Thursday, 26 March 2015

Alcohol ink and Butterflies...

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, so I thought I’d play catch up and do something I really really love :

Laminated Alcohol Inkwork.

Open up a laminating pouch - you will be working on the inside.
Take a felt piece and attach it to a blending tool.

or a Clarity mount with some Velcro.

Drip some Juniper Alcohol Ink around the laminate, 
like so:

Get a new felt and add Stonewashed.

When you go back over the same colour with the same colour, dabbing lightly, look what happens:

Next try a darker colour.
I went with Stream.

By dabbing back in over the other colours, see how you can
create the most amazing cloud formations? 

The hardest thing is knowing when to stop.
I think I need a tiny amount of Salmon, a lovely peach colour, 
just to add that celestial touch.

Now it’s time to add a graphic.
Sandwich a sheet of the large Gelli Card in the laminating pouch and let’s check out the positioning.

Stamp the large butterfly from the Butterfly Tree stampset 
into the opening, using Cornflower Blue.

Then add an uplifting word, like Hope.

Add a tiny butterfly, for depth.

Colour in the butterfly roughly
with peach and blue pencils.

Close the pouch, sandwiching the white butterfly card 
exactly where you want it to be sealed in.


Trim back to a good size.
You can trim right back 
and not worry about the pouched splitting open nowadays.

Doesn’t this look lovely?
I love making laminated pictures with alcohol ink!

How else could you get that kind of depth and magical splash?

Here are 2 sets of alcohol bottles.
Sorry I picked colours from each set to use;
wasn’t paying attention.
Ah well, we need them all, don’t we?!

Have fun!

Much love,


  1. Barbara - you make this look so easy! I did this with you on a workshop back in 2013 at Little Baddow day 2 when you were on your own and Dave did a wonderful job washing up all the brayers! - I remember how you laughed at my result when putting it through the laminator - I had wanted to create a brown path through the flowers - instead it looked a bit of a mess! LOL
    Now I have the inks I brave enough to give it another go!!!
    Much Love
    Kim x


    1. লাব্লি আক্তার ঢাকা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতে হবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open --------------------?

      সপ্না রানী যশোর পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ১০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open--------------------- ?

      পারবতি ঘোষ কুষ্টিয়া পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৩০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open --------------------?

      মুক্তা আক্তার মীম ঢাকা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৫০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open------------------------?

      দিপালি মিরজা খুলনা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৪০টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open---------------------------?

      হিরা আক্তার যশোর পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open-------------------------?

      জরনা বেগম কুষ্টিয়া পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open------------------------ ?

      রত্না আক্তার রানী টাঙ্গাইল পতিতা লয় ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ১০টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open----------------------- ?

      সারমিন সীমা বরি সাল বাড়ি ঢাকা থাকে সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ২০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকারপরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর=chick here open--------------------------?

      তানিয়া কুষ্টিয়া দউলদিয়া পতিতা লয় ঢাকা ভার্সিটি ফোন সেক্স করতে চাইলে ঘণ্টা ৪০ টাকা রিয়েল সেক্স করতে চাইলে ফোনে টাকার পরিমান যেনে নিতেহবে ফোন নম্বর =chick here open----------------------?

  2. Lovely Barbara. I did a card last week using a laminate sheet and distress re-inkers to make a stained glass effect. Isn't it fun to play with all these types of ink. Hugs x

  3. Oooo I have all the ingredients, so no excuses, I must try this, looks gorgeous x

  4. Nice technique. Lovely colours too. I remember getting alcohol inks after your demo with the bunnies and acetate. Never got round to getting the bunnies but i might try this with the butterflies. I always thought the pouch would split. Learn something new every day :)

  5. I have ingredients but pack ready for move so have to put on todo list when get to new home and get craft room set up love joy xxx

  6. das ist so eine schöne Karte und gibt wirklich Hoffnung in dieser irren Zeit, wo so viel schreckliches passiert und so viele Unschuldige Menschen leiden müssen....danke Barbara....diese Karte tröstet mich sehr.....

  7. Hi Barb,
    This is just beautiful.
    Maureen x

  8. Hello Barbara

    Another interesting technique!


  9. Hello Barbara

    Another interesting technique!


  10. Wow Barbara looks stunning xxx

  11. Lovely! Really like this idea so will have o give it a try! Xx

  12. I have no idea what a laminating pouch is . This would be a great video . Just can't picture it . Some of us out here maybe new , like me way over here in virginia USA

    1. If you want to encase a sign or document in plastic, you put it in a laminating pouch or pocket and run it through a heat laminator.

  13. Wow! Barb, stunning work here, love the effect the alcohol inks give, must try it with other media/sprays, never thought of using laminate pouches but I will now lol!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Well I looked up laminating pouches but still can't visualize this . Gosh it would be great if I could get a little more info .

  15. Beautiful alcohol ink effects Barbara, I love using them. Pat x

  16. This is so effective and creates a fab setting for the butterflies. I have tried this technique but think I need to play a little bit more to get to your standard xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Great technique the alcohol inks are brilliant and some really nice colours.

  18. Not tried this but have not got a laminator either. Looks brilliant and I love the finished effect. xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Ooh another lovely technique to try. Hubby bought a laminator years ago and I don't think he has ever used it. I will dust it off and have a go. Another lovely setting for the wee fairies.
    Hugs from Chris x

    1. That's perfect! Thank you. I will do this on telly next time with the fairies and the new treehouse stamp! X

  20. Hi,
    I love this technique, I need to pull out the laminator and inks, very beautiful.... Amazing, cool,,,,,,good job!

  21. This is beautiful Barbara and would never have thought of doing this with a laminator but it works so well. x

  22. This is one technique I have just not got to grips with, despite one workshop and one retreat. i seem to have a blind spot with this, so it is on my list to sort out this year. Your results, and everyone else's are so lovely and delicate. xxx Maggie

  23. What a super picture Barbara I love how the ink looks like clouds amazing
    Jackie x

  24. Lovely Barbara, I really should dust down my laminator and give this ago again. xx

  25. Hi Barbara, Love this technique, must try it. It's beautiful. Have a laminator, just hope I have the colours in the alcohol inks. xx

  26. Lovely effect with the butterflies and nice colours. Coincidence, I was actually using alcohol inks today for the first time for ages. Thanks for the sale, I've enjoyed a little indulgence today in things I didn't know I needed. Carol

  27. Hi Barbara
    Wow this is so effective, love the clouds you have achieved with this, must dust off the laminator and give it a go. Now where did I put those laminating pouches....!
    Thank you for sharing
    Love Diane xxxx
    Ps I love this stamp too! Xxx

  28. Hi Barb, what a beautiful image, the colours are such a lovely combination. I have the stamp set on my wish list. Will have to see what else I can use, and lucky me, Hubz brought home 2 packs of laminating pouches that he found in an old drawer at work. Have a great day all. Bx

  29. It's beautiful Barbara, I love that effect, so arty xxx

  30. It's really pretty Barbara I will dust our laminator and have a go Ming you I used guilding flakes for the first time yesterday so I'd say I'm a bit behind the times love you June horrocks xxxxxxx

  31. Hi Barb,
    This certainly gives a lovely look to the artwork. Really like the technique although haven't tried it as I've only got the Distress Reinkers and can't really afford to get the alcohol inks as I've just bought the fresco paints from yesterday. One day perhaps! Love Alison xx

  32. Wow - amazing effect! I think I've seen you do something similar before, but have never had a go myself. So many techniques, so little time..... Susan x

  33. Hi Barbara, this is beautiful. I had been wondering about a laminator for something else, maybe I really I do need one! Hadn't realised I missed this blog yesterday, think I may have missed the day before too! Better go see Love Brenda xx


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

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