Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Japanese Reeds on Canvas. Hotel Lobby Art!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Sorry I am always late with this ‘ere blog nowadays;
once you get behind it’s hard to catch up, innit.
But I still haven’t skipped a day - YET !

Wednesday’s blog is something new,
so how about some beautiful new Fresco paints 

Lay the A5 Clarity Canvas board on the craft mat,
squeeze a small amount of Honey dew and Tango onto the craft mat,
gently roll up the paint onto the brayer,
and then lightly walk the brayer up the canvas board.
Go back for more paint and then walkies.

Add other colours, like  London Bus,  Yellow Submarine 

Blood Orange is fantastic round the edges.
The best way to tackle this paint walking 
is with absolutely no pressure to the brayer.

See how you can get a real antique, gritty look?

Now for something completely different.
How about the Japanese Reed Stencil? The inny...

Lay it on a sheet of copy paper 
and press a Black Archival ink pad all over it.
You need a permanent ink because you are working on acrylic.
If you used a Distress Pad or a dye based ink, 
you could wipe it off with water.
As for cleaning the stencil, nail varnish remover or blending solution works great.

Time for the E-Bosser, or Gran Calibur or whatever embossing machine you use. I must say, I love my E-Bosser.
It is a considered purchase, but effortless or what?!?

And in the name of my CARD 
Creative Artistic Research & Development
(just made it up)
I am going to potentially sacrifice my Ebosser.
If it breaks it breaks, and you know not to do what I did!

Anyway. lay the stencil inky side down on the acrylic canvas.
Now for the trick, I am going to run the canvas through the machine - no hands!

Here’s the sandwich:

A plate
copy paper
stencil inky side down
copy paper
C plate
D plate


Ink transfers to canvas board beautifully and is dry within minutes.
Did several, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

What a result! In the back of the net!!!

Anyway, settling down again,
replace the stencil, and let’s bring out the moon....

Position the other part of the stencil 
where you would like to see the moon.

Squirt a little little amount of Snowflake Fresco Paint on the blending mat, 
dab the Blending tool into it and then dab dab dab your moon.
The longer you dab, the whiter your moon will get.
Less paint more dabbing is best.

Doesn’t this remind you of a print you’d find in a hotel lobby?
Maybe if all else fails, I could start up a little 
Mini Canvas for Hotel Lobbies business.
But imagine if a chain like The Doubletree said “we want 5,000 with the Japanese Reeds - and make it snappy!”
Only one word springs to mind...

DAVE !!!

I brayered the edges of the board with a brayer loaded 
with Yellow Submarine.

If you look carefully, you can see that the reeds are actually indented in the canvas board.
How cool is that?!

I was pretty chuffed when the canvas went through the machine, 
I can tell you!
Now didn’t that little trick open up a thousand possibilities...

You wait, all the experts will be telling me they’ve been doing it for years. I’ve never seen it anywhere though.

If you haven’t started collecting the Fresco Paints yet, be aware when you buy them that some are opaque and some are translucent.
Most of the bright colours I used here were translucent.
We stock the whole range now. 
Snowflake is a must have; just believe me.

We’ve just launched a Spring Sale on the Website 
which runs until midnight Sunday, 29th March.
Pop over and check out the offers ;
loads of lovely stamps and stencils!

much love,


  1. Liebe Barbara, vielen Dank für Deine immer wieder tollen Ideen.
    Schön, dass Du gestern die Folie noch einmal ins Spiel gebracht hast.
    Ich hatte die Technik völlig vergessen.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I like , and an another sale temptation to give into

  3. I knew there was something else I was going to need. This looks like a really great technique, although I might have to wait until I have finally evicted my yearly influx of bees in my craft room. If you get a call for 5000 copies you might have to call the rest of us to do our bit. xxx Maggie

  4. So after several attempts I managed to get a post on here From my Currently not too popular IPad Mini !!! but the comment ended up on your You Tube Blog ????? I love Technology but it Hates me?

  5. Gorgeous and a great idea. And as for your sale... Well I may have just outspent my craft purchasing budget this month on new stencils! Oops!
    Thanks as ever for your inspirational blog.
    Catherine x

  6. Hello Barbara

    Love the technique and don't worry about being late to blog. The anticipation.............! Lol.


  7. Hi Barbara
    How clever and now I have become tempted by the fresco paints,what are you doing to me?

  8. Hello Barbara

    Love the technique and don't worry about being late to blog. The anticipation.............! Lol.


  9. Hi Barbara, wow, what a brilliant neat trick....I know what I am going to be doing tomorrow...and the paints look cool too...I must start collecting them...just checked out the website and lots to temp us with in the sale...thanks.......hope you are relaxing now...hugs...xx

  10. Very clever, brave you, risking all in the course of research and development. I bought a few of the paints at the show, really wanted them all but got to be patient. Still got to get round to trying them. xx

  11. Great technique, I love it, it looks amazing.The list of things I want to try is getting longer and longer now. x

  12. It's looks just fab! Stop tempting me with all these new paints! Can't buy them till I've moved house and my life isn't in a packing box LOL xxx
    Love it !
    much love as ever
    kim xx

  13. this is pretty cool. it is definitely worth a try. looks soooooo good. love the shades you have used here. probably have none of them bar snowflake as they are not the type of colours i tend to go for. but this has definitely opened up possibilities xx

  14. Hello Barb. Oh this is so lovely. Far too arty for any hotel. Would look great on my living room wall though! Clever you with the ebosser - wouldn't live without mine now. xx Margaret Col.

  15. It's really lovely and the reeds are gorgeous. What a clever lady you are.xx

  16. This is wonderful I love it and I really like that stencil too
    Jackie x

  17. Amazing, lost me half way through but always was a slow learner. Will go back and start again

  18. This is lovely! Great demo, been looking at these paints for a while now so maybe the sale is just at the right time! XX

  19. Glad you tried it, save my e Bosser. It's beautiful Barbara

  20. Wow - love this! Sadly I don't have an ebosser, but maybe it would work if you dabbed the black ink through the stencil with a sponge? Will be taking a look at the sale goodies too - thank you! Susan x

    1. Yes, that would work. It wouldn't be embedded, but you could certainly get the stencil shape x

  21. Love the idea; will try it with other products already in my stash and see how they turn out. Need to use up some of my existing stuff before adding to it; two and a bit bedrooms, part of the kitchen for the wet stuff and a bit of the conservatory all taken up by craft products - and I know where it all is!! ;~]

  22. Great idea Barbara - the results are lovely. Will give it a try......when I get time! Lots to do at the moment though looking forward to playing with my canvasses. xx

  23. hi Barbara

    Today's canvas is wonderful and I am the proud owner of most of the ingredients. Looks like no h*******rk tomorrow either. I spent most of today with distress ink and cling film after yesterday's blog. It's a good job I have an understanding hubby. It's his birthday tomorrow so I must find time to cook him something special.
    Hugs from Chris X

  24. Wow Barbara stunning canvas lovey offers too I have a e bosser they fantastic no turning handles anymore will have to try a canvas happy crafting xxx

  25. I really need to be brave enough to use the canvas boards I purchased at Christmas.would so love an e bosser but will have to make do with the grand calibur!

  26. Hi Barbara, really like the colours you've used and you are very brave to test our the ebosser. What a brilliant result you got. Love my ebosser but banned from using it due to my surgery - no lifting twisting or stretching- feeling very frustrated. Thank you for a crafting fix. Xx

  27. Wonderful! Fab new technique too! I am off to look at the sale! xxx

  28. This canvas is beautiful Barbara and the embossing with the stencil worked a treat. I have a Grand Calibur and it might work in there if you used the raspberry plate which is a lot thinner and is used with thicker things like embossing folders so it's a possibility. x

    1. Pat can you let meknow how you get on if you try the GC & Raspberry plate, whole idea looks good so would like to try, but you can be my guinea pig, if OK then I will have a go. Await your answer.

  29. Hi Barbara. What a great technique. I love the colours, they are beautiful, and the finished piece. You have my sympathy as trying to catch up is b....y hard isn't it! Take care.

  30. Hello Barb, what a fab idea/technique, something to try. Brilliant mix of colours, very autumnal, which is what it feels like this morning. It is hard to catch up when you get behind, but you never fail us Barb. Just take care of yourself. Bx

  31. Morning Barb,

    WOW! What a beauty and what a fabulous technique, stunning work, I would love to try it but would still be worried in case my E-Bosser broke lol!
    Have a great day and thank you for always bringing a smile to my face.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  32. Beautiful art work Barbara , love it !!
    Thanks for the tutorial , always so helpful .
    Don't try to catch up......just live each day always inspire!

  33. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant! Love it! Thank you for taking the risk with your eBosser! I got the sandwiches wrong in mine a while ago and really panicked when things got well and truly wedged! When I phoned up to see about it, I was told to bang the plates with a hammer ( put a towel or something over the plates to protect them) ! It took a while but it worked. Might come in handy again. Anyway, I have the canvas, I have the stencil, I have the ink and the brayer, all I need now are the paints!!! As Maggie says if you get the order for 5000, you might be putting a call out to us! Off to website to look for the paints now. Love Alison xx

  34. This is absolutely beautiful Barbara, I love those colours. Off to have a look at the 40% off items now. Pat x

  35. wow Barbara, so atmospheric! I know what you were hoping. You wanted your ebosser to break using this technique, as you wanted to replace it with the newer version!

  36. Stunning artwork Barbara, you constantly inspire x

  37. Hi Barbara, absolutely stunning!

  38. Hi Barbara. Lovely artwork, especially the colours and the gritty look you achieved. It beats most of the hotel artwork I've seen. I've been resisting the canvases, telling myself I'm not an artist, but I know I'll give in. I'm now trying to decide which of the offers I really need. Decisions, decisions! x

  39. Love it Barbara something else to try but along it look like yours is another thing ah well trying is always fun xxxxxxxthank you xxxxjune horrocks xx

  40. Hi Barbara
    Well I'm all behind too by a day, been up to aberdeen to look at the university again and got back quite late and in need of my bed! I ergot a couple do days worth of blog to catch up on but as I'm feeling rather lazy today I don't mind.
    This is fabulous Barbara and I had to chuckle to myself again over the names of the paints - aren't they wonderful! You only stock things with amazing names! I too will wait for the outcome of the grande caliber test, what have you started! I think you are probably the first with this technique , only stamps away Ally would be as mad! (That's a compliment honest!) . Count me in on the hotel order too, we could have a production line going!
    Right must go and check out Tuesdays you tube.
    Take are
    Love Diane xxx

  41. Hi Barbara, fabulous piece of artwork. Would look good on anyone's wall. Kind regards Joanne K x

  42. Lovely, does look very hotel lobbyish. I have yet to start on gelli plate, never mind canvas. Although I do love the canvas, may just skip the gelli for the short term. Wish I had a Dave, they do seem to come in handy :)


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x