Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NEW Heart Stencil

Hello there!
Wednesday’s Blog is something new
so let’s have a play, 
and see what we can come up with, shall we?

We will need:
An embossing machine
Make-up sponge
Scissors or a scalpel blade

So as we go along, step by step, I would like you to to put your hand up as soon as you get to the point where you think I went wrong....

Lay the A5 Heart stencil down on the A5 Theuva Card.
Perfect fit makes life so easy!
Add some low-tack masking tape top and bottom.

Run it through your embossing machine

This is when you find out how low-tack your masking tape is. When you run it through an embosser, you may have trouble peeling it off afterwards.
How does she know these things?!

No, no, put your hand down. That wasn’t it....

Use the positive side, where the birds and lineart are raised.

Load your stencil brush with Butterscotch Adirondack,  and lightly dust the whole card. You will catch the embossed edges with ink, which is really cool.

Now place the stencil exactly again, and tape it into position.

Load another Claritybrush with Stonewashed and gently start working around the stencil edge.

If you want more depth of colour, use a make-up sponge.

Bit of Butterscotch, bit more Stonewashed, and the blue starts taking on a hint of green.

Let’s get right up close. 
Slowly does it... don’t want to startle the birds...

When you think you have done enough colour, remove the stencil.
Perfect for a sentiment....

or a photo!
Using a scalpel or scissors, cut out the heart centre. 

Have you got your arm in the air? 
Because this is where PLAN B had to be applied.
All I had to do was stamp a blinking sentiment in the heart!
Did I bodge it? Oh yes. Spectacularly.

Ah well. There was no way I was starting all over again!
So cut out the heart...

Find a matching piece of card for the backdrop.
I just so happen to have the PERFECT centrepiece. 
Maybe you do, too.
Remember the beautiful Garden heart?
Fits a treat.

Make a couple of orientation marks on the background card, 
so that you know where to stamp the Garden Heart.

Load the Garden Heart with Cobalt Blue and carefully plant.

But how to centre on the background card, 
so that the outside frame is balanced.

The narrowest side has to be your guide. 
I use a clever C-thru ruler with a steel inlay for this work.
measure from the artwork to the edge of the card, and then trim using a craft blade. 
Here I am using the 1/4" on the ruler gridlines. 
I will simply use the same line for all four sides.

So that’s how the artwork is centred.

And unless I had pointed it out,  
you would never know I went wrong... 

No need to do anything to the centrepiece; 
the outside stencil frame is busy and colourful enough!

So there we are. 
A beautiful new stencil, designed by our Annie. 
Her baby is almost ready to join us! Any day now...

I cannot wait to use this stencil to frame a photo of the two of them. Made by Annie all round !!

much love


  1. This is beautiful Barbara. I have a friend coming round today and we are going to have a play with Claritystamps and stencils. xx

  2. Do you know how funny you are? :-) fab stencil too x

  3. What a great stencil! So many occasions you can yes it for. I can see many a Bonnie baby in there or a beautiful wedding couple. Birthday people. Oh it's just too good for words x

  4. Oooo wow, gorgeous, love this stencil, I have to have it, can't wait for payday xx

  5. From stencils to photo frames... Could we have more of these frame stencils with different themes Barb? xx

  6. From stencils to photo frames... Could we have more of these frame stencils with different themes Barb? xx

  7. Very nice indeed but you are costing me a fortune LOL


  8. Agree with Lisapmac can't wait until payday so I can lay my hands on some more Clarity goodies, especially all the new stencils you are bringing to us. No I couldn't see where you had gone wrong and to be honest still can't. Fabulous piece of artwork yet again!

  9. Its what you do with them thats brings them to life Barb :)
    Even as a stencil designer, seeing your cards is such a pleasure and i can never predict what they will look like 'in the flesh' (as it were),
    They always look so different, and there are so many ways to use them to achieve different cards!
    It is an honour to scribble these pretty little things for you!!
    You always make something beautiful.
    Much love,
    Annie & Bump
    From the Clarity Home office <3

    1. Hello Clever Annie! Any day

    2. Yes indeed!
      had to create an account as read this every morning to kick start me with inspiration.
      So thought i would say hello :)
      I will keep designing for all these lovely people until little one arrives xxxx

    3. Lovely stencil Annie! May there be many more...although not too many, for your sake, if you're only going to design until your baby bug arrives, or that'll mean you'll have gone way overdue! lol Wishing you all the best with little one. xx

    4. I will be back designing as soon as possible once little one's here aswell! :)

  10. Beautiful, so pretty for any loving occasion. I am enjoying your tutorials so much, but am also looking forward to learning more techniques this weekend at the Clarity retreat in Perth with Pauline.
    Toni :)

  11. Happy accident Barbara? You taught us there are no mistakes. X

  12. Looks like the 'mistake' turned into a very happy accident to me lol. Beautiful stamp and stencil and they compliment each other beautifully. x

  13. Hi Barbara
    Lovely stencil and the stamp lovely. Another on my list
    Happy Crafting x

  14. Good morning Barbara, this is a beautiful stencil and makes a very pretty, detailed card. Love the versatility that it provides us with (as demo'd by your slight adaption!).x

  15. I cant see where you went wrong either another gorgeous card/photo frame.

  16. Hi Barbara. Looks perfect to me.
    Love Val in Spain x

  17. That's beautiful Barbara. Love the depth you achieve inking through the stencils.
    Beryl xx

  18. Love this new stencil and the finished project is just so pretty. I thought the mistake was that you didn't tell us to stamp the little bird in the corner!! Will the stencil fit through a Cuttlebug embosser, or does it have to be an A4 size? Thanks, Susan

  19. Morning Barbara,
    How lovely this is.
    A beautiful stencil which you have brought to life as Annie has said.
    Love,love love it!
    P.s Annie -hope all goes well with baby x

  20. Beautiful card Barbara. Never mistakes only happy accidents:-)

  21. thats so beautiful Barbara ,i love it xxx

  22. wonderful new stencil Barbara - it took me a while to spot the birdies - but I got there in the end - great technique too xx

  23. Barbara, you and Clarity are on a roll right now. We all NEED everything you show us, and as Annie said, it is amazing what you can do with a stencil. You are constantly saying how amazed you are at the work of the design team and the different ways they use your stamps and stencils. Annie has just said the same about you. Beautiful! I need to win the lottery (bit difficult as I don't do it). Hey, Ho! xx Maggie

  24. Hi Barb,
    Another beautiful stencil & well done to Annie. However, what you have done here, is gorgeous and have to say I didn't and haven't spotted a mistake! Can feel another purchase coming on here, I have the stamp already but it would be so rude not to have the stencil to go with it! Lol! Love Alison xx

  25. It's a beautiful stencil the card is beautiful love it !!!thank you for sharing love June xxxx

  26. I think this is a super stencil and stamp combination. I will certainly be trying this out.

  27. Annie love your stencil, Barb love how you brought it to life, great work. Joan x

  28. Really nice stencil! Well done Annie!
    Lorna D

  29. Beautiful stencil. Well done Annie.

  30. Saw this on the website and was tempted but I thought I would wait until you had blogged it. Knew I would like it a lot. Would the love is all you need stamp fit inside the middle? Xx

  31. Saw this on the website and was tempted but I thought I would wait until you had blogged it. Knew I would like it a lot. Would the love is all you need stamp fit inside the middle? Xx

  32. Beautiful card showing how versatile your stencils are. I'm starting a shopping list for when I visit your stand in Harrogate on 15th March. Think the plastic may be getting another airing!!!! Beautiful design Annie and best wishes for the birth of 'bump'. You will definitely need to blog a photo, Barbara x

  33. Wonderful stencil Annie, wish you and bump all the very best. Barbara can't wait to play with this one, my list grows every day. Beautiful.

  34. Hi Barbara another lovely card and Stencil Annie. I love that the Stencils match the size of the card, makes like so much easier, and if you want a card in a hurry it's there for you to just
    Brush and Go! xx

  35. Lovely stencil, and how fab that the garden heart fits perfectly. My wish list is so long now.....Annie, well done on your beautiful design, and good luck for your forthcoming event x

  36. Hi Barbara,

    Stunning card made from a beautiful stencil, love it. A nice sentiment would have looked good in the heart too but the image matches the stencil well.

    Good luck to Annie on her forthcoming event.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  37. How beautiful and delicate got this stamp now a must have stencil I keep ringing up each day to add to my orders keep saying dont need anything else then can't resist xx

  38. Just love how this card has turned out. So love reading your daily blog....for inspiration and to see how you use your very clever techniques. One talented lady x Thanks for sharing x

  39. This is wonderful - I just love how there is never a mistake. Makes my day :-)

  40. Another lovely card, can't wait to see what other goodies are coming from Clarity. x

  41. Wow - having a day crafting and this is just the thing for a wedding anniversary coming up.
    Thank you for your inspiration and the hints for correction - no more wpbin full!
    Anne A

  42. Hi Barbara. Once again you come up with a beautiful card. I love the depth that the stamp adds to the frame. great tip on doing the frame too, Thank you. Will be waiting to see a picture of Annies bump when he/she decides to arrive , Good Luck Annie : ) Take care.

  43. Fab stencilling and a clever recovery from your mistake! Lovely card Barbara. Pat x

  44. Loved the stencil, would be great for Valentine day or an anniversary. I was looking for a mistake in the stencil, thin bit of colour, never thought of the sentiment. Love the heart though, definitely not soppy.

  45. Beautiful stencil and that stamp is stunning!!! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous creation with us xx

  46. Reading your blog en route to Birmingham love the card.

  47. You,d never know that there was a mistake only that you said and then I wouldn't call it a mistake.Lovely card and stencil.I love your blog for all the inspiration you give,made the heart card from the club magazine for my partner for valentines and he loved it so a big thank you to you.

  48. There is not a mistake it is just beautiful. Want one!! You never cease to amaze. My list for NEC is growing, Tickets arrived this morning, can't wait. In meantime I am practising all your lovely ideas. Good luck Annie, look forward to seeing a picture of your baby. Lynne xx

  49. If you hadn't told us we would never have known you had made a mistake. That stamp matches the new stencil perfectly and the completed card I'd just beautiful
    Jackie x

  50. fantastic and would have not known everything was not planned this way. Gorgeous x

  51. What a lovely stencil, Annie you are a very clever lady. I think the butterscotch and stonewashed colours are gorgeous together. Very much a happy accident! Jane x

  52. I love this stencil and what a beautiful card today x

  53. Hi Barb, absolutely beautiful card, another one for the " I want that stencil" list. Hope it all goes great Annie, I am sure your baby will be as talented as you. Bx

  54. Definitely no mistake, a beautiful card and fab stencil thank you Annie and Barbs . Jx

  55. fab card and the stamp goes so well with stencil. i was thinking that if your backing card is big enough you don't have to be so precise with the heart centering and then trim later. just a thought...... hugs xx

  56. A really pretty design. Well done Annie for the design and Barbara for the art work. Thought the mistake was a happy accident by the way!

  57. Great stensil it made alovely card never had known there was a misstake another one for the must have list
    Good luck Annie with the forthcomming arrival.

  58. What a great result from a happy mistake. I got to your blog late today (well 24 hours late to be precise ) as it was my son's third birthday & it was bedlam here. Annie - enjoy every second because it just whizzes by.......can't believe we're 3 years along already. Yikes

  59. Oh that's gorgeous.. The card and the stencil!!! Another one to add to the growing list of wants and needs!!!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  60. Another wonderful Stencil and another wonderful piece of artwork xxxxx

  61. This is lovely.beautiful stencil too.Hugs Debbie x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x