Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wednesday’s blog An exercise in shading.

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday’s blog is something new, right? 
So here’s a new look at an existing stencil.
It’s not so much a greeting card, as an exercise in shading.
Let’s just take a look, shall we?

The stencil I decided to go with is this abstract one:

I taped the A5 stencil to a piece of A5 Theuva card
and ran it through an embossing machine for starters.

Then I stamped our Laurel Hedge Claritystamp through it, 
using an ink pad I had made for the big Lupin stamp with Cut n Dry felt and Distress reinkers.

Stamp it all over. 
Missed a few bits because I didn’t press hard enough, 
but hey! It’s been a long day!

Left a gap, because I want to do a sky.

Next, load a stencil brush with Juniper Adirondack, 
and brush over the whole thing.

Do the same with Cloudy Blue.

Already looks quite dimensional.

Colour in the little leaves with Spectrum Noirs.

Use one of the light green pencils and a ruler to define the posts at the front and to the back. Because that’s what they are. 
I see planks, posts...

These 3 Distress pads look a little boring at first glance, 
but they are super for shade and depth.

Mask off each post and add these muted colours with a stencil brush.

Bring some posts to the front and put some further to the back, working with masking tape and brushes.

At about this point, I started thinking this wasn’t going where I wanted it to, so it was time to get radical. 

Replace the stencil, add a moon mask and add a load more sky!


Bring out the Charcoal Pencils and the yellow. 
It’s do or die!

The Derwent Charcoal Pencils are excellent. I bought much more expensive ones, which didn’t smudge and blend half as well as these. A must have.

The charcoal smears beautifully with your finger, 
and the yellow adds a sun reflection beautifully.

Don’t the posts look 3D now?

Keep adding charcoal and a little blue or grey to the areas 
of the posts which are supposed to be at the back.

 Trim back, mount on white.
Add a flock of birds from the Harbour set.

Done. Just a pretty exercise,
time for me to cogitate...

So let’s take a look at the special offers today...

Every day I add something to the sale. 
It will stay there until the end of the month.
Then it will all go back to normal.
So go back and check last week’s blogs! 
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Yesterday’s Prize winner:
A ClarityApron is on its way to Liz Maitland!

 Will all the Ice flinging that has been going on, 
I have been doing a lot of thinking about all those poor souls 
with MND or ALS. 
Did you know we have raised over £1500 for them thus far?
Thank you so much !!!!
In fact, yesterday evening, when I was doing this artwork, 
I was making a gratitude list in my head.
Healthy kids.
Healthy Mum
Healthy Dad
Healthy brother
Healthy Dave
Healthy me.
I mean My God!!! How blessed are we???

So leave an uplifting message about something 
you are grateful for!
And tomorrow, I will randomly pick a lucky winner, 
to receive a £20 Gift Voucher.

Much love,