Monday, 25 September 2017

A little play with Viva Inka Gold....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Monday Monday already!

Thought I would play with the texture paste and waxy metallic pastes from Viva Decor.
I am not an expert with this gear, but the more I play with it, the more I will learn....

Love this stencil Chinese Lanterns by our Melanie. 
It is such a versatile one:

Attach it to a sheet of our glossy black Clarity card.
Drag a thing amount of Texture Paste through the stencil.

Remove the stencil,  and allow to dry for an hour or so.
Clean the stencil in warm soapy water. 
Dry off, ready for later.

Once the artwork is dry, you can chop it up into centrepieces.
Square, tall, whatever you fancy.

Sponge a little teal green ink here and there,
 then sand it away again. 
The sanding will remove any texture paste peaks too.

Relocate the clean stencil and tape down at the back, 
to hold in place.

Now for a little gold...
I used my finger to rub the waxy Inka Gold gold
through the stencil onto the paste.

Then I added the beautiful dark blue haematite paste at the bases of the Chinese Lanterns. Pounded it into place with a Spot on sponge.

When you remove the stencil, you can see why you had it in place while you applied the metallic pastes.
The black stays true and clear.

Buff the paste to a high gloss with a cloth.

Really effective.

Sand the edge of the little centrepiece, and mount on another pristine sheet of the glossy black card.

Very simple. Very classy.

And the gritty imperfection is what makes it really arty.

Got to go!
Dave’s taking me out for lunch.
La Cuisine est fermée aujourd’hui!

Love & hugs,
(aka cream crackered)


  1. Enjoy your lunch date with Dave! You need to relax after the hectic days you just had!
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  2. Enjoy your lunch and time together with Dave. You must both be pooped after working two weekends in a row and having the long drives. Hope to get up into my craft room this afternoon to make my challenge artwork - I have an idea in my head, just need to get it onto a piece of paper!!! x

  3. Beautiful artwork as usual! I think you deserve lunch out today, both of you. X

  4. Excellent artwork Barb - hope you enjoyed your lunch date with Dave. Always important to look after yourself and each other. Xxx

  5. I am shattered after the weekend and I had it so easy in comparison with what you have been doing. A nice meal out is just what you both need, followed by a good walk and lots of sleep. You deserve it after all you have done to keep us all happy in the last few weeks. As Dawn says, lovely artwork. xxx Maggie

  6. Hello Barbara

    A beautiful piece of art.

    I hope you enjoyed your lunch. Me, I am still celebrating my birthday - started on Friday and finishing on Wednesday! I have been very spoilt.


  7. Enjoy your treat. Love these Chinese lanterns x

  8. Ohh loving the Inka gold enjoy your lunch both of you x

  9. I bought one pot of the Inka on Saturday to try so today's post is spot on for me!
    Please say a big thank you from me to Dave for changing my candle stamp on Saturday, even though it was only very slightly imperfect. I stamped a load today for my Christmas cards and the new one is absolutely perfect.
    I hope you had a leisurely lunch and a lazy afternoon - you both deserve it xx

    1. Hi Chris. I have about a dozen different colours of inka gold as I love it so much. It is versatile as I love thinning down to use as a wash or to paint with as well as using as Barbara has done.

    2. Thanks Fiona I'll give it a go x

    3. Hi Chris it was really lovely to meet you and put a face to the name. It was a fantastic day wasn't it. Xxx

  10. love the artwork, the gold lanterns definitely pop against the shiny black background. I don't blame you for closing the kitchen for the day after your busy weekend, enjoy your lunch.

  11. Hope you enjoyed your lunch and a restful afternoon hopefully love playing with stencils xxx

  12. Wonderful - and perfect timing - i've
    Just received my order which includes this texture paste amd I already have some inka gold so this is the ideal steo by step.
    Now then, how do I use the Magnet-Kleber that came in the same order? My schoolgirl German isn't technical enough to cope with the instructions on the bottle and Google Translate has come up with some strange suggestions to do with describing outlines and using with subsoils!!

  13. I too have been out for lunch today. I went with one of my best friends and shared with her all the fun we had at the weekend. It was nice to tell her how much I enjoyed it and what I plan to make with my new products and my raffle prize.

    1. Glad you made it home safely it was good to see you again x

    2. It was lovely to meet you Fiona, good to hear you got home ok xxx

  14. I love this one with the paste, never tried it this way I love it (thats another workshop in the bag!!!) I love how you have mounted it. Xx

    1. I hope it's one that I can come to. Thank you for the information about your classes xx

    2. Lovely to see you at Leyburn Chris.xx

  15. Lovely Barbara, got those pastes at Crowborough,forgot what Maria had done
    with them, so glad you are step by stepping with them as didn't get to see them on Saturday as sold out before I got to Maria. Saturday was excellent by the way, such a full on few days for you though, hope you make time to

    1. Hi Pam if was lovely to see you again, sorry I missed you as we were leaving and didn't get to say goodbye. Xxx

  16. Great artwork Barbara, just up my street! I haven't got Inka pastes, but I must have something else that will create a similar look. Now where did I leave my Grunge Paste.........

  17. elegant. CAS but stunning, hugs xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Good to hear you got home safe and sound, thank you for a brilliant day, it was lovely to meet so many friends from the blog and meet some of the design team. Lovely Heather kept smiling all day and whizzed around everywhere, yes an assistant would be a good idea, I nearly offered at one stage. What a brilliant location and show and such a great area, we might book our holiday to coincide next year too! We arrived home late last night, tired but relaxed after our week away with no internet and sheep and pheasants for neighbours. Love this stencil and the gold paste, it looks very sophisticated and beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your lunch out and a restful day. A huge thank you to you Dave and the fabulous team and tenants staff, it was a brilliant day .
    Love Diane xxxx

  19. These chinese lanterns are beautiful Barbara, and the Inca Gold wax looks fabulous over the texture paste. Glad you kicked back a bit today and hope you enjoyed your lunch. x

  20. Love this stencil and the others in the same style, great step by step. Been sorting my lovely goodies from took a while as I had a lot to get thro and like to trace out my new Groovi plates so I have a reference for tryING layouts etc. Just got the inks etc now so will play after the ironing is done when I get back from the dentist tomorrow. Hope you had a lovely, well deserved, lunch with Dave xxx

  21. Hello Barb, one of my favourite stencils, a real go to design. Love the play with the paste and the Inca Gold. Glad to hear the kitchen was closed and you had a lunch date with Dave. Take care. Bx


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x