Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Exciting news ....

Hi there!
Thanks for joining me here today.
Blimey - the calendars flew out today!
Signed 100 last night. Sold 100 overnight!
Thank you.
Been busy prepping the Sunday TV shows.
One hour done - six to go.

Was thinking about a little cat nap.
I read in the Guardian this week that according to research,
 a 30 minute power nap gives you renewed energy.
Did they actually pay somebody to tell them that ???
The bit that was interesting however, was that they recommend 
you knock back a cup of coffee before you go to sleep, 
so when you wake up, the coffee has kicked in 
and you’re full of beans.

But there we are.
Decided to drink a glass of water and keep going instead. 

Just received a really cool email...

Hi Barbara,
I am thrilled to be able to inform you that you have been nominated for all 5 categories of the British Craft Awards 2017.

Here are your nominations :

All 5 in the Papercraft Section.

The Groovi System from Claritystamp - Product of the Year

Barbara Gray - Designer of the Year - Blog of the Year

Claritystamp - Brand of the Year

Claritystamp - Retailer of the Year


If you think we’re worth it, and you think we deserve any of the categories above,
then please vote for us at

(everyone who votes will be entered into a draw to win one of 5 £100 amazon Vouchers.)

This is a different set of awards to the International Craft Awards which we were recently talking about.

The International Craft Awards are still open for you to cast your vote too. We were nominated for about 14 over on that side!
Here’s the link for those awards.

All very exciting.
What would we do without our customers and Clarity friends?

I have to say, I do get it.
I know that over 8 years of regular TV 
has put us on the map for awards.
There are so many worthy contenders out there, who get overlooked because they don’t get the exposure that we do.
I know this, because I was one of them for 20 years !

Don’t ever think of me and Clarity as an overnight sensation!
I remember what my darling brother said to me many years ago, 
when I was working at stupid o’clock again, 
when the kids were asleep.

He said, “I have never met anybody who works so hard for so little return, Barb”.
And my response? “It’ll come good in the end, Steve. You’ll see”.

There we are. 
Steve and I worked together then.
And we work together now. 
Back then, there was only us two though!

So yeah.
We’ve certainly taken the scenic route...

Steve deserved a medal too.
So does Dave!
And Paul,
And Jim,
And Leigh,
And Jeanine,
And Jayne,
And Tom,
and and and and and...

Always know that I may be the one on telly with the nice tops,
but Clarity is a lot lot bigger nowadays...

There was something very cool about those times though.
Hand-coloured signs.

Handstamped boxes, 

Hahaha! I’ve just remembered something amusing.
When we lived in California in the early 90’s, and we launched the Nursery Rhyme ABC charts, Steve used to have to work at night laminating them, because the industrial laminator in our garage used to knock all the electric out in the cul-de-sac !
Here we are, 25 years on, and he’s now working the night shift at Clarity, because we can’t keep up with Groovi demand unless we run a 24-hour production operation!
So much has changed, and so little has changed. 

Time to stop today.
Yeah. if you think WE deserve it,
then please vote for US.

Love & Hugs,