Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Makedo (Pronounced Mac-kay-doe)

Hi there,
Can’t stop long.
On my way out the door again, to a meeting.

Ah well.
Just for today, I shall be grateful I CAN run around.

When I shot home from work this evening,
fighting fit - (fighting for breath and fit to drop!),
I was sprung like a coil, I can tell you.
Should have left half an hour earlier, but got caught up and then was scrambling to make a supper date with Dave... 

Dave had offered to sort out supper this evening,
me being as busty as I am.

Busy ! Not busty !!

Anyway, so the ever loving Dave told me to hurry home,
because we were having baked potatoes, 
with butter, hickory smoked bacon 
and emmenthaler cheese.

Having eaten nothing but a packet of cheese & onion crisps all day, which I begged off Lisa this afternoon, you can imagine I was  pretty excited about the prospect of my very own baked 

As I skipped up the path to the back door 
look what met me on the floor of the nearly finished porch...

What is it? I hear you ask.
Took me a while to figure it out too.

But that’s ok.
It’s a Mackaydoe moment. (Make Do)
Baked potato with butter and emmenthaler cheese is a luxury too.

Love & Hugs,


  1. My Hubbie had dinner ready for me coming home from work too today. I think he is missing the kids being at uni as much as I am. It is also nice for me finishing work at five pm sharp these days rather than six or seven as it was in my previous job!

  2. Glad you got the jacket potato and cheese sure was nice after a long day hope get a nice sleep night night xcc

  3. Oh Barbara! I had to look twice at what it was! I think that tray needs to go with the paint brush sculpture Dave created not too long ago! Real life art!
    Baked potatoes are perfect on a cool autumn evening!
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Wow, I thought my hubby liked his well done and crispy, lol. Oh dear, the thought was there though. Jacket spuds with just cheese are nice too x

  5. Okay, so you don't like your bacon crozzled lol. Believe it or not, Pete would have eaten that lol. But then he's a Yorkshire man hehehe.

  6. Yummy baked potatoes just right after a busy day...might have to rethink your chef though! I actually thought it was a new crafting technique you were going to introduce us to. Xx

  7. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good day. Sending hugs to all. Xx

    1. Hi Donna can't believe it's Wednesday already! Nearly the weekend again xxx

  8. I thought you were introducing us to new art work ! My first thought was when I saw the pic was that I didn't think that would be for me, thank goodness - I can't spend any more LOL !! We went fishing this afternoon, didn't catch our tea, but had baked potatoes and chilli instead ! Well done Dave ! X

  9. Having a hubby that cooks (even if he burns the bacon) is priceless !!!

  10. Love it! Can't beat baked spuds (shame about your bacon!) with baked beans and cheese being my fav! Sounds like the 'porsche' is coming on a treat too... don't forget to show us the finished product after the grand opening. Xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Oh you do make me laugh, good to hear you had a busty day but not so good it was busy! What a lovely bloke Dave is making you jacket potatoes even if the bacon went slightly too crisp. Now some fancy restaurant would probably blitz the bacon into a powder, sprinkle it onto your expensively prepared jacket spud, drizzle it with truffle oil and fancy cheese and charge you £50! Hope you had a good evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Hickory Smoked Bacon by Waitrose.....Incinerated by Aga ! xx

  13. Well, at least he tried and jacket potato with butter and cheese is delicious too. x

  14. Hello Barb, well what a good laugh this morning, personally I think bacon tends to spoil baked tatties, I guess Dave is of the same opinion! LOL. He tried and that is more important. Take care all. Bx

  15. Think Dave could enter that tray for the Turner prize!

  16. Had to be one of your funniest blogs yet. Tell chef Dave not to worry. We`ve all done things like that, or worse.

  17. The top chefs would call that caramelised and charge the earth!! Had to smile at your post though.

  18. Awe, shame about the overcooked bacon. Still never mind, as you said spud and cheese is good too.At least there was something left to eat!

  19. That's the joy of an Aga - it will happily incinerate without setting off the smoke alarm! Last Christmas, I found the stuffing balls still in the oven on Boxing Day... Hope you both enjoyed the potatoes and cheese anyway.

    Treated myself to the new snowflake duets yesterday - am buzzing with ideas following your shows. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  20. Not so much smoked, more like cremated. Well done Dave anyway for taking on the Chefs hat.

  21. That's taking smoking to a whole new level!!!!!!!!! Still it's the thought that counts.
    Gayle x

  22. .... and there's me thinking Dave had begun a whole new form of artwork - until I looked closer! Who needs bacon anyway ....... bet the baked spud without went down just as well. Hugs to you both! xx

  23. When I first glanced at this I thought it was a piece of Mixed Media Art????


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x