Sunday, 23 July 2017

OoH!You little Imp!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in,
On my way to join the crew for supper at the Spa, 
so just want to show you a clever little trick with the brand new Fairy Plates, which lovely Rosie has been demonstrating on Hochanda today.

See? No wings.
When we designed the Groovi Fairy Plates, 
we made sure that the wings aren’t touching the bodies.
On ANY of them.

So even though it looks as though the butterfly and flower wings are attached,
they aren’t. Which means you can make delightful art with imps and elves - and little boys and girls actually.


See? No wings. Just a little pixie.

Flowers from another plate.

Landscape from the Starter Kit.

Colour with Perga Liner pencils

Layer up on a very new paper coming soon...

Yes. That does the job.

Fairy? What fairy?
Super simple and quick.
Has to be today!

All available on our website now,
both as stampsets with masks, and Groovi.


Love & Hugs,

PS. I will pick a random winner for the name competition tomorrow.
Running late here!