Saturday, 30 December 2017

Grandparents are Precious

Hi there!
Thanks again for joining me.
Took the kids over to Oma and Grandad’s this morning, had some of Oma’s good ol’ German potato soup, and left them there.
They wanted to spend the weekend with their grandparents, 
which I think is pretty special, don’t you?

Just like the good old days, when I used to drop them off with Mum and Dad, so that I could go do a show, an exhibition or a workshop.

So here I sit, back in my little artroom, and I’m looking at the last piece I did here...
 (clearly didn’t clear up after myself!)

Winter Aperture Stencil

Mmm. Two kids. One canvas. That’s no good.
We need one each.
So since they are spending time with their grandparents, 
let me make a picture memory for one of them.  

Right, yellow HAYSTACK ink pad and a brayer.
Roll in the lower hill. Brushes intensify the edges.

Move the torn paper up the aperture, and work with your brayer, with brushes, with the yellow ink and with your dry black brush.

See how you can control the light and shade?

Add a sun behind the trees.
A sponge will sharpen the edges too.

Twirl the dry black brush around the circumference of the aperture.
This will tone down the whiteness.

Add Oma and Grandad, (wee folk stamp)
and then add a little ground underneath them.

Mmmm. Let’s soften the blackness, too...
Easy. Spread a layer of acrylic Buff Titanium paint over your Gelpress plate.

Place the lace swatch on a sheet of copy paper and squish the Gelpress down onto it. It’s what’s left on the Gelli that we want to transfer to the card. 

This instantly mutes and tones down the dark surround. 
The lace gives the piece a wonderful texture too.

Since this is card we are wrapping round the canvas board this time, I used double-sided adhesive tape instead of liquid adhesive.
Sticks like you know what!

Wrapped and mounted on the next size up.
And voila! 

Now I have 2 kids and 2 pieces of artwork for them. 
The same but different.
Like them.

They can fight over who gets which one, or pull straws. 
That’s how it worked when they were nippers!

Oooh the power !!! 

Love & Hugs,


  1. Fabulous Barb. I love them both but my fave would be the yellow one. Wish my grandparents were still here to spend time with. 😔😔 x

  2. Love them Barb and how lovely that your kids want to spend time with the grandparents, I'm a 69 year old and still love and miss mine.
    Can I wish you and yours a Happy New Year, look forward to lots more Grooving in 2018 xx

  3. Two fabulous canvases Barbara and if I were Mark and Grace I think I would have to pick straws as they are both beautiful. How lovely that they want to spend time with their grandparents. I think that living so far away now they both realise that time is a precious commodity. x

  4. They are both lovely, Barbara. It would be hard for me to choose one.
    Our two have a great relationship with their only grandparent: my mum. Something to do with the fact she helped look after them when I worked part-time when they were small, I think. Mum is 93 now and still our source of good sense and advice. We are so fortunate :)

  5. These are beautiful . Wish I could sit down and produce a piece of art like this . Happy new year .

  6. Oh Barbara, at the end of this very long day, with 2 sets of guests and 2 lots of cooking, I decided to sit down and reflect on 2017 and looked through your current calendar. I am so inspired not only by your skill, but your kindness as a human. Your blogs often say what we all are thinking about the current state of the world and I am sure I am not alone when I say I shed a tear with you when your family is in pain, or in a dangerous situation. I want to wish you and your lovely family great joy, good health and happiness for 2018. You make everyone's day a little brighter. Much love Kelly

  7. Both of them are stunning & I would find it hard to choose - definitely pick a straw !!
    My Mom will be 90 next year & has 4 grandchildren & 3 Gt Grandchildren with number 4 due next July. My 2 Children & 2 Grandchildren keep in contact with her & she loves to hear what they are up to. As you say precious times.
    I have just caught up with the Christmas Day show whilst doing the ironing - a great double act !! I am looking forward to the workshop with Paul at Crafters Companion Evesham on the 19 January - lets hope it doesn't snow.

  8. Those are both brilliant but if I had to choose I'd go with the yellow one!
    Grandparents are so precious and it's good that Grace and Mark want to spend time with theirs. I'd love to be able to spend one more day with my maternal grandma and grandad! I spent a lot of time with them as a child and have such happy memories!
    Have a great evening!
    Lots of love and hugs Xxxx

  9. They are both beautiful Barbara and Mark and Grace will love them. How special for them to have such lovely pieces to treasure. You are blessed with a wonderful family. Annette X

  10. Fabulous Barbara typical mum the kids come high in the pecking order xx

  11. Both pieces are delightful, I am sure they will come to an amicable arrangement. My kids adored my parents and remember them fondly and following on I like to think that I have a fabulous relationship with our grandchildren. My youngest grandson did tell his mum the other day that he needed a nanny hug and one from her was not quite the same. Poor Julie but she did know what he meant. Precious times. xx

  12. Yes - grandparents are very special! Treasure them whilst they are here. I love both pictures - I am sure that they will both be very pleased with whichever one they get. Love and hugs to you all - including all of the people on the blog, Gilly xxx

  13. Both are beautiful! My two gorgeous Granddaughters were here today - they brought their Mum and Dad too! It was such a lovely day! xxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    I think it’s really lovely that Grace and Mark want to spend time with their grandparents - it’s truly special. I love both pieces that you’ve created but if I had to choose it would be the yellow one, it’s so warm . I would think of this one as my Mam and Dad sitting on the bench. I do so miss both of them. These will be so nice for Grace and Mark to treasure whichever they choose. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  15. Both are beautiful pieces of art Barrbara and I'm sure Grace and Mark will be delighted with whichever one they get. It's lovely that they both want some me time with their Grandparents. Must watch your Christmas day show on catch up before it gets taken off. I nearly forgot until someone mentioned it on

  16. Hi to all you bloggy friends, Hope you are all ok. Wishing you all a very Happy & Healthy New

  17. Lovely pictures. I miss seeing you do the tutorials as videos though. Are you not doing that or am I just missing them somewhere?

  18. Both beautiful never had grandparents as mine all passed away before I was born, but sure know what it’s like being a grandma and just love it best job ever lots be every moment with my four grandchildren up like your they love coming to see me when grown up have a great relationship with them all so hopefully will. Lots love xxx

  19. Beautiful pieces of art they are delightful xxx

  20. Beautiful,nostalgic art work. Treasures x

  21. Hello Barb, beautiful arty images, maybe they can share them, have 1 for half a year and then swap for the other one for the other half, that way special people will always be close. Take care all. Bx

  22. Hi Barbara
    Absolutely beautiful, I hope they can decide between themselves who has what or they could share and have a swap half way through the year! Haha. How lovely they are spending time with grandparents, they have a lovely relationship with them don't they. Take care
    Love Diane. Xxxx

  23. Really lovely art work and so meaningful too. I never fail to read your daily blog, don t always comment but you make me think, smile and laugh out loud! I love my association with you and Clarity. My tribute to Jayne is now almost 10,000 steps +++ for 365 days just 5 I didn’t make it. If I don’t feel like it I think of her and you 😊 happy new year to all of you at Clarity and to all our blogging community. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018 x x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x