Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ever let the fancy roam....with a little Shaving Foam...

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, 
so here’s a blue Shaving foam piece which I want to adapt...

I’ve done a short You Tube Video on how to make cool shaving foam backgrounds. I’ll put the link at the end for you, just in case you’ve forgotten how it goes...

But let’s carry on with this pic, shall we?

I just had to use my lad again. I LOVE this stamp!

There’s not much to say here really.
I guess the secret is to stare until you see something....

There they are! Rolling hills and a winding river!
Well, let’s brush the edges with some Rusty Hinge ink first.

Yes, I think that make the blue part drop back, don’t you?

Ahh, discovery time! 
Tumbled Glass Distress ink is great for lifting darker colours, 
like Rusty Hinge. 
I knew Squeezed Lemonade did that, but that’s worth knowing!

A black Micron Pen will define what I see in my head.

Now all I have to do is use the Spectrum Noir Polychromos 
Pencils, to bring out the contours.
5 tins of pencils for the price of 4...

See the cliffs yet?

And the river?

We’re looking down a craggy hill towards the winding river...

Let’s add Tumbled Glass to the edges, to make them greener.

Went back round with Faded Jeans next.
Sounds like a weird marathon!

I could spend at least another hour here, by the river, adding shade and light with the pencils.
But I must press on.

Go round the edges again, with a black Sharpie Pen and a ruler.
Then mount on White 8" x 8" Square card.

Happy with that.

Off he flies again.
Ever let the fancy roam...

And off fly I again!
So I really must go pack. 
I am off to Germany with my Mum for a few days. 
We go every year.
Christmas markets, chat chat chat -  
Mother-Daughter time.
Baden-Baden this year.

So for the next few days I shall put my Travel Blog Hat on, 
and take you with me, if I may?
We’re driving, so plenty of room for all that lovely German Wurst and Lebkuchen and Gl├╝hwein on the way home!

much love,


  1. Beautiful Barbara...just beautiful - I too love this stamp x

    Have a wonderful time at the German Christmas Markets - look forward to the blogs - drive carefully and safely.

    Much love
    Kim x

  2. Wow, this was really a cool transformation, you do work yoir Magic...I watched your US show again, fantastic! Enjoy your trip to Baden Baden.

  3. Really cool techniques there Barbara. When I looked at it I saw a heron like bird with the dark bit at the very top for the top of its head. It's even got an eye in the right place. I've been to Baden Baden many years ago when I lived in Roermond just over the Netherlands border. Beautiful place! Enjoy!

  4. Hello Barb, this is just amazing, love the end result, your ability to transform a simple background into a beautiful piece of art is just incredible. Have a wonderful and safe trip, enjoy your time with your Mum, at the Christmas markets. Bx

  5. Hello Barbara,

    I have been without my computer for a while, so I am playing 'catch-up'.

    Enjoy your trip with your Mum. Nothing like a bit of mother/daughter time.

    Love, Roz.x

  6. It is a great stamp goes so well with shaving foam technique, have a great few days away with your mum give her my love , happy shopping xxx

  7. Stunning art Barbara, happy travels!

  8. Hi Barb,
    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. This is really lovely. I love the way you look at a background and then can visualise a scene from it and then create it. Have a wonderful few days away with your mum - treasure every minute. I really miss being able to do that. Love Alison xxx

  9. Hi Barbara. I love it, your talent for seeing and then defining pictures like this is fabulous! Have a wonderful time with your Mum. Me and my beautiful daughter spent the day last Friday at Bath looking around the Christmas market, it is so good to have time with each other isn't it : ) Wishing you both safe travels. I am looking forward to seeing the photos. Take care.

  10. That took my breath away as the scene unfolded... Absolutely love it! I have that stamp and use it lots... Have a great few days away with your Mum. xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    You have such a wonderful eye (well two really) and the end results are always incredible.
    Enjoy time with your mam at the Christmas Market, it's amazing how - even if you see your daughter every day like I do - we never have time to talk. Life, children, her work all seem to take over so a quick meal out during her lunch time is usually all we manage. Enjoy, and have a safe journey xx.

  12. Wow you've made a scene out of nothing ! Have a good break with your Mum. Xx

  13. Hi Barbara what a great scene and it's fantastic to see it unfold before our eyes. Thank you for sharing. I spoke to your lovely lady on the phone yesterday (is it Jan?). She was really helpful and so friendly. Because you mention people in your blog it's like we know them already. Have a wonderful time with your mum and keep safe in this stormy weather. Take care love Diane xxx

  14. Love to come to Germany with you and mum looking forward to the blog have a good time love June xxxxx

  15. Fabulous Barbara!! Once I've got Christmas sorted the shaving foam and Gelli plate are definitely coming out to play. Have a brilliant time in Germany, any room in the back for a little one? Look forward to hearing all about it. xx

  16. Beautiful piece of artwork with my favourite stamp, I could see the river & bridge, but you did better seeing cliffs & hills, well done. We went Christmas Markets in Berlin for my hubby' s 60th. Have a super time with your Mum make the most of the mulled wine to keep warm. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.xx

  17. I think I couldn´t believe what I read here, Barbara, I was visiting the Christmas market in Baden-Baden last weekend!!!
    Macaroons from Saales/France with apple/cinnamon were fantastic. You´ll get them at a hut where the christmas masket- which is built in a huge square- leads over to the pedestrian zone. Salami from Italy with mushrooms are delicious you´ll find it by strolling around the square...

    So we missed us because of choosing different weekends... Have a lot of fun with your mother in Baden-Baden.

    By the way the card is beautiful ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  18. Hello Barbara. How I envy you. Baden-Baden at Xmas time is really special. You will have special moments with your Mum I'm sure. Mine wll have to make do with some mulled wine and mince pies in front of our Aga. Not a bad way to spend time together after all. Love the artwork. That stamp manages to be the one to use just about all the time. Still haven't had a play with shaving foam but each time I see you use it, I get more and more determined. One day. Drive carefully and hope the weather is kind. xx Margaret Col.

  19. The 'shaving foam' is glorious, took me ages to find the rolling hills. Loved it finished though, I was off flying into a dream with the boy. Thank you Barb.

  20. Hi Barbara,
    How do you see these images? Brilliant artwork, love what you've done with the foam background, its a technique I love doing.
    I've used it for my Christmas cards, simple, quick and always a great result.
    Have a fun and safe trip with your mum.
    take care,
    Jackie, x

  21. This print looks gorgeous after you played with it. I can also see a brindle over the river by the Boys feet. xx I hope you and your Mam have a lovely time . xxx

  22. Hi Barbara, you are so brilliant at doing these, seeing something in nothing and knowing exactly what contours to draw in and where to ink to add depth and enhance what's there, I love it. I think if I tried I would end up with a plate of spaghetti!!!! I'm trying to learn from you by comparing the finished artwork to the original scrap piece. Another box of scrap I need to start, shaving foam, looks like fun.

    I would love to see your photos and read your stories of your time away in Germany. Christmas markets didn't come here until after I got housebound so I don't know what they are.

    It's SNOWING, giant fluffy flakes :-) :-(
    :-) because I love to watch it falling and so does Daisy. She loves to sit on a chair looking out the glass of the backdoor at the leaves swirling into the corner. I think she thinks they are some kind of bird or small creature! She even manages to occasionally persuade me to put a coat on and sit at the back doorstep with her while she investigates!!! She doesn't like going out and needs me to protect her! I like to take advantage of her asking out to help her learn going out is ok, I worry that she's picked up from me that going out is scary! Today she doesn't know where to look, literally, she thinks the sky is full of white falling leaves!!!
    :-( because I am waiting on a food shop and a replacement for a previous order of a bookcase that was damaged in the box but so far the road here looks ok. It's for the craft room and currently the floor has stuff lying all over it plus the other bookcase which can't go into it's spot until this one has, and I've workmen coming tomorrow morning to finish off a bit of work to the new window in that room!!!!
    I also bought a gaming beanbag for the craft room. It's brilliant, cosy and comfy and supports me where I need it without putting pressure on any joints. I think I'll be using it all the time I am up, not just for crafting. The only problem is I haven't worked out yet how to get up out of it!!!!! My usual way doesn't work!!!!!

    I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy quality time with your mum
    Love Brenda xx

  23. I love how you see something in a random piece of background art and can bring it to life enabling us all to see your vision too....... Brilliant!
    Have a super time in Germany and yes please I'd love to travel along with you
    Jackie x

  24. Oh! No Barbara.......not shaving foam again......

    My husband's grown a beard of late
    (which makes up for his shiny pate)
    The reason why this stubble has grown
    He can never find his shaving foam!!!
    When all the tantrums have abated
    His whiskery face looking quite deflated
    I quickly jump in to have my say....
    Don't blame me....blame Barbara Gray!!!
    Then quickly I exit stage left laughing...
    Up to the junk room to do some crafting....
    What's it today.....brushes or brayers
    No....lovely, foamy, background layers!

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Have a good road trip both. x x x

    1. This is so much fun - my OH has got a bit more stubbly of late too!!!

    2. Oh hahaha! This is brilliant! Comedy Gold! Thank you sooo much for the poem! Xxxx

    3. This is so funny, you are so clever, thank you for the laugh xx

    4. So funny : ) Thank you for sharing this brilliant poem, you clever lady. Take care.

    5. Oh that's really good had a proper laugh thanks for sharing x

  25. A lovley piece art your brilliantly talented have a fabulous time away with your mum xxx

  26. Gorgeous picture that really draws you in! So clever! Have a lovely time in Germany with your Mum! xxx

  27. This was so helpful to a newbie like me . . I see a snowman face on the upper left corner ,just as clear as a bell . . What a beautiful piece . have a joy filled days with your mom

  28. Absolutely delighted - I could see the cliffs, river etc before the pen went in! First time for me to see where it was going. This is thanks to all your teaching. Love the finished artwork. I am having a go as I have the boy - he is so, so lovely. Have a great trip and enjoy buying and the alcohol. I am more looking forward to New Year as I have to work over Christmas. Still, I may get chance to conjure up some new ideas from your great instruction.
    Best wishes

  29. So clever - I can never see scenery in my backgrounds, but maybe I need to look for longer!!! The trick with the pencils and the penned outlines is so cool too. Enjoy your weekend with your mum, Susan x

  30. Amazing how you made that come to life. I could see a river but that was about it. Enjoy your trip with your mum. Lovely to spend that time together. xx

  31. The card today is like a hidden picture as I had no idea what you could see until you outlined the hills and river with the pen. Then when I looked back at the first one it was obvious where they were. Hope you have a great time away with your Mum. XX

  32. it's awesome what you made out of that print.
    guete Reise und viel spass, hugs xx

  33. Oh that's amazing! I know it has already been said, but that transformation was brilliant....

    I hope you have a fantastic time back home!
    XX Cj

  34. A real piece of artwork. Love the micron pen work and the build up of colours, stunning. Anne x

  35. Oh Barbara you make things look so easy! Brilliant work! Enjoy your trip with your mum x

  36. I love the way you do that, so visionary. I love Baden-Baden too. Have a great time with your Mum; wish I still had mine with us.

  37. Simply fabulous Barbara. It reminds me of the walks I go with my son along the River Ayr Gorge. I have been going to the German Market for about 20 years now...sadly it is only the one in Edinburgh and not in Germany. Have a wonderful time with your mum. xx

  38. Wish I was going to the Christmas markets, I love them, brilliant atmosphere. I love the things you can buy, so beautifully crafted. Have a lovely time with your mum, and I shall have to make do with visiting by proxy, your blog!! x

  39. I'm constantly amazed when you take a shaving foamed piece of card and turn it into an incredible work of art. It's my favourite stamp too and I've used it many times. Love your work and inspirational instructions. Enjoy your trip.

  40. Fabulous...I wish my mind worked like yours , have a lovely weekend with your Mum, wish I still had mine miss her sooo much xxx

  41. Dead envious you are going to the Christmas markets, it's been on my bucket list for years. Love the background, but I still can't warm to the little boy the way you have, so I would substitute a tree or something.

  42. Beautiful picture. I am always amazed at the pictures you can see in shaving foam results. I try to do that with my gelli prints but I can never see things like that. You are a genius.

  43. Gorgeous background Barbara. I love the ink with the shaving foam, it gives it a totally different look. Have a great time in Germany. Please eat some garlic mushrooms for me. I used to love those at the fests.......and the waffles......and the gluhwein.......and the bratties...........everything really! lol. x

  44. Lovely technique very cool, I wish I had your head for designs Barbara,love it!

  45. This is really clever Barbara, and what a fantastic eye you have to be able to see all that in that random pattern, and the way you have drawn it out with some shading and clever use of colour is phenomenal. Hope you have a great time in Germany. x

  46. I have to say that the end result is amazing. In all honesty if I had created the shaving foam background there would be a good chance I would of put it to one side (probably the bin). Your creativity never fails to amaze me.


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x