Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge for MND / ALS

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Happy Sunday!
Well, what a morning!

Grace had the icy cool idea to nominate her Mum 
for the 
ASL/ Motor Neurone Disease Ice-Bucket Challenge.
So this morning, Dave trundled off to the DIY, because he decided the bucket we had was too small, and we needed more ice.

Our friend Gill was in charge of the camera, 
and Romeo was also intent on getting in on the act. 
Like I can’t see him behind me...
Oh, and the cat, too.

Afterwards, I asked, 
“Why did you go so slowly???”
to which Dave replied, 
“I didn’t want to make dents in your head with the ice-cubes!’

Do we believe him? 
As we were going indoors, I did hear him say to a mate, who is laying the garden path for us, 
“Now there’s something you don’t get to do very often.”

I also opened a Just Giving Page last night. 
Whilst it is vital to raise awareness of this horrible, debilitating disease, if I can raise a few pounds to help the cause, 
then even better. 

Many of you have already made a donation. Thank you.
Here is the link to my MND Just Giving Page. 
Hope you can help us raise our contribution.

And now to the important part.
I challenge:

to do the same.

The Entire Claritystamp Design Team.
I read the rule book on nominations, 
and nowhere does it say you can only nominate 3.
Let’s do this thing!
And just in case you forgot who you are:

Paul Church
Sam Crowe
Lynne Hammond
Dee Paramour
Jane Telford
Jo Rice
Maria Simms
Sylvia Marshall
Julie Owens
Kirsty Goodwill
Kelly Ketteringham
Mandy Branston
Elaine Milner
Sally Anne Hanes
Janet Pring
 Linda Spencer
Ann Rascenet-Cole

You all have 24 hours to get it together.
Good job it’s a Bank Holiday Monday!!

lots of love,




  2. Great video Barbara. Dave really looked like he was enjoying himself! Jason has accepted your challenge on my behalf and is filling the freezer up with ice cubes as I type! x

    1. And why aren't you doing it Lynne?

    2. I mean he's accepted for me to do it! lol x

  3. Well done Barbara, what a star :)

  4. Brilliant Barbara!!! Oh Dave you did pour it a bit slowly didn't you!!! LOL

    Well done - will look forward to the DT team and C&C crew now!!!

    Much much Love

    Kim xx

  5. Morning. Well done Barbara. Donation to follow.xx Cheers Fi

  6. Congratulations and well done. It's wonderful that you are taking part, raising awareness and donations.xxxxxxx

  7. Did I see a mischievous twinkle of delight in Dave's eyes...? What a rude awakening for a Sunday morning! Well done, Barb! Hold on.... What can I hear? Could it be the howls of anguish of your design team and the C&C nominees.....?!!! lol xxxxxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    What a trooper, and Dave looked as though he was enjoying himself too much!! Hope the people you nominated post theirs. x

  9. Very well done Barbara, I shall make a donation next week when I get paid. Hope Romeo got far enough away ;-) xx

  10. Well done Barbara....but I wasn't expecting that at the end!!!

  11. That looked very cold Barbara! You'll have to get someone to nominate Dave now! Well done you for doing that. Xxx

  12. Well done Barb you got it done ! Fantastic x... Now Please visit Barb's Just Giving page...Thanks !

  13. So fantastic of you Barb !! Well done !!

    hugs to all,

    Diane xx

  14. That looked very cold so well done you! I bet the design team are thrilled that you nominated them too! Best get it done while the sun is shining as the weather report isn't looking too good for tomorrow.

  15. Well done that was mean dave did that so slowly that was one way if being woken up on a Sunday morning cannot wait to see the others doing there's x

  16. Brilliant - well done Barbara........xx

  17. Barbara, I have a sneaky feeling Dave poured very slowly because he was actually enjoying himself !! You should have nominated him too !! Well Done though, what a brave cookie you are :) xx

  18. Well done Barbara, that Looks really cold.. For such a good reason !!! xxx

  19. Tah Dah! Indeed! Well done. Xx

  20. Well Done Barbara, and what can I say....Thanks....looks like I am on for a fun afternoon....x x

  21. That looked cold! Dave looks like he's having fun. I will be donating later. Well done Barbara. XX

  22. Beautifully done, Barbara. I hope we are all going to see your nominees doing their bit, while we all donate. xx Maggie

  23. Oh wow,love that...I am now looking forward to seeing all your nominees do the sam...Well done

  24. Congratulations Barbara, what a fantastic thing to. A bit mean of Dave to pour the iced water slowly! I think he was really enjoying himself!!! xx

  25. Well done to you Barbara. Dave seems to have had a great time doing it very slowly..... Wish we got a you tube with all the Clarity team....That can be fun!!!!! Enjoy your Sunday now with a hot drink.
    Laurence xx

  26. What a trooper Barbara, and a great cause to do it for. I think Dave poured so slowly because he was enjoying it so much. I look forward to your nominees taking the challenge too. x

  27. Well that's my afternoon sorted then - Cheers for that Barb!! Well done though - all for a good cause!

  28. Well done Barbara. I always thought you were one cool lady and now you've proved it! Dave certainly seemed to enjoy his part of the challenge, I can't think why?!

  29. Gee, thanks Barbara! So tomorrow morning, in Swindon Matt Kent will be throwing ice water all over me whilst his Dad, Mark Kent videos the entire soaking! Xxxx congratulations Barbara xxxx
    I will not let my Teamies down! Xxxx

  30. Boy, if I wasn't cold already that has really made me shiver! Well done you for nominating so many people who hopefully will make a big difference with their fundraising - MND is such a terrible disease. Susan x

  31. Well done, it looked extremely uncomfortable :( Hope you get lots of lovely money for the charity :D Gay x

  32. We'll done !
    Love the way Romeo was eagerly watching!

  33. Brilliant. Made me feel very cold though just keeping fingers crossed that my kids don't get nominated because I know who will be next on list. I will donate though. Well done Barbara, sure you will raise lots of money. xx

  34. Wow you are one brave lady, for such a good cause. Good job

  35. Absolutely brilliant, good for you Barbara! And for such a great charity. Excellent nominations too by the way!

  36. You Little Bugger!!!!! Well done Barbara. I accept I suppose!!!! xxx OK it is a really good cause. xx And Dave yes you did do that a little slow and did seem to really enjoy it. Mmmmm wonder if you will get any nominations?????

  37. Well done, Barbara, you made me smile - just waiting on being nominated by my kids :) I have jumped out of an airplane to raise money for MDN - why didn't I think of this way before! It's affected our family unfortunately and I know that the funds raised will be gratefully received.

  38. well done Barbara, that was great. Dave enjoyed it a bit too much I think :-D

  39. Well done Barbara - and all while wearing a smile! Could not believe how much ice Dave put into the bucket lol. Mike and I will definitely be doing a donation to your page. Love to all from Helen and Mike xxx

  40. Well done Barbara hope you get loads of donations love June xxx

  41. I think that Dave enjoyed that just a little too much and poured a little too slowly!!!!

  42. Well done Barb, I am glad I'm not in your DT right now lol! Be good if they could all get together to do it. I think Dave enjoyed that more than you lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  43. that must have been so cold! i don't think i could have done that! well done, hugs xx

  44. Well done Barbara and for nominating everyone else brrrrrrr warm crafting hugs xxx

  45. Well done Barb, I have been nominated too and so has Hubz. Come on all! My Dad died from MND. We are all rooting for those that will do this. Bx

  46. We've topped £1,000.00 ! How good is that? Thank you.

  47. Hi Barbara. You are a star, well done for accepting the challenge , and great nominations : ) Looking forward to seeing them,especially Nigel! Dave, you enjoyed that far too much : ) My donation will follow. Keep us up to date with the total please Barbara. Well done again. Take care.

  48. Hi Barb,
    Just wanted to say absolutely brilliant - well done you! Mind you I do think Dave possibly enjoyed that a little too much! I'm amazed that you didn't nominate him. Hope that we get to see Leonie, Nigel and Dean do their challenges. Great news about the donations too - I've donated, only a little I'm afraid. Love Alison xx

  49. Hi Barbara well done keeping a smile on your face and yes Dave did enjoy that a bit too much :) I hope everyone accepts your challenge - will Martyn do it too??? Will donate when we get back from hols but well done for raising so much already. Hope you are warm and dry too and the only ice now is in your G&T !! Take care love Diane G xxx

  50. Well done you! Dave really took his time didn't he? Hope you have chance to get your own back.
    LOL. Pat x

  51. Well done, Barbara. Brave enough to do, but to have it filmed too..! Has anyone nominated Dave, I wonder.

  52. Fantastic! I don't think Dave could have gone any slower!! The clarity team are beginning to take up your challenge , all in a good cause x

  53. Oh, Barbara, you are such a good sport - well done! I love who you challenged too so I do hope you can give us links when they do theirs, esp the C&C presenters. Perhaps one of the Clarity team will nominate Dave, just because he did it so slowly!

  54. What a great sport you are x

  55. You're a great sport Barbara, Dave seemed to enjoy that far too much!! Hope we get to see the C&C presenters taking part! x

  56. Well done dearie.great job, bit chilly though.Hugs. Debbie x

  57. Well done Barbara , not sure I would do this as I get head freeze just eating ice-cream lol!
    Hope the fund raising goes well x


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