Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A gilded Poppy

Hello there.
Thank you for stopping by!
Wednesday’s Blog is something new, 
so how about a stencil which is probably new to you, 
and a technique which is definitely new to me?!

Jo Rice ran this one by me, and I just had to have a go!
It’s really easy and very effective.

I used
Black Card
(Don’t look now, but there’s a special offer at the end!)
Sponge Finger

Warm soapy water for cleaning the stencil if you’re quick.
Nail Varnish remover (acetone) for cleaning the stencil if you dither, like I did!

Ready? Steady? GO!

Cut a piece of black card 7"x7" to fit the stencil.

Attach at the top using Low-tack masking tape.

Crafty Notions Glue is brilliant for this job.
oh. And a make up sponge.

I spread a little glue on my Blending Mat

and then simply dabbed it through the stencil.

When you have done all the holes and gaps, lift off the stencil and drop into warm, soapy water straightaway.
Don’t do as I did, which was to decide to clean it at the end.
The good news was that the glue did come off with nail varnish remover!

Pat gilding flakes onto the glue.

Wipe to the side with your hand first.

At this point, you think, mmmm...not sure about this.... 
looks pretty rough...
But Jo seemed to think it would work....

So then you get your sponge finger out and start rubbing. 
Out of nowhere the definition comes!


Looks even better from a distance. 
But then don’t most things? I certainly do!!

So let’s add some 3mm double-sided tape around all four sides.
and that’s where I went wrong!

Dope! As soon as I went to peel off the red skin, of course top 2 sides no prob. Bottom 2 sides? mmm.

So. Make sure you do 2 sides at a time: left/right first. Peel the red skin off, then top/bottom. And peel. Easy.

I got myself into a right old pickle!

And for a moment, 
I was beginning to wish I had stuck with the poppies!

But you know how it is. 
You persevere, you buff and wipe. 
And before you know it, 
against all the odds,
it starts to come together!

In fact, it looks really, really good!
Especially when you trim the edges.

Even close up!

Mount it on white card.

 Add it to black,

and there you have it.
Gilded poppies.

And I even managed to salvage the overlaps!

So to the special offer.
There are loads of different coloured gilding flakes.
My favourite three are

Variegated Copper
Pirate’s Treasure
rrp. £6.49 each
So how about all 3 for £15?
(£13.50 for Clarityclub members)

It’s a Barrrgin!!!!
Have a great day.
We are setting up at the NEC.
Stand No. A12

And we will extend the same offer there!
Until we sell out....

lots of love,


  1. Lovely, Barb. As you say simple, but effective! Looking forward to trying this one out! :) xx

  2. Lovely once again Barbara. The double sided tape is great for framing with the gilding the way how did you know I was needing more? Had a second look at all your cards. They are just so lovely. Can feel the love radiating from them. Hugs xx

  3. Hi Barb, I really like this. I have gilding flakes but admit to being a tad frightened of them. However, today is play day so I'm gonna give it a go. All be it with a smaller poppy stencil that I have. You never know, if I hold it at a distance it might look ok!
    hoping you all are well,
    Theresa x

  4. Gorgeous gorgeousness! That stencil is beautiful! I love my gilding flakes and like you freaked the first time until I used that sponge finger - just like heat embossing it's a 'Ta Dah' moment, well it is for me lol! x

  5. Stunning card, definitely going to try this, thanks Jo and Barbara xx

  6. Lovely idea, wondering if it would work with stamps as well? Need to put it in warm water straight away I'm guessing. You clever people will know the answer but I guess I might have to freak a bit to know if it goes

    Thanks barb


    1. Hi Marilyn, yes it works brilliantly with stamps BUT you have to leave the stamped image and immediately clean your stamp with warm soapy water. The stamp will be ruined if you leave it but the stamped image will remain tacky until you put the flakes or glitter on it. Hope this helps. Alison x

  7. Great idea with the stencil . I get a bit messy with Guilding flakes which the family don't like as I'm at the kitchen table crafting ! But I'll be giving this a go though x have fun at the nec

  8. Hi Barb, really gorgeous card, did not think about trying with the tape and gilding flakes. I love my gilding flakes, and great idea with a stencil, going to definitely have a go. Have a great time at NEC. Bx

  9. Hi Barbara. The poppies look stunning. I haven't tried gilding flakes with a stencil before I must gave a go. I used them last week on a stamped image, opened my lock and store box and promptly dropped it. Gilding flakes all over the carpet in front of the fan heater which was on at the time. I salvaged some if them but the rest went in the vacuum, I'm afraid. I'll try not to do that again when I try the stencil today. Enjoy the nec. Xx

  10. I love the effect on this one and pray you still have stock of both the poppy stencil, black card and maybee even the gilding flakes. See you on Sunday.

  11. Wow, I love this card and will replicate it today... Very glam. See you at the NaeC, the shopping list continues to grow. Thanks Jo and Barbara.....

  12. Hi. Barbara,
    Once again another beautiful card, they truly are magic sponge fingers. You are right when you say it looks terrifying when you apply the flakes but when you use those magical sponge fingers. It's all very satisfying.
    Have a great show at the NEC just reading this blog and the others I follow it seems like 1 massive party to be had by all. Make sure you also rest and delegate - I know it's hard but you do have a great team around you. Best wishes Bev xxx

  13. Whose a clever girl then! Looks lush and reasonably simple to do! Have a great day and take care of the neck xx

  14. Great technique. Well done both of you. Looking forward to visiting the stand tomorrow.

  15. Great tip about the sponge fingers, never able to properly refine the flakes. Thank you. Love the poppy stencil, what a great piece of artwork xx

  16. I love using gilding flakes - despite getting them all over me, my desk and the floor! Will definitely have a go at this although I haven't used glue & flakes with a mask before. Pat x

  17. Time to get my gilding flakes out again.....I forget all the lovely stuff I have until you mention it again! Thank you for the reminder & the pretty tutorial. Oh & I love my new stencil folders, it's lovely to flick through to choose which one I'm going to use for the next project. Have a great day, Carole :-) x

  18. Lovely poppies and very tempted by the offer but will have to resist until the kitty is fatter! x

  19. This is stunning Barbara, I love the effect gilding flakes give and the Poppy stencil is gorgeous, on my wish list me thinks!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  20. A simple technique but so very effective, thanks for showing us this x

  21. I am a gilding flakes addict. It never eases to amaze me the beautiful design underneath all the stray bits & sparkly pieces. The poppy stencil has to be one of my favourites. Beautiful card

  22. How lovely have got the stencil but away at the moment can't wait to get home and try it. Missed the Harrogate show as workingvbut will be at Crowborough in August yipee x

  23. Lovely technique I would have been worried about ruining my stencil but its good to know it comes off if you use nail varnish remover. Love guilding flakes and will be trying this out. Thanks to Jo and to you for showing us how. Xx

  24. Lovely technique I would have been worried about ruining my stencil but its good to know it comes off if you use nail varnish remover. Love guilding flakes and will be trying this out. Thanks to Jo and to you for showing us how. Xx

  25. Haven't got to grips with gilding flakes yet, always get into a real mess but it looks so good so I will keep trying. Love the card. Joan x

  26. brilliant work Barb and thanks for the tips with ditherers - I craft in my attic so dithering is frequent as the water is down the ladder! Hope the NEC goes well - sure it will - save some goodies for Port Sunlight! Hugs rachel x

  27. Hi Barb, I love this technique it is always fabulous. Like you I always look at it half way through and hope to myself that it will work and of course it always does. Dx

  28. Lovely gilded flowers and another to hang in the gallery methinks!
    Have a good time at Nec -wish I could come!

  29. Love this simple technique Barbara. Valerie

  30. This is Beautiful, Barbara.
    My last comment for a while as I´m off to the UK tomorrow for a couple of weeks. I´ll come and say hello to you Barbara at HSNW on 29th.
    Love Val in Spain x

  31. lovely technique, I love it when it works but sometimes it has other ideas!
    This battery powered eraser is fantastic for gently removing guilding flakes that stick where they shouldn't, its great generally and cheap!

    A BIG thankyou Barbara for the blog candy I won a while ago, I've been away from work on holiday for a month so it was waiting for me when I got back yesterday..... wonderful, I shall enjoy all the goodies. See you in August too, can t wait :) Hilary x

  32. Hi Barbara the demo today ..happy crafting x

  33. Wonderful card Barbara, love poppies so suits me perfectly, will see you at Port Sunlight

  34. KIt looks gorgeous Barbara and I thank you for shaing your mistakes with us so we can avoid the pitfalls. You always inject some humour in your posts too - which is good for the soul.
    Speaking of looking better from a distance - I thought my skin was pretty good for an old bird my age - it fells OK anyway. Then I went into the bathroom with my reading glasses on. Bugger. Skin that feels like a baby's bum looks more like a decaying seville orange in the bathroom cabinet mirror! That ruined my day I can tell you.
    Beryl xx

  35. Beautiful card Barbara I have never used gilding flakes this is lovely card thank you for sharing I went to the Ne c last year for the first time I was like a 76year old kid in a toffee shop love always June xxx

  36. Cor! Love it! Nice one Jo, Great job Barb! See you Saturday (and probably Sunday too!) xx

  37. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! I love the poppy stencil and have used it loads for many occasions ( it makes a very subtle sympathy card when done in something like pumice stone distress ink) . However, I've never thought of using it with gilding flakes, but it looks absolutely stunning. Will have to try, - I usually end up with a bit that smudges though unfortunately - might have to let the glue set a little before putting the flakes on. Love Alison xxx

  38. Morning Barbara,
    Great technique! Love the poppy stencil and I will definitely try it with gilding flakes.
    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas it keeps me crafting as I get excited anew every morning!
    Lorna D

  39. Morning Barbara, I love this stencil and have used it to make a sympathy card. Hadn't thought about using gilding flakes though, and will definitely give it a go. Thank you for showing us and Jo for telling you about it. Have a great time at the NEC. x

  40. Wow what a great technique I have some stencils and guilding flakes so will definitely be giving this a go


  41. A beautiful card Barbara.Love using gilding flakes but they do do get everywhere! Good tip on using double sided selotape as a frame.

  42. This is beautiful. I haven't been brave enough to try my gilding flakes yet, but you make this look easy! Also appreciate the tips re stencil in warm soapy water immediately, and the two sides at a time with the double sided adhesive. x

  43. Great idea Jo, very well executed Barbara, even though you criticise your efforts it looks lovely xx

  44. This is really lovely. I love playing with the gilding flakes but my floor's not keen and how on earth do the small flakes end up in the kitchen- I dunno! Thank you so much for such a lovely technique.

  45. Really effective technique - I love to see guilding flakes, but hate using them as I find them so messy! Might have to have a marmite moment and have a go though....

  46. Hi Barbara. Gorgeous poppies, one of my favourite flowers. they always make me smile : ) Thanks for the nail varnish tip, not that I would ever leave the cleaning of the glue until the end, would I .....uum not much : ) !!!!! Take care.

  47. Got some great Gilding going on there Barbara. Looks lovely. I might just take you up on your offer too! xx Hope you have a great time at the NEC, Try not to miss me too much. xxx

  48. Beautiful have got this stencil will give this a go .such a busy lady and another fab offer xxx

  49. love this. might just give it a go. i have all those gilding flakes never mind hugs xx

  50. This is lovely and I have the poppy stencil as well, so just great going to try it. I love the effect guilding flakes give. I am coming to NEC on Sat with my lovely daughters and granddaughter. Just wish I could book one of your workshops but hubby not well dare not risk it as we already cancelled one break this week. So really grateful for your wonderful blog which helps me with many techniques. Off to find the guilding flakes now. Lynne xx

  51. This is a lovely stencil and the gilding flakes work beautifully with it. This is definitely a technique I would try. Thank you for the offer too. You are a busy lady with so much going on. Hope the NEC is a big success. Thank you for the demo Barbara. x

  52. I have done other things with gilding flakes and gold and silver leaf. It does not work if you have a cold or hay fever or a fan working. Each time, I have been sure that it will never work out right, but each time, with care and persistence, it does. I love the poppies done this way, and I reckon the honesty would be perfect with silver gilding flakes. That glue is on my list for the NEC. Can't wait. xxx Maggie

  53. So wonderful! What an amazing technique xx

  54. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and this is a beautiful card. x

  55. Sponge fingers? No-one else seems to have batted an eyelid, so it must be a common crafting tool that I've just not come across, but all I could think of was the trifle ingredient!

    Great step-by-step tutorial, though - thanks.

  56. That is such a great card, and surely a new technic for me. And thanks for the offer. Have a great time at the NEC. xx

  57. A really effective looking technique. Am definitely going to try it. Guess it's not quite as easy as you make it look though.
    Hope all goes well at NEC. Thanks, Jan x

  58. Poppies are my favourite. I love this stencil; it looks great gilded. I'm sorry I can't make the NEC as I have a prior engagement to seeing singing in the rain at the Birmingham hippodrome. Looking forward to that but desperately disappointed that I can't manage both! Oh well there is always the November show to look forward to! Hope you all have great fun at the weekend. Xx

  59. Looks beautiful, I especially like the border idea with the double sided tape, will give this a go when I get the chance.

  60. Lovely will have to try this how's your pain in your neck lots love night xxx

  61. Love the gilded poppies Barbara! I got some of the crafty notions glue at Harrogate so will be having a go at this!!! Jo is a clever girl coming up with this idea! X


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