Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pooped of Kent...

Stuck in traffic.

Hi there!
Well, the drive back to Britain was going so well -
Until we got to Aachen.
Then we hit a wall of traffic.
Miles of cars and trucks.

As far as the eye could see.
Behind us, too...

But we had a laugh all the same, taking silly selfies

And giggling at silly jokes...

Mind you, Dave nearly despaired when we reached the incident which was causing the chaos.
Was there a pile up? Nope. 
Wrecked cars strewn over the autobahn? Nope. 
Roadworks ? Nope
Was a car broken down on the fast lane? Nope. 
There were 4 bored looking blokes thinking about putting up a new sign above the motorway. Not actually doing it; had just closed 2 out of 3 lanes, and were trying to decide which way up looked best.
Mein Gott!! Truck drivers were going spare, just pulling over, old cars were over heating, running out of petrol - oh it was all going on. That's the thing about jams like that. The Great Leveller. Doesn't matter whether you're driving a Peugeot or a Porsche - you is goin' nowhere!!!!
I ask you!! Saturday afternoon???
Ah well, nobody was killed. Although a few irate drivers were definitely contemplating murder...
Just bad timing on the signwork.

Good job we were 2 hours ahead of schedule.
Because 2 hours was what it took to find an alternate route.

We caught the train sous la manche with minutes to spare. Waved straight through and last car on.
12 hours door to door. Toooooo long. 

So no blog today,
My mojo's gone away,
My neck is killing me 
And I need a cup of tea.

Tomorrow I look forward to getting back in the groove....

Much love
Barb xxx


  1. Barbara love the silly joke still manage to make me smile you deserve a cuppa and cake rest up loose all that tension tomorrow is another day goodnight sweet dreams lots of clarity hugs xxx

  2. Glad you're all home safe and sound. Night night, sleep tight. Xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    How horrendous for you all especially after your trip had been so great ( apart from the downpour!). It shows real strength of character to come out smiling at the end of it all. I did have a chuckle at the cartoon as well. Have a nice cup of tea and a good night's sleep in your own bed and hopefully you will relaxed in the morning. Love Alison xx

  4. Thank you for letting us know home safe if it was a very bad journey enjoy a nice cup per relax then good night sleep xxx

  5. No blog today? What's this then? Don't you think those workmen should have decided which way the sign was going before they closed the lanes down? Not a brain cell between them, tut! Bet you're glad to have a lovely cuppa and your own bed tonight though. Have a nice long lie in tomorrow, you deserve it x

  6. OK, I blame you now I'm going to bed with the 'no blog today' tune in my head ! I feel your pain, road works around here are a nightmare at the moment - currently quicker to walk home than bus! Glad you are back safe and sound and it's Poldark tomorrow - I just caught up on last week's tonight! so double dose for me this weekend! xx

  7. At least you had good company and were able to keep your humour. I do like your lyrics. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  8. Glad you're all home safe and well after your lovely trip. Hold ups are a pain as we found out last Sunday getting out of London. Be nice to have your own bed tonight and maybe dream of the beautiful places you've visited, the icing on the cake being a lovely lie on in the morning and no work tomorrow. Take care.xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    What a nightmare journey home but at least you had a laugh (cartoon made me chuckle, thanks for that). Well at least your song wasn't , I need a cup of tea and I'm desperate for a wee!!!
    Well I'm glad your home safe and sound, sleep well tonight and have a lie in tomorrow, hopefully your neck will be more comfortable in the morning. I have to ask, did you and your mum fill up the car with supermarket goodies on the way home this time?
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  10. Poor you Barbara my hubby the most calm person I know. Untill he gets behind the wheel then he moans at the lights people on the road just everything and anything he would have been moaning in your situation xx

  11. So sorry the journey was a bit tedious to say the least but nice to see you managed to keep smiling. Tea, bed and sweet dreams. x

  12. Love the joke, that's my kind of humour. Hope you're relaxing with a nice cuppa x

  13. hope you get a good rest and tomorrow the neck is better. the good thing is no one was hurt, hugs xx

  14. Oh my Barbara - at least you all got home safe and sound. Hope you get lots of rest xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Welcome home. What a day you have had. I hope you have a good night tonight and I'm sure your mojo will be back again soon.
    Hugs from Chris X

  16. What do you mean, "no blog today"? This is why your blog wins awards Barbara. You even manage to make a traffic jam entertaining. You made me splutter with laughter at the joke with the bear and the poor little rabbit and your selfie is great. Your mum looks so happy in the back! Glad you all got home safe. 12 hours is long time in a car and all because of silly men. I mean we'd never take that long deciding where to put a stamp or a butterfly on a card now, would we? Not a logical brain cell between them. Expect you'll all Sleep well tonight in your own beds. Xx

  17. You made it back safely and that's all that matters! Tomorrow is another day! Sleep well my friend in the comfort of your own's always good to come home! Love and hugs Xxxx

  18. You made it back safely and that's all that matters! Tomorrow is another day! Sleep well my friend in the comfort of your own's always good to come home! Love and hugs Xxxx

  19. Welcome home! Bummer with the traffic you can never guess...relax tomorrow

  20. Hello Barb, grateful that you are all home safely. Hope you had a relaxing evening and your neck is better. Take care. Bx

  21. Think you need a chill out day to get that neck rested. We went to Aachen a few years ago to the Christmas market never been so cold, had to buy ghluwein to keep us warm !

  22. Hello Barbara

    Sorry to read you had such a lousy end to a lovely few days away. So it is not only the British road menders who don't seem to care about the road users. Power goes to their heads me thinks. Lol. Rest, rest and more rest today (Sunday). Hope you feel brighter soon.


  23. Hello Barbara

    Sorry to read you had such a lousy end to a lovely few days away. So it is not only the British road menders who don't seem to care about the road users. Power goes to their heads me thinks. Lol. Rest, rest and more rest today (Sunday). Hope you feel brighter soon.


  24. What a frustrating journey home you had Barbara but as you so no one was killed or injured so that was good. I think you need a nice relaxing day today to recover.
    Jackie x

  25. !2 hours, door to door is not bad really, especially when it includes a two hour traffic jam. They world is definitely getting smaller, and closer. You might of offended Maria Simms with that joke you know. LOL

  26. How annoying. You certainly need to chill now. A good night's sleep in your own bed will work wonders. xx

  27. Hi Barb,
    Just proves that it's the same the world over. What surprises me is that they only deligated FOUR MEN to try to make a decision, they are probably still there!!!
    Maureen xx

  28. Oh Barbara,
    good you are home again after that lousy trip back....
    The trouble on our highways, streets and roads caused by repair work are immense... especially during holidays. It is incredible. I´m not sure if this is everywhere in Europe but I believe so...
    have a relaxed sunday
    Rolf xxx

  29. Replies
    1. lets try again Hi Barbara hope you had a good rest in your own bed
      thanks for sharing your travels really enjoy them like everything you
      do whatever you blog we are here
      love Dot....x

  30. We had something similar driving back to the airport in Atlanta! The roads are so straight as well so you can see all the traffic for miles! Going to spend this afternoon catching up on the posts I have missed in between doing the washing! XX

  31. Glad you're home safely, despite the nightmare traffic. I'm glad it wasn't caused by a pile up though - always able to see the chink of positivity (annoys the hell out of my other half!) Hope your neck is better after a good nights sleep in your own bed, as I hear you have a date with Poldark tonight!!! X

  32. Hi Barbara, 12 hours in a car, and still laughing, that's some achievement! Bet those guys were enjoying the control of so many people stuck in their traffic jam! Glad you are all home safe and well. Hope you had a good night's sleep and your neck feels a little better today. Funny joke and rhyme :-).
    Glad Donna is back safe and well too
    Love Brenda xx

  33. Love the cartoon! Even made my husband laugh. What a nightmare journey you had but still came up smiling. Maybe they should have got some women to put up sign. It would have been up before the men were out of their van! :-) Hope your neck soon feels better.
    Gayle x

  34. Hi Barbara I am glad you are home safe and sound. It does sound like you had a nightmare journey. When we got stuck in traffic like that we made up a story incorporating all the things abandoned by the side of road like shoes and sandwiches we did have a laugh it is the only way to cope. I hope you get a bit of a rest. Hugs Jackie


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x