within 24 hours, there they are!
All your other friends, come to hang out!!

Linda entertained the parching troop - well Maggie!!!

Rosie and Maria Maidment had a blast on the Make & Takes;

Rosie launched and sold out  Maria’s new and beautiful Groovi Plates on the LIVE HOCHANDA TV SHOW at 12 noon,

absolutely stunning art by Maria. 
Look at this!

I stayed up the painty inky end and had a fine old time.
Really good to meet so many old friends.

And Paul was somewhere in the middle, Groovin’ !!!

All in all, a splendid day was had by all.
A really huge stand, and busy most of the day.

Proud moment.

I feel so much more in tune with what we are doing nowadays.
Don’t suffer fools that gladly anymore.
Is it my age? At the ripe old edge of 59, I no longer feel afraid to stand my ground. Not people pleasing anymore. Just being who I am. There is a big difference when you check the motive for being a good person. Which I always try to be.
Took a while, but we got there, didn’t we?

On the subject of PROUD MOMENT, Linda Williams is launching another wonderful pair of Groovi Plates tomorrow :

These Peacock and Feather Plates are spectacular!

And on Saturday at noon I get to launch her illustrtions in Stamp format. Blimming beautiful. Super fine line stamps.

You will be impressed.

But back to Linda. 12 Noon tomorrow.
so be sure to tune in a cheer!

The samples will be spectacular too!

Maggie Byford

Josie Davidson

Karen Jackson

Gail Sydenham

Glynis Whitehead

What a lucky girl I am, to be surrounded by so many good people, arty people, kind people, creative people.

Time to go eat .

Love & Hugs,