Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to make a stamp look drawn..

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
For those of you who like to be reminded of what’s what,
thought I’d blog another of the demos 
from the HOCHANDA TV Show last Sunday.
It was a little rushed at the end of the show,
so I would rather take it from the top slowly....

Here is a super new 

All mounted, fired up, and ready to play.

There is actually a Thank You mask included in the kit,
but here’s the traditional way to cut out masks.

Stamp image onto copy paper,

and cut out the centre, cutting a little of the actual image out, too.
Why? This prevents getting a white halo if you cut too precisely along the line.

The stamp now has a little green ink left on it 
from the previous Lettuce ink pad,
so ink it up again in Stonewashed Blue without cleaning it,
and when you plant the stamp,
you will get a very cool mix of both colours. 

Draw around the outside of the blue-green lettering 
with a fine black Micron pen.

Add a little pencil depth to the inner area of the lettering first.
Colouring pencils are ideal.

Next, add a little grey shade around the outer edge, 
always bottom left, to create a drop-shadow.
Build up the depth gradually.
The closer you get to the actual line, the darker.

Time to add the little birds from the set using Black Archival.

Now for the centre....
Cover up with the mask you made 
or which is included in the stamp set.

Using the same colours as before,
load a Clarity Stencil Brush, 
make a mask with some torn paper, and brush in the grass.

Prepare a blue brush and add the sky next.

Time for the Romeo, the cat.
18 years old now, but he’ll see off any encroacher any day!

How about a little foliage from the 

And here I have used a stamp from the 

Looking good,
and certainly not looking stamped.

Brush a little colour around the outside with what’s left on the brush.

 Trim the artwork to a good size.

Add a little more depth around the outside edge now. 

Run an ultra-thin black line around the edge, 
using a ruler and a black Sharpie pen.
Or just drag the side of the card across the top of a black ink pad.
It won’t get much finer than that!

The background is an inky Gelli Plate piece from my stash,
which was the perfect colour!

I hope you like it.
My aim was to steer you away from 
always using a black ink pad for the framer.
Although it is lovely, there is always
room for something a little different, don’t you think?

Have a great day!

When shall we start getting festive?
How about the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day?
Let’s do that...
So when is the first day?
Monday 14th December.
Yep. That’s when we shall go Christmassy,
have some seasonal fun and games 
and prizes and competitions and limericks and ...

I am so looking forward to Christmas this year!!!
More than usual actually.

Love & hugs,


  1. This is definitely one project I want to play with. One question - does this mask fit the other similar stamps? You must be so excited to be having Christmas this year with both your lovely children and with Dave feeling so much better. Make sure you take the time to enjoy every moment. Love Maggie. xx

    1. Can't believe I made it to first place today. Have a great day. xx Maggie

  2. Beautiful stamp! I bet your so glad your kids are coming home for Xmas . I'm so lucky mine all live fairly close so see them often . Oldest granddaughter Skye just went to Edinburgh uni earlier this year and we find that hard enough ! Mind you social media makes keeping in touch so much easier now than before! Looking forward to the festive fun on here though! X

    1. Isobel, our daughter has gone to Aberdeen uni this year - other end of the country from us so I know how you feel - bloomin cold up there too - she's coming home to thaw out. Have you tried using Skype? It's so reassuring when you can see they are ok when they talk to you. Have a wonderful Christmas with her when she comes home. Xxxx

  3. Another great stamp which I'll be ordering a.s.a.p. (still got my parcel from yesterday to open :))) ) I like to move away from black as the main stamping colour but it can be difficult to decide what to use !

    With Dave feeling better and the children coming over what could be better for you !

    Well done Maggie on being first :)


  4. Great effect Barbara, I'll give it a go. I'm glad your children will be home for Christmas, there's no greater gift than family around you xxx

  5. Well with both your children home what could make a better Christmas. We have our big family day On Boxing Day this year at daughter's house. Just got our youngest son here on Christmas Day. Love the ideas in this demo, will give it a try. Thank-you. xx

  6. love it , i need them all but think i might have to wait till after Xmas as no one will by me craft stuff and still have lot presents to get xx

  7. Hi Barbara,
    beautiful card...
    Haven´t seen the shows on sunday cause I visited a lovely tiny christmas market.
    Rolf xxx

  8. Lovely blog. Clearing my craft room ready for little visitors - don't want to wake up to them sitting in inkpads and acrylics!! Would rather be crafting with my groovi but needs must
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  9. Hello Barbara

    Thank you for blogging this again. I liked the idea when I saw it on Sunday.

    Also I am glad you are looking forward to Christmas. After the worry over Dave's health behind you, you can look forward to 2016.


  10. Hi Barb,

    Wow what a fantastic card, love the stamps used and the colours, beautiful. Sorry did not watch the shows, not many I can watch as the picture is so bad it hurts my eyes after a while, I do hope they sort it out soon, its like having the tv well before HD with their faces all fuzzy lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

    1. Jacquie, are you able to watch on Freeview? My picture on that is brilliant, or the computer is fine too. xx Maggie

  11. I absolutely love these little scenes .this is on my wish list for sure . Thanks for showing all the details . It was impossible to watch it while I was visiting New York , only caught snippets .
    Love ,peace and joy ------jan

  12. That is lovely. I will definitely be giving it a try. I did watch your shows on Sunday, but it's good to be able to go through the project in detail here. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for the repeat demo, I love this idea, so useful something else on my list just when it was getting shorter after last weekend order.

  14. Great technique - love the stamp.

  15. Great step by step and demo..the little stamps with this framer are fab...no wonder you are looking forward to Christmas with both your babies visiting xx

  16. Great step by step and demo..the little stamps with this framer are fab...no wonder you are looking forward to Christmas with both your babies visiting xx

  17. Lovely blog Barbara. I bought the stamp set on Sunday along with one of the lovely funky flower stencils and Wee trees and can't wait to play with them when they come. Love the finished card.

    Can you blog the steps with the flower stencil and gilding flakes you did on Sunday on Hochanda please. Really loved it but missed the part about the silkiness how it was done.

    Merry Christmas to you all at Clarity Stamps and Clarity blog followers.

  18. I put my order in for this on Sunday and loved this demo. I remember reading in a club letter a few months back about using lighter colours on silouhette stamps instead of black, I do try and change it up a bit. This technique of drawing round and then adding shadow looks lovely. Can't wait to play with mine. Xx

  19. Evening Brenda, Sheila, Diane, Pam and Dot. Happy Tuesday to you all. Xx

    1. Evening Donna I use archival watering can its makes a nice change from black
      Happy crafting xxx

    2. Hi Donna Hi Sheila happy Tuesday to you too. I haven't used my framer stamps for ages, I must dust them off and try with different colours - this is fab isn't it. How's the crafting going? I put the glitter to one side today to start writing cards today oh it's never ending. Hope you are both ok xxxx

    3. Challenge entry sent in, Christmas cards nearly all done, need to get some written so I can post them. I got a parcel today..........but it is currently sitting in the sorting office so I will need to go and collect it tomorrow. Could be my Gray sale stash! Xx

    4. A bit late Donna but the same to you.xx

    5. Will look for your challenge card your last one was beautiful.xxx

  20. Loved this stamp set at first sight, ordered it and it arrived around ten minutes ago. So pleased I finished our Christmas cards this afternoon - Clarity all the way! Big task of writing them now! Might have been side-tracked to try the new delivery, so tempting!! ;~}

    1. Oh, well done, I still have a long way to go!

  21. Lovely demo, I wouldn't think to mix ink colours on the stamp. This set is gorgeous, the smaller stamps by themselves would be worth it, I love the cat.

    Looking forward to Christmas too! Just wish I was more ready. It's the same every year though.

    1. Same here re Christmas readiness! Sister's cards done since Sept, Mother in law's completed by October, my mum's with all her carers' stuff done by November. I suppose I do have my priorities right! Latest hiccup is Christmas Day food - supplier not talking to their supplier although order paid for - so maybe an alternative to organise! happy festive season! Enjoy! ;~}

  22. Ooo I love that! Definitely need to give that a try. Think I will have to invest in this stamp set as well.

  23. Hiya got to say a close up looks so much better. Great ideas.

    Crafty hugs X

  24. Stunning set thank you for blogging it as always good to have it step by step it's on my wish list
    Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    1. Evening Dorothy sending a thinking of you hug xx
      Evening Brenda
      Evening Diane
      Evening pam
      Hugs to all xxx

    2. Hi Sheila hope you are ok xxxxx

    3. Hi Sheila hugs to you wish list getting bigger every day...xx

    4. Hi Sheila, Diane, Brenda,and Dot, hope you've had a good day. Wasn't going to get that stamp set yet as I ordered the Big thank you set and Best wishes set today, now I can't resist. It's beautiful isn't it. What are we like. Love to you all. Haven't done any craft today only putting all my order away, it's so satisfying.xxx

  25. Fantastic step by step, love the drop shadow effect, so clever X

  26. Hi Barbara and the Groovi team, just received my Black Friday purchases and am so happy. Thanks for being an inspiration to lots of people, especially me. Your sunny outlook is always a joy to behold. I look forward to your blogs every day, they make me smile. Although some people may be mean and miserable, most of us think you are all doing a great job. love and hugs Kelly x

  27. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the step by step,this is a stunning card and the stamp is beautiful but will have to go on my wish list along with the wee trees and foliage.
    I'm so pleased to here you'll be having Christmas your family.

  28. Hi Barbara
    I was going to catch up with Sundays show today but knew I would watch you instead of writing cards. I need to watch it, these stamps are fab. It would be rude not to get them wouldn't it as we should say thank you after Christmas. You are keeping us all on the straight and narrow aren't you Barbara. Love this artwork, must try mixing my colours, it's so easy to pick up the black archival isn't it. How lovely Grace and Mark are coming home for Christmas and with Dave feeling so much better now, your mum and dad and Steve you will have a house full and a lovely family celebration. Is it time for that wedding you keep mentioning? Have a lovely evening
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Brenda xxxx
    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hi Pam xxxx
    Sending you all a hugxxx

  29. i bet you are with both the children coming over. i haven't watched recordings yet but looking forward to finding some time so i can watch the shows, hugs xx

  30. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it, it looks so 'arty', can't wait to have a go at this. You really make me want to sit down and craft. So clever. Can't wait for the 12 days of Christmas.
    I bet you're going to have a fab Christmas, with all your loved ones around you. Xx

  31. Hi Barbara love the framer stamps got the Scotland one (no surprise there) glad your blogging your show demos as cant record just now until Dick Branson gets my Email and sorts it out.
    Didn't Know your wee ones were coming home going to be a happy Christmas for you.
    Well I'm no where near organised but hey I never am but I'm getting there.
    take care....Dot
    p.s can anybody tell me if Barbara put anything on the back of the stencil before she stuck it down on the adhesive sheet. thanks..x

    1. Evening Brenda hows all your wee crafting going hope your no stressing to much wi yir wee pressies sending the usual wee cuddle...Dot..xx

    2. Hi Dot,
      Barbara didn't put anything on the stencil, although I have put a little talc on, which Barbara said she's done occasionally, I hope that helps.

    3. No, I didn't Dot! I just went for it! Xxxx

    4. Aw thanks Jackie and Barbara going to have ago at that...xx

    5. Don't worry Dot there are still days and days left before you need to panic! Xx

    6. Try my best Donna hope its the happy parcel at the sorting office....xx

    7. Ive just tried this with Glossy card and Clarity card and each time taking the stencil off the adhesive also pulled off the top layer of the card. Does it have to be Chromocard to make this work? would the talc on the stencil before putting it onto the adhesive have worked? looks quite impressive however and I am keen to have another go!!

    8. Tried again using talc!! it works!! Can't finish my Sis in laws birthday card tonight as I'm off the our WIs Christmas celebration but Ill do it tomorrow!!

  32. Hi Barbara,
    Oh no not another lovely stamp to go on the wish list!
    I love this type of stamp. I'd never thought of using coloured ink instead of black to stamp it in, it certainly results in a stunning finish, one to remember.
    Jackie x

  33. Hi Barbara, how could you do that to me, I ordered today and resisted that stamp set thinking I'd definitely get it next time, oh well another order tomorrow. Lovely step by step love it in the two colours, looks so classy with the little scene, love the birds and pets, adorable. Thank you for blogging it for us. You're going to have a wonderful Christmas this year with all your family around you. We're staying at our Daughter's with her family for Christmas and we'll all be getting together with our Son and his family on the Monday. So like you we're getting so excited about it.lolxx

    1. Cushions never off in Pams house lol...xx

    2. Crikey Dot that was quick even for you.xxx

    3. Getting Bloggy good me was up and doon looking for you and our Brenda when up yi popped,,xx

  34. What a great tutorial Barbara and a fantastic stamp set .
    Who wouldn't love to receive a card like this!

  35. I loved I loved this tutorial on Sunday I love this stamp it's on my Christmas list I must have it
    Thank you Barbara love to Dave so glad you will be all together at Christmas xxxxx

  36. Just got back from holiday, lots of catching up to do including the recordings of your shows.love these stamps. Can't wait to see what else you have been up to

  37. Just watched the taped show from the weekend. Your hair looked lovely by the way. It was nice to see a return to brayering as I never tire of it. Good show it made me smile as the Hochanda presenter was tickled pink when you gave him the card. 12 days before christmas is great time to start the festivities. I always put my tree up the weekend before Christmas Day. Sometimes you get a week of it before sometimes only a few days. I like to be able to savour the moment and not have it up too long you get sick of it and I do believe it has to stay up till twelve night as otherwise its down before the Wise Men manage to make it to the stable!! Much love Jayne

  38. Really really love this project Barbara - I'll have to have a go at something similar, unless the Christmas elf needs some help to choose what to put in my stocking from Santa! Suffering from a little jet lag today I think, and we had to do speed Christmas shopping this afternoon, which has just about finished me off. Take away for tea I think!!! Hope there is a repeat of your shows at some point, as I missed them mid flight, and didn't get to record them either. Susan x

  39. Lovely artwork Barb, the little cat is beautiful, oh yes the 12 days of Christmas, why does the day job always get in the way? Take care. Bx

  40. Thank you Barbara for teaching us how to make your art more like our own. I have one or a similar one of these stamps, gawd my head is all over the place right now, so I know I can try this one. You, your Dave, your kids and your Clarity are all awesome and you have no idea how much you are liked, loved and more than well respected in this country. You are one bright light on a very dark day huni and all of us come on over to bask in the sunshine you give off Karen xx


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x