Sunday, 25 June 2017

Of all the Joints in the World...

Hi there,
Thanks for dropping in.
Can’t stop long - we overslept and have to head off for Day 3 soon!
My old bones are starting to creak now mind.
We been walking an average of 25,000 steps a day, 
which doesn’t count dancing!
Yesterday, at knackered o'clock, we sat down for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Earle noticed an older lady in a light blue mac in the tent, and was just saying how he thought she looked really endearing and sweet. So I turned to check her out, and we both looked at each other and smiled. 
She came straight towards me, beaming from ear to ear.

“Fancy seeing you here!” she smiled, “You’re more famous to me than most of them on the stages!”

Can you believe it ?!?!? 
She absolutely made my day.

Meet Glyn

How charming she was too!

Highlights yesterday?
Jools Holland with Ruby Turner.
Solange (BeyoncĂ©’s little sister) - very good.
Alison Moyet
Foo Fighters - bit loud for me...

Highlights today?
Ed Sheeran
Rag n Bone Man
Ruby Wax

One more day. It’s certainly quite an endurance test, 
but no rain and no mud! Hallelujah!

Hooking up with Leonie today for a brew. 
Been drinking a lot of tea! Fortifying stuff!

I’ve also developed an unpleasant rash.
On my face, Mildred! Behave!
Yeah, don’t start spreading a rumour that Barb’s picked up an unpleasant rash at Glastonbury!
Not sure what I’m allergic to. Could have been the Ostrich Burger, the Goan Fish Curry or the new shower gel I broke into.

Only the process of elimination will tell.
I’ll just avoid those three for starters, and forge ahead. 
Looks worse than it is. No itchy, no scratchy. 
Glyn didn’t notice.
And Dave still loves me.


Love & Hugs
Spotty Muldoon.