Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Yupo Paper Landscape....

Hi there!
Sorry I’m late!
Work got in the way...

Thanks for popping in though.
Another rainy day in the south.

Thought I’d have a play with the new YUPO paper, to unwind.
It really is THE most therapeutic unwinder!

All you need is a pack of A5 Yupo paper

some alcohol inks:
and some felts

Let’s make a landscape.
It’s a piece of cake.

Drip some Stonewashed Alcohol ink on the felt
and using an applicator, dab dab dab away.

Go round the edge with the light blue.

Get a clean felt and add some Lettuce alcohol ink.
Dab dab dab over the blue.

Next drip a little Wild Plum on a clean felt 
and add some flowers at the front.

Let’s start some hills,
Swipe the side of the green felt across the opening.

Shatter the stripe with the pink and green felts.
Just dab dab dab along the edges.

If you add a little more Stonewashed 
over the top of the pink and green,
the colours blend wonderfully

Now for a sun.
Drip some yellow alcohol ink directly onto the Yupo.
Let it spread....

Use a paper stump to tidy up the edge of the orb.

By dabbing over areas, like the sun, 
you can push objects into the background instantly. 

Time to get my favourite little boy out. 
I think I shall call him Mark.
He always works perfectly. 

Ink up Mark in Black Archival and gently stamp him into place. 

I want to try something.
Let me do this before you do, just in case...
Use a cloth to wipe Mark off,
leaving a grey shadow.

Now aren’t you glad I did this before you?!?!?

Now for a drop shadow. 
Reink Mark in the black Archival, 
and then lower him back into the same place,
only up a tiny tad.
If you wear bi-focals, it will happen automatically!

See the grey drop shadow?
More luck than judgement!

Stepping away for a moment though...

The large boulders at the front are created by twisting the inky felt on the Yupo and then letting it spread.

So now I need a hand....

Which background colour is best, do you think?



Dark Purple?

Or grey?

Hope you enjoyed that one.
I certainly did.
There’s something almost magical about shattering the layers of ink with more ink, and building landscape layers. 

I think we will try Alcohol inks on the Yupo paper at the retreats.
This is something everybody should try.

Take care.
Love and hugs,