Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thursday’s Blog is something blue...

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by. 
We were heading out the door last night to go home, weary and hungry, when I remembered I hadn’t done today’s blog!
Thursday’s blog is something blue...
Well the air was blue for a bit; does that count?
So I dug out yet more mop-up scraps on Claritycard.
I have loads!

Now you may look at this lot, 
and wonder why it wasn’t binned back when.
And I am here to tell you that these scraps have saved my bacon more than once this week already!!!
It took longer to decide which one to use than make the card!

But that would be due primarily to the long day and a lack of food. Jim gave me an apple, but that was it all day. My fault.  
HALT = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.
Yep, she was definitely ticking 3 out of 4 there....

Back to the blog.
Whilst I stamped the Magpies Montage into place 
with a black Archival ink pad,

... added a suitable verse
and coloured the birds in with Distress markers, 
to make them stand out more, 

Dee hunted round for a piece of matching blue backing paper...

and there it was:
Magpie Montage and Maya Angelou 
on abstract inks.

So before you could sing 
One’s for sorrow, two’s for joy, 
we were in the car and on our way again!

There are no I’s in TEAM!!!

(Note to self. Must eat breakfast, and take lunch to work).

much love


  1. Loving your scrap work! This Magpie montage has to be amongst my all time fvourite stamps xxx

  2. Hello Barb, love the stamp and the verse, both are on my wish list. The card is stunning, and it just proves that saving all those clean-ups/backgrounds come in very handy. Now go have your brekky before going to work, and don't forget to pack your lunch. Have a lovely day. Bx

  3. Have you had your breakfast this morning, Barbara? I love this card. The background looked nothing really, but it is perfect for the Maggie stamp. xxx Maggie

  4. Good morning, Barbara,

    Another beautiful card but you must look after yourself. You will be no good to man or beast if you don't eat properly.

    Roz. X

  5. Lovely idea from the Mistress of scrap

  6. Great idea Barbara with the scap and the beautiful stamp love it thanks for sharing with us love June xxxxx

  7. Good morning,
    You can take any thing amd make magic, what a wonderful gift. I love this card!

  8. I love the way you can magic up something beautiful out of something messy.

  9. One piece of card, two stamps , a bit of colouring in - Voila!
    You have done it again Barbara , another little gem!
    You MUST eat breakfast ! It's the best meal of the day and sets you up , in case you have a day like yesterday!
    Take care,

  10. This looks fab, just goes to show how amazing your stamps are, mounting on the right colour card makes all the difference. Those Brevita breakfast biscuits are good to grab on the go, there's always time for a brew x

  11. Just goes to show that crafters can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!! Barbara this is fantastic I love it!! Hope you remembered your lunch! Xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    It may have been a quick card but it's a stunner,and loving the mop up back grounds.Hope your getting plenty of time with your son.

  13. Great looking card. The magpies look good coloured in on that background. Don't forget your lunch, your crafty brain needs fuel to keep it going! XX

  14. Yay! Go scrap! Think you picked the right bit of scrap as the colours are perfect for the magpies which is a favourite stamp of mine. Well done for pulling off such a fab card when you're tired and hungry. Think you deserve a bacon butty for brunch todayXx

  15. Hi Barbara beautiful and we wouldn't have known it was made in anger if you hadn't told us!! Thank goodness for scraps and magpies and friends who help us out. Now make sure you have breakfast and pack your lunch today - listen to the voices of all your blog mothers!!! Take care. Love Diane xxx

  16. brilliant idea Barbara love the card birdies are great xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    I really don't know how you do it! Even your scrap is artistic - mine just looks like a mess! Love the way you have produced this card and the finished article is stunning. Hope you've had your breakfast - sets you up for the day you know. Love Alison xxx

  18. Scraps worked fabulously


  19. Hi Barbara. What a beautiful card, I love your scraps, it proves that you should keep them. Have you had your breakfast today? Blimey, we all sound like your Mum, nagging you to eat properly : ) Always keep a banana handy. It's full of goodies to keep you going if you can't get a proper meal. Have a good day. Take care.

  20. Love the 'scraps' card and really love the verse. I wish you a good today today.

  21. Another great masterpiece out of scrap, amazing. You must take care of yourself Mrs. Make up a packed lunch for your days out. Your body needs fuel. Have a great day Joan x

  22. Hi Barb,
    This, as usual, is a work of art. The colours are lovely.
    What I can't understand is - with all the minions running around after you, waiting on you hand and foot - you didn't have one of them prepare a sumptuous 4 course lunch, with a snack before and after. You really must give them a good talking too!!!!
    Have a good day, and eat two apples - one is not enough ((is that a James Bond film)? xx

  23. Fantastic out of scraps comes beauty love the animals cute face brought a smile to mine it's great to have a fabulous team xxx

  24. Hello Barbara
    Must get up the courage to use my own scraps yours look so good (but then again, they are my scraps)
    There may not be an I in team, however there is a me. Look after yourself. X

  25. Gorgeous result with those magpies Barbara. Love the colours you used, and yes, eating is very important! x

  26. stunning make Barb - I know thats why we all keep these scrap papers around - quick as a flash it was done and so beautiful. You must look after your tummy though! hugs rachel x

  27. If only my last minute cards looked like this! Try some porridge in the morning - it'll keep you going all day, and will lower your cholesterol, Susan x

  28. Beautiful card Barbara and much appreciated that you made time to do it. I could almost hear your tummy rumbling as I scrolled down the page :-) Hope you had a relaxing evening.

  29. Lovely card made from lovely own color paper.
    Nice Colors. Thanks for your inspiration Anneke.

  30. I love the way you can always pull something out of the hat. If it were me, it would take an age to find the scrap, never mind decide what to do with it then. I might invest in the magpies. The way you colour them, makes them really special. Thank you, Jan

  31. this montage stamp looks great on this printed background. love what you have done here. might just convince me to get the montage stamp asap..... hugs xx
    ps: an empty sack doesn''t stand upright........ ;)

    1. Oi Theresa! Are you calling me an old sack?! Xxx

  32. Thank god for scraps eh Barbara!!!!....shame there wasn't any food scraps for you too ....but what a wonderful end do hope you either got a takeaway on the way home or at least had an omelette when you got home!!!
    We need you firing on all cylinders next week!!! so make sure you take that lunch to work!!!
    Much Love

  33. Hi Barb Love this card ------- bet you were starving by the time you got home
    Crafty hugs
    Pauline B
    PS if you want to get rid of some of your scraps I will take some of your hands lol

  34. Fabulous Barbara! Hope you got some tasty treats on the way home. xx

  35. Lovely and I have this stamp ready to make my husband's Birthday card. Well done for producing this when the fuel tank is running on empty. xx

  36. A beautiful card, thank goodness for those spare pieces of artwork! x

  37. Beautiful Babara, wish I could rustle up something like this in a hurry - and on an empty stomach!! Pat x

  38. What a lovely piece! Now I can dig out all my scraps ..... I knew they were worth keeping! Thanks Barbara you inspire (even on an empty tum!). Look after yourself, Janet

  39. Barb that is fab, I love it and so simple. I need to make some more backgrounds. I think just a day at playing at backgrounds would be fab.

    Love Denise x


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Barb x