Friday, 21 November 2014

I really must stop horsing around....

Hello there.
Thanks for dropping in! Just in time to join us for the Equestrian Show at the Royal Stables in Córdoba. Absolutely brilliant. Now I'm not a horsey person. I think they are very beautiful, but I find their size quite frightening. So to see these fine Andalucian horses strutting their stuff and literally dancing with Flamenco dancers was impressive to say the least...

The music was echoing around the arena; so atmospheric!

They were so elegant!

This one was my favourite.

And afterwards they all went back in their stables and we were allowed to go see them. Personally, I have never been sure about breaking these magnificent animals, controlling them like this, for show. But they seemed happy and well looked after. And the bond between man and beast was palpable. 

Then we shot across town to the little Flamenco club we had reserved a table at. For 10 pm.  It just doesn't get much more Spanish than this!
It started out very serious, not much chat with the audience....

Then the guitarist came forward, said a few words in Spanish and proceeded to flit around the guitar strings like a butterfly. 

We were right up the front. Next to us was another foursome. Older Spaniards. Anyway, picture the scene. The Spaniard with the guitar is just warming up. One of the Spanish women from the foursome gets up to say something to her friend in front. In a split second, her chair tips backwards because they've piled all their coats on the ladder back. She goes to sit down again, but there's no chair, so down she goes, like a sack of spuds, but grabs the table complete with table-cloth and beers etc on the way down. Carramba! Not funny. Very funny. 

The guitarist, slows down to watch, but doesn't actually stop. It's almost as if he fits the music to the scene, then speeds up again once she's back on her perch.

Then BOOM! The stage exploded! Clapping, stomping, clicking heels! The place was electric!

When the guy started singing, he was clearly very unhappy, and the female dancer certainly reflected his misery and anger. It was like an Opera. Couldn't really understand the words, but certainly got the feel of the situation. He was broken-hearted and she was his temptress. The one line in his lament I caught was that he had bought a new shirt just for their meeting. Well this tickled me, because I thought if he was that devastated, why would he care about his shirt?! But it was no laughing matter,I can tell you!

Fantastic atmosphere though. I was exhausted just watching! No bingo wings on that Seńora!  

And that was our last night in Córdoba. The enchanting city of plazas and patios (courtyards)

What followed the next day was quite surprising, and not at all what I anticipated! Join me tomorrow for the next instalment of our adventure through Andalucia......

Much love Barb xxxx