Friday, 31 March 2017

Friday - Room with a view....

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Just stepped outside for a moment,
 and looked out over the garden from my perch in the trees,
where I have been beavering away at prep for Sunday’s shows.

Looks empty, doesn’t it?
Well believe you me - it isn’t !!
What a racket! A chorus of birds chirping away in the trees.
Can’t see a single one, apart from the cheeky little robin 
who darts into the hedge as soon as I get my camera out.

I love to sit in the kitchen with a cuppa, and wait for them to come to the feeder. I enjoy watching the squirrel battling with the squirrel-proof one on the right. It is so comical. He has figured out that he can’t put any weight on the base, because it shuts all the openings to the seed. So he hangs upside down and defies gravity! 

This simple little piece about sums up life in our garden.

I have used a few of the miniature stamps which come with the huge framer stamps which are being launched this weekend. 
And I mean miniature. 
Much smaller than the Wee stamps!
And they were wee....

I thought it would be good to have some of them rinky dink size.
Firstly, to create landscapes within the larger shapes 
(see yesterday’s blog)
and secondly, to make smaller cards. 

Let’s build a little scene, shall we?

Here’s a hand in the frame, to demonstrate the proportion.

Now imagine how tiny this little chappie is!
Absolutely perfect.
And all the detail is still there. 
Notice the squirrel’s perfect positioning.
Easy with our handles.

Ahh look...Romeo.
Gone, but never forgotten.

Yep, he’s looking at lunch.

Add a little foliage...

A make up sponge and a couple of Post-Its is all we need 
to finish the job...


If you have a chance to watch, and stock permitting,
I shall be doing this little demo on HOCHANDA on
Monday evening at 7pm
  • SKY 663 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

How did I get the speckled background?
Mmm. Tune in to find out. Piece of cake. 

Love & hugs,

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Deer All..

Dear all ! Or should I say Deer All?

Thanks for popping in.
It’s been a stag -gering 18˚ in the garden today.

I spent the day working on projects for the TV Shows 
this coming Sunday and Monday.
Deer oh deer! That came round fast again!

Here’s one I did, but then changed for the show.
It will do nicely faw-n the blog though...

On Sunday at 8pm 
  • SKY 663 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
we are launching a very lovely collection of Woodland Stamps.
They have been a joy to work with.

I thought I’d use each of the 5 hours of the One Day Special on Sunday evening and all through Monday to get back into the Stamping groove, if you’ll pardon the expression, and tackle several stamping techniques with masks.
Think of it as a little Welcome back to stamping the Clarity way.

Each of the stampsets includes a huge frame stamp. 
Here we see the Stag-frame.
I won’t spoil the surprise - but trust me - the other 4 are super. 

Then of course, in true Clarity style, we have included the mask.
This is the key for me. Watch and see what I mean.

I love this verse stamp, too.
Let Heaven and Nature sing.
It isn’t on the TV show, but it certainly is a perfect fit 
with all the stampsets.

It comes in another lovely Nature Stampset.

The stag image is glazed.
Drop in at 9am on Monday, 
when I shall be demonstrating that particular trick. 

Time to doe, I mean go.


Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sad news today.

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.

Sad news today.
I received a message this morning from her husband Eric, 
that our dear friend Susan Frith passed away peacefully at home last week, after a long hard battle with cancer. 
I had noticed that she hadn’t been on the blog for a little while, 
and then dear Brenda flagged it up to me too.
Now I know why. 

I remember the first time I met Susan at Ally Pally as if it were yesterday. A petite woman with a huge smile.
She was ill, that was very clear.
She had no hair, and I remember her being very pale.
You could see she had mustered all the strength she had, to come there. In fact, she told me it would wipe her out for a week, but she didn’t care. It was worth it.
Yes, I remember her so well. 
She was open about her illness, and told me that she didn’t have long to live, but that she was so excited about her crafting and she loved loved loved Clarity and the TVshows. 

So I suggested she join us here on the blog.
Many of you will remember. I know Brenda will, because I asked Brenda to look out for her and give her a warm welcome. 
Which of course she did.  
Susan was always gracious and positive, 
always kind, never complained. 
What courage, what acceptance. 

She died at home in her sleep, which is as she wanted it. 
I do hope she bumps into lovely Jayne Nestorenko!
They will literally be a match made in heaven!

I have borrowed a picture of Susan and Eric.
We forge real and invaluable friendships here in Blogland, 
and don’t even know what our friends look like. 
What a great photo. 


Rest in Peace Susan.

I am sure you will all join me in sending Eric and their children 
our condolences and love.

Love & hugs,

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nod, nod, wink, wink of Stella!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Much excitement at work today, 
when some big boxes arrived from Japan.

So you may already be familiar with these Wink of Stella pens,
but if you’re not, all i can tell you is this:

T H E Y   A R E   B R I L L I A N T ! ! !

There are lots of colours, but we have gone with just the clear one.
This one pen adds a fabulous shimmer to any colour underneath,
so that’s good enough for me!

An important tip when you open the packet:

Remove the lid

Unscrew the top part.

Remove the little black ring.

Replace the top part.
This will pierce the seal and release the ink.

Now gently squeeze where it says PUSH.
This will encourage the ink down into the tip.

And you are ready to rock and roll!

Works beautifully on dye-based ink on card.

Works brilliantly on parchment (YAY!!)

Straight on the front.
Want more shimmer?
Let it dry and go over it again.

You can splay the tip and adjust the width to stroke larger areas,

or let them ping back into the super fine tip that they are 
for narrow areas.

The clear Wink of Stella pen adds a wonderful shimmer, 
like an ultra-fine glitter, to your artwork.

It was actually my friend Sam Crowe who put me onto it. 
She sent me one as a gift.
And I was hooked.

So thank you Sam!
You’ve cost me a small fortune !!!!

They are available on our website already. 

Monday, 27 March 2017

Say it with Ink and Flowers ! A Bloggy offer.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Lovely sunny day here in Kent.
How about where you are?

Yesterday’s blog with the custom ink pads was well received,
so how about another little floral offering, using the same technique, but adding another spin to it?

We have a very cool little pair of flowers, which are designed to work together, but which also work beautifully alone.
Mel designed them.

aptly entitled Bouquets
They are beautiful to work with.
You can see how one is the line art and one is the colour fill.
Or the glaze.

How do you do that then?
See how only the flowers are glazed?


Start with the line art stamp with a dark ink pad. 
I used a dark green Archival ink here.
Let it dry completely.

While it’s drying, read back over yesterday’s blog so you understand how to colour the flowers. 
Use the solid stamp, the silhouette stamp, to do that.

While the coloured ink is still wet, sprinkle Detail Clear powder over it. Tap off excess and heat emboss from behind for a lovely glaze. 

See? Easy!
When you know how.

The background?
Layers and layers of the solid stamp, the silhouette stamp, 
in various matching ink pads.

The Vase?
Now there you need a stencil.
And just such a stencil do we have!

In fact, let’s have a little bloggy sale....

If you buy the bouquet stamps, 
we’ll give you the vase stencil as a gift.
7" x 7" rrp £4.99
Free. Gratis. Um sonst. For nowt.
If you haven’t got these two flowers, 
all I can say is - you don’t know what you’re missing!

Don’t forget to tune into HOCHANDA 
at 11am and 5pm.

Rosie is back with a new show; a Parchment Essentials show.
She will guide you through several core products, and explain what’s what. Why you need a thing and what you can do with it. 

See you tomorrow.
Love and Hugs,

Sunday, 26 March 2017

For all the Mums and Kids...

Happy Mother’s Day!
This card’s for all the Mums reading this blog;
this technique is for all the cardmakers reading this blog.

How to make your own custom inkpad.
Cut a piece of Cut n Dry felt to the size of the stamp you are using.
Stamp the image onto said felt using an Archival ink pad

Drip colour onto the image as you’d like to see it.
Distress Reinkers are great for this.
We have a great selection of colours online.

Doesn’t take long;

the ink spreads though, so bear that in mind.

Splash of yellow to zest it up !

Now ink up the stamp well.
Beautiful flower stamp...

What?! You still haven’t joined the club??
You don’t know what you’re missing...


Use the same ink pad to spell out a name 
with the funky Word Chain Alphabet

Mum today, right?

Use pencils to add shadow.

Trim the panel.
Let’s see how far this custom inkpad goes, shall we?

Make a lovely panel .
By the way, I could make half a dozen easily - 
and all as vibrant as this, before having to add ink.

Run a Promarker or pen round the edges.
Thin line  is better

Look to the Background Papers for a solution.

Brighton Rock! Look no further!


And on the inside, the story continues...

This ink pad isn’t only useful for the flower we made it for.
No no no!

This is a beautiful verse stamps from another stampset:

All tone in tone and lovely.

We spent the day with my Mum and Dad.
It was lovely. 
I cooked lamb and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon together.
The sun was shining, and we walked and talked in the garden.
How lucky am I?

Grace and Mark called from the States.
Beautiful flowers arrived yesterday.
And again, how lucky am I?

So this card is for all the Mums and kids reading,
with love from me. 
Today I was the kid.
And thrice I say - how lucky am I?

Love & hugs,