Wednesday, 26 July 2017

We have a winner!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Taking a little time out today.
I think I perform better when I’m not half asleep!

Tomorrow Dave and I are off on Safari, 
so I must pack a bag and some mozzy spray!

In the meantime, we found a winner for naming these two little fairies. There were so many delightful suggestion, so I really just span the screen until it landed...

Peri and Winkle.

Gayle, I think Peri and Winkle are perfect names.
So you will be receiving not only the artwork, 
but also a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

The last time I went on a Safari was in Sri Lanka!
The HUGE spider in the long drop loo 
and the monkeys with the really long tails are what I recall.
Oh, and then there was that formidable Giant Monitor lizard.

Ask me if I got out of the jeep!

Am I really going again ???
More will be revealed... 

Love & Hugs,

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Isn’t Nature Wonderful?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Maria is on Hochanda today, showcasing a collection of the most amazing Clarity Stamps ever! 
They have been illustrated by clever Melanie Turner, and we have captured them in both Stamp form and Groovi.

available separately

available separately

Here are a few samples of the latest addition to the set by 
Dee Paramour, who has once again, worked her magic.

Introducing AIR & WIND

Believe it or not, this one is on parchment!

And here are a few more delightful samples from others of our super Clarity Team:

Chris Walker - Groovi

Glynis Whitehead - Groovi

Barbara Lancaster - Stamps

Jo Rice - Stamps

Maria is on at 10am this morning and 4 pm this afternoon.
If this artwork is anything to go by, these shows are a must watch!


Love & Hugs,

Monday, 24 July 2017

That's all folks!

Hi folks!
Thanks for popping in.
And so we waved goodbye to the last group of lovely ladies today,

and whilst it is with a heavy heart that we draw the retreats to a close for another year, it is indeed a great delight to welcome Becka Kempster to the Clarity Team.

Here she is, hard at work on her first day.
I know. It’s not an easy job, but somebody’s got to do it...

It has been a full on 8 days, back to back, with such delightful, pleasant, creative people! Each group was as lovely as the next. 

Old friends and new....

buddies helping each other...

strangers becoming friends...

I loved every minute of it actually. And that’s the truth. 

So thank you once more to all who attended, 
and made the retreats such a blazing success again.
But most of all to our darling Paul. 
Churchie, what would I do without you?

Now just give me a week to recover, and then we will be blazing a new monthly workshop trail here in Crowborough.
Not to mention a new chapter in Clarity YouTube World...

Love & Hugs

Sunday, 23 July 2017

OoH!You little Imp!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in,
On my way to join the crew for supper at the Spa, 
so just want to show you a clever little trick with the brand new Fairy Plates, which lovely Rosie has been demonstrating on Hochanda today.

See? No wings.
When we designed the Groovi Fairy Plates, 
we made sure that the wings aren’t touching the bodies.
On ANY of them.

So even though it looks as though the butterfly and flower wings are attached,
they aren’t. Which means you can make delightful art with imps and elves - and little boys and girls actually.


See? No wings. Just a little pixie.

Flowers from another plate.

Landscape from the Starter Kit.

Colour with Perga Liner pencils

Layer up on a very new paper coming soon...

Yes. That does the job.

Fairy? What fairy?
Super simple and quick.
Has to be today!

All available on our website now,
both as stampsets with masks, and Groovi.


Love & Hugs,

PS. I will pick a random winner for the name competition tomorrow.
Running late here!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

One Day Fairy Special xxx

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Can’t stop!
Rosie’s on TV showing off our new Fairies!

Fastest demo on record here:

Scrap from retreat.
Pink circle made with Petite Gelpress.
Stamp round with leaves from Fairy Stampset.

Stamp another beauty into the circle.

Mask off.
Dust with dry pink brush.

Colour in.

Trim, mount.
Oh. And add verse stamp in set.


Gotta go.

SKY 663 (24/7)  FREESAT 817 (24/7)


Love & Hugs,

  • Friday, 21 July 2017

    Name that Fairy!

    Hi there!
    Thanks for popping in.
    Day 5 of the Crowborough Retreats, 
    and another wonderful group of Friends Reunited!
    So I have exactly 20 minutes to blog before I go to join them all at the Spa Hotel. 

    Whilst cleaning the blending mat this morning after project 1,
    I decided to make a bloggy background...

    That’ll do very nicely, thunk I.

    Perfect for showcasing those wonderful Fairy Stamps which are being launched on HOCHANDA TV tomorrow evening at 6pm 
    by lovely Rosie.
    • SKY 663 (24/7)
    • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
    • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

    Just 2 will do for this little idea.

    Very lovely, don’t you think? See the butterfly wings?

    And how useful are the masks!? 
    Right down to the tiny toadstools.

    Mmmm.... Dry blue brush required.
    I didn’t even add ink - just used the dry blue brush.

    Remove the masks for the magic.

    Good enough to wrap around an A6 canvas board, methinks.

    Stop the clock. 10 minutes.

    Time to go eat with the others.
    But in the meantime, let’s have a little blog candy, shall we?


    Leave a message below, naming our two delightful little characters.
    Then on Sunday, I shall randomly pick a winner.
    And that winner shall receive the little canvas here -
    and a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

    Love & Hugs,

    Thursday, 20 July 2017

    Fairy Fairy Exciting....

    Hi there.
    Thanks for popping in!
    What a smashing day we had today at the Clarity retreat.
    Well, I certainly enjoyed it, and the vibe was great.

    Rossella (aka Rosie) joined us this time, as a guest.
    She was in her element - she helped massively with the picot cutting on Day 1, and had a blast with the Gelplates and stamps on Day 2. It was great to see her so relaxed and enjoying herself. 
    She just took off back up north, to get ready for her One Day Special on Hochanda, which starts on Saturday evening at 6pm.

    Oh boy ! Have we got a treat for you !
    A Fairy special treat in Groovi AND Stamp.

    Two brand new, exquisite sets of Fairy stamps,
    illustrated by our Mel
    (here’s one...)

    This masterpiece was created by our Ann Ruffles,
    who was also at the retreat!

    In addition, there are six A6 Fairy Plates plus a verse spacer.

    Our Jane Telford designed this lovely piece.
    She was at the retreats Monday and Tuesday!!

    Rosie is launching both Stamps and Groovi on Saturday evening, so do tune in. Methinks she will be busy. 

    Do you somehow get the feeling that we are all good mates?
    Good! Cos we are!
    Our Clarity family is close. I love that.
    I have spent the last four days in the company of some of our oldest and dearest friends and customers. 
    I know most of them personally, too.

    It has been brilliant for me. Hard work of course, and I wouldn’t want to try it without Churchy there all the way!! It’s a bit of a marathon for us. But just to be able to catch up with friends and spend a little time together. We should do it more often!!

    I was sad to see this group go this evening.
    But that’s life. I look forward to welcoming a new group tomorrow. 

    Tme to go to sleep now.

    Love & Hugs,