Friday, 6 November 2015

Gelli Plate Bauble !

Hi there!
Day 2 at the NEC was busy busy busy.
Ask me how me feet are, I dare you.

As promised,
a Gelli Plate blog, using the Festive Stencils

5 for the price of 4, 
They come with a free Stencil folder.

So place the Gelli Plate on a Mega Mount, and then place the bauble inny of the stencil onto the clean plate. 
Spread a thin layer of China Blue paint over the plate and bauble, lifting half of it off again, with crumpled paper. 

Next spread Inky Pool paint over the Gelli Plate and the bauble stencil with the brayer,
place the Leafy Swirl stencil on the wet paint, blot with copy paper and lift the punchinella. 

Wait for the paint to dry before you lift the leafy swirl stencil,

Then lift the stencil and blot immediately.
See how the paint underneath the stencil was still wet ?

Now for the 3rd layer.
Spread a layer of Caramel paint over the Gelli plate and bauble stencil with your brayer.

Remove the bauble stencil,
place the card on the wet paint, 

Rub the back, and pull your print.
Rub the back, rub the feet, rub the neck....

Using the other part of the stencil,
cover up the outside area. 

Use inks and our fabby brushes to create a lovely night sky.

Torn paper for the snow.

White paint on a mini blender through the punchinella 
for a great sky effect.

Now for the 3-D trick...
Use a black pencil along the upper edge on the inside of the aperture.

Snowball fight using the kids from the 
Wee Folk Christmas stamp set.

Tuck him in behind the stencil...

Add a few trees behind the hills 
using the same Black Archival ink pad.

All done.

Oh, hang on! Snow!
We need a little snowfall.

Dib dib dib with white paint and a small Groovi tool.

Hope you like it. 
This was done at the NEC yesterday,

with a bunch of lovely ladies kindly reminding me to take photos

A delightful hour spent in the company of Jilly and friends.

But now I must go to sleep.

Day 3 NEC 
Stand FO1.
Easy to remember!!

love and hugs,


  1. Lovely card using the wee folk. I use my set such a lot. Glad you have had a good day. Caught you on Hochanda this morning using the same stencil. I had seen it but couldn't resist watching it again. Hope you have another good day tomorrow.

  2. And that's me holding the finished artwork. I'm hoping that with this blog and seeing Barbara in action and lots of practice I may get this kind of result. And that's why Clarity gets my vote and custom, because there are no such things as daft questions and queries for us mere mortals striving to create great pieces of art. Thanks Barbara and co. Xx

  3. Another piece of your artwork which I love, wish I could have been there to see you create it

    Hope you sleep well and recharge your batteries for tomorrow

  4. Lovely! but blow! I forgot to order them today so will have to do another one tomorrow ......

    p.s. how's your feet x x

  5. "BLOG!" Ha ha , had a bloody marvellous day met up with lots of friends, and i love this card, smashing. Thanks for sharing, sleep well Love Jilly xx

    1. Hi Jillly, shame we missed seeing you, we were there on Thursday. Had a good day though.x

  6. Such fab artwork. Have a good sleep and a cracking day tomorrow x

  7. Stunning stencil and lovely artwork. The NEC sounds like hard work, but rewarding. carol

  8. Woo hop I'm still awake! Great demo, will give this a try as I have this set and really like the technique. Glad you are having a good time, being busy is not surprising with the excellent Clarity products. I was doing my happy dance when I got home tonight as I had a big box from Clarity with among a few other things a calendar........................signed!!!!!!! My groovi storage folders arrived yesterday as well so that's all neatly organised now too! I do love parcels in the post. Xx

    1. Hello Donna I'm waiting for my post man with my groovi corner punch see you have got your owlet wings on tonight xxx

    2. Yep wings on! Although my tablet battery is probably going to die very soon. Keeps flashing warnings at me. Xx

  9. Evening Brenda, hope you're feeling brave again today. Xx

    Evening Sheila. Xx
    Evening Diane. Xx
    Evening Dot. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, you sound very excited about your Clarity box - enjoy playing with your goodies over the weekend - what better way to spend a wet weekend. Oh and you got your signed calendar too yah! Xxxx

  10. Beautiful Barbara , sleep well xxx

    1. Hello Dorothy
      Hello Diane
      Hello Brenda
      Hugs to all xxx

    2. Hi Sheila
      Have you had a good day? It's been pouring with rain all day here, but I was good and did the housework, hopefully get some craft time in tomorrow. Xxxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Beautiful card and the we folk stamps are so useful .
    It was lovely to meat you at last, everytime I went past the stand you where all working so hard.It's a pitty you didn't find your way over to the people giving free massage's, sure it would have helped your poor neck.I don'envy you doing the rest of the weekend I was shattered after a day and my poor partner was exhausted.
    Hope to meet you again at some point in the future, many thanks for letting my partner take a photo you where very kind.

  12. Hi Barbara
    Lovely artwork and I would have liked to watch you and the ladies in action but I had left to catch my train. I popped by again today to get my Groovi storage and some more plates. You were all very busy and there were lots of positive comments from all the crowd around your stand. There were more visitors today and I am sure that you will be pleased you came to Birmingham. Get a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow.
    Hugs from Chris X

  13. My stencils have just arrived so I'm really looking forward to playing. We are going to visit the NEC on Sunday and we are so excited. Take care. X

  14. Glad you had a good day, hope it was busy with sales and not just onlookers, doubt whether they'd be able to resist all your super products, I know I can't. Loved this card when you did it on Thursday, now I've got the stencils and paints I'll be having a go. Hope you get a good night's sleep, and wish Dave a very Happy 60th Birthday from us all when you speak to him tomorrow. Don't forget to step away from the demos Barbara to give your neck a

  15. Fab artwork! I hope you get a good nights sleep! xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, I must get my geli plate out and have a play again. I hope your neck and feet aren't too sore - how about wearing a pair of comfy slippers tomorrow - I'm sure no one would mind! It looks and sounds like you are having a whale of a time there, doing what you do best and helping people along the way. Take card of yourself.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Dot xxxx
    Hi Brenda and Daisy xxxx
    Hope you are all ok xxxxxx

  17. Stunning artwork, lovely demonstration

  18. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like you've had a very busy and tiring day. Love this artwork and I'm going to give it a go as I've got all of the ingredients. Actually got my Gelli plate a couple of days a go to make some backgrounds for my Groovi work and have to say I was well chuffed with the results! Have a good day today and try to rest your neck and feet! Happy birthday to Dave - shame you're not with him. Love Alison xxx

  19. Oh fab gelli background. Might use inspiration, hugs xx

  20. Hello Barb, oh wow, this is so fabulous, have to give it a try. Love the photo of the ladies, they really look happy. Hope your neck and feet are ok? Take care. Bx

  21. Lovely card and great to see how it was done. Must make a note (smiley face)

    Got to get my thinking cap on

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  22. Lovely! I was at the NEC yesterday but missed this demo; you were doing the Groovi system when I was there. Thank you for signing my calendar. :-) Also enjoyed a chat with Paul about the Groovi system. Bought the Madeline groove plate - I love it! :-) xx

  23. Very, very beautiful. I'd love to know (approximately) how long this took you, an expert, to created this fabulous work of art. The wonderful background suggests an opulent textile pattern.
    Tonbridge Sue

  24. I love these Christmas themed stencils Barbara and this bauble looks great with that sweet little scene within it and backed by that gorgeous gelli plate print. Glad you had another busy but fun day at the show. x

  25. Aww, just seen this ... I bought the stencils but didn't pick up the folder! That will teach me to read the info on the stand more carefully!! The demo was fantastic, so many techniques, and you get a much better idea when you see it in person. I can't wait to do some inking through those Christmas stencils.


  26. Lovely artwork - sorry about your feet! If you get a rolling pin (spare one) and roll your soles over it on the floor it works wonders - even better if you can get a frozen bottle of water to do it, but that might not be practical in the middle of the NEC!!! Susan x

  27. Awesome art! Time to make some money so I can buy some new stuff! Make sure you rest lots and I hope the discomfort and pain eases soon, it's hard work for you Karen x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x