Sunday, 1 March 2015

Away with the Fairies!

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in!
Sunny Sunday here in Sussex; 
now yesterday, when we were watching Crowborough play Tunbridge Wells, 
it was dreadful weather.
Absolute mudbath!
Mark is the one down on one knee, getting ready for a scrum. 

See the lone lad below in the background here? That's Gus. No. 8. 
He's our newest Stamp maker at Clarity, 
and he is such a lovely lad. 
Huge !! Only 20 years old, and ever so quiet. 

At least they won. 17-0. 
It's got to suck when you get that coated in mud, and lose! 
So I soaked the kit in the sink first, 
and now it's on its first machine wash. Yummy!

One eye on the England - Ireland rugby game here just now. 
I can't watch. The Irish are all over them. 

Anyway, this morning on the TV, I showcased some really excellent A5 Stencils. 4 Natural Accents.
I had prepared another demo with Grunge Paste, but then decided it was too complex to do on the box. 
So here it is:

I dragged some Grunge Paste through the leafy stencil. Just randomly, 
around the edge of a sheet of Designer Paper. 

Do you know, I paid £1.08 for this sheet! 
I must be mad! Especially because I bought about 10 of the same design! 
Long Live the Gelli Plate. Make your own!!

Let it dry and clean the stencil in war soapy water.
Once the Texture Paste has set, replace the stencil and add some Frayed Burlap with a Stencil Brush.

Iced Spruce (fab colour!) with a make up sponge next. 
Rub the colour into the texture paste.

Now this is where I threw caution to the wind and brushed Black Soot over the lot.
So what was the point of the other colours? I hear you ask.  
And do you know what? I asked myself the very same question. 
Wipe some of it off with a damp baby wipe...

Well let's get a fairy out 
and perch her on the stencilwork for inspiration.
The Wee Folk Fairies and Elves flew out this morning!
If you've got a Squeezed Lemonade Distress Pad, bingo. 
Load a brush and dust back and forth over the Grunge Paste.

Add some flowers and bluebells with the Black Archival. 

Time to add a little hunky elfie! Makes you smile and gives you a chance to work out where you're going with the leaves!

I've got it! 
Use a little fine sand paper to rub some of the darkness away, 

Then use a craft blade 
and scratch in highlights along the Grunge Paste edge.
Now that's starting to look less spooky!

That Squeezed Lemonade is a great ink pad. 
I just ran it round the edges with a little blending sponge. 
It lifts a lot of the darkness from the Grunge Paste, 
but leaves the black in the cracks.

I mounted the artpiece on black card, then on white card, 
and then stepped away from it.

Liked it, but also decided that it was a bit too grungy for the TV, 
if you know what I mean.

So now it's your turn. 
What's his name? 
What's her name? 
Do they know each other? 
What's he saying to her??

I think he's Irish. 
I think he's saying, 

"I shall ask you one more time Molly. 
Where did you put the TV remote at Half-Time?"

And she's saying, 

" I shall tell you as soon as you promise 
to put that shelf up. TODAY."

Read it out loud with an Irish accent, go on!

I love these little people, these Wee Folk!
And judging be the way they're whizzing round the country, you do too!

Tired now. 
Have a great Sunday, 
and thanks for spending this morning with me if you did xxxx

Much love,