Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday Celebrations

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Sunday morning.
I hope you are well and happy?
Thought I’d send an Easter card project to you;
a simple celebration Sunday.

I remember great amusement when doing this card together with Dean on telly; let’s see if I can embed the You-tube of that show....
Anyway, here’s what we used:


I cut and embossed an oval shape out of Theuvacard.
I heat-embossed the Easter banner and the Greeting with a heatgun

Stamped the 3 chicks onto Translucent Shrink Plastic, 
Cut them out, like so...

but let’s watch Dean the crafting Guru tackle 3 chicks, eh.
Or was it 4 chicks....
Managed to embed this from You Tube, and thanks JantheNan, 
the lady who put it there in the first place!

This is very funny! 
Dean is brilliant!

To make the flower, I bought a set of very reasonably priced punches at my friend Terri’s shop in Wisbech 
Terri Lucas, The Craft Den. Fab shop, even fabber woman!
If you live in that area, you should pop in, or sign up for one of her workshops. She is one talented lady. 
And our Clarity Design Team Kelly Ketteringham (Kelly on the Telly) works at the Craft Den, too, so you will meet her there.

So there we are.
Happy Easter to you and yours. 

All the stamps are in the Easter sale this weekend.
Sales ends Monday 21st April, 2014.

lots of love,

Saturday, 19 April 2014

A crackin’ Easter Project

Hello there!
It’s Easter weekend, and here’s a cute idea you might enjoy trying.

I used our Easter chicks and some cracking good eggs:

Blossom Egg           Leaf Egg

Oh. An Espresso Adirondack and a few Promarkers, too.

It’s as easy as boiling a soft egg, once you know how!
Let’s take a look....

Stamp the bottom half of the cracked egg in Espresso.

Use the Cracked Egg mask to cover up 
and stamp the Blossom egg through the aperture.

like so...

We are going to do the same for the top half of the cracked egg, but we are going to cut it out. 
So anywhere on a piece of Theuva card is good.

Colour in with Promarkers.

Both halves.

Mask off the lower half and stamp a chick into the egg.

Coming together here..
Now for the Message.

Bend it into a curve on the mount....

Let’s anchor the egg, so that it isn’t just floating.
Mask the egg off, 
and add a little ledge with Espresso and a make up sponge.


Speaking of floating eggs,
I remember a while ago, the fridge was pretty empty except for a few eggs, so I thought I’d rustle up some egg mayonnaise. 
“Not sure how long these eggs have been in here,”
says I.
“Well, if an egg floats, it’s no good.”
says Dave.
I put all 6 eggs in the pan of water and they all bobbed to the surface. All 6. No hesitation. They shot to the top. 
“Fancy beans on toast?”
says I...

Anyway, yolks aside, where was I?

Ah yes. Trying to stop the egg from tipping over.
Colour in the little chicksicle..

Add the lid with a brad.

Dust a little Butterscotch Yellow around the edge of the card 
with one of our fabulous Clarity Brushes.

All done.

We hope you are having a cracking good Easter weekend.
Check out our Sale on the website;
all these stamps are on offer until Monday 21st April 2014.

much love,

Friday, 18 April 2014

A Good Giving Friday

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope you are well, and able to take a day off today.
I thought it would be a good day to give away some prizes and put a smile on a few faces.

So, let’s start with the Trees on the Gelli Plate exercise from a while ago (see blog posted 31st March).
I used an Gelli Plate brickwall remnant to create a treeline,


And the challenge was to make suggestions to finish, add to or enhance the wall. Well, Carole Panksztelo went one step further, and sent me her interpretation. Take a look....

Fantastic, or what?!

I love how she has come down in front of the wall 
with the trees, too. 

So hats off to Carole, and a big round of applause.

Carole, don’t think I need to send you my wall; yours is excellent! So a £20 Clarity gift voucher on its way to you next week instead.

Next was the Limerick session. Remember the corset card last week?

We laughed our heads off that day in the car to and from Ally Pally. They were all hilarious. Each and every one! 
Here are a couple which had us in stitches,

from Cardgenie

There once was a man from Dorset
Who liked to wear his wife’s corset
The lace caused a rash
Which caused him to scratch
And he ended up with a sore set!

from Linda Page 

There once was a man from Dorset
Who like to wear his wife's corset
He tried it at night;
It was really quite tight
And he ripped it by trying to force it 

But I think the one which cracked us up most was this one:

from Jocelyn:

There once was a man from Dorset
Who liked to wear his wife's corset
He'd dress up and play
While she was away
'Cos they're funny like that in Dorset!

So, in keeping with the Laughometer, 

another £20 Gift Voucher goes to Jocelyn.

To the other 2 ladies, Linda and the Cardgenie: 
how about a consolation prize? 
Each pick a Claritystencil on the website, and call Janice next week on 01732 868215 with your choice. We will get them sent out to you. xx 

And now to a random good egg at Easter. 
A £50 Gift Voucher goes to ...
Donna Brooks.
Just for being positive and uplifting, and 
because we can.

So there we are.
I figured out a long time ago, never to tire of doing the next right thing, and that small, indiscriminate, random acts of kindness make the world a better place.

Good Friday.

There’s a great quote by John Wesley,
which we have even made into a stamp.
I think it is appropriate today:

Have a GOOD day.
See you tomorrow! 
Same time, same place.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

It’s a Gardener’s World today

Hello there,
Hope you are doing well? I am running late today.
So looking forward to the long weekend!
Hoping to spend some time in the garden.
So here’s a little Gardening step-by-step card using our little

Stamp the Framer using Black Archival

Mask off the outside with Post-Its, leaving a little stamp-edge.
Stamp the wheelbarrow into the frame with Black Adirondack.
Add a baby sun/moon.

Load your Brayer with Meadow on the Mat,

Roll in the lawn,  and add a few tufts with the make-up sponge.

Load your Brayer with Cloudy Blue on the Mat,

Add the sky.

Add the clouds with the Clarity Cloud Mask 
and a make-up sponge.
Depending on where you live, and how you feel, 
this can be adjusted.

 Add the garden fork in black, 
but position the tips of the prongs on a torn scrap of paper, 

so that the fork looks set in the ground.

Remove the Post-Its. Nice!

Time for some masking.
Cover up the whole stamp,

so that we can add some grass around the outside.
Just line up the torn copy paper with the tufts on the inside of the pic, and carry them on into the neighbour’s yard!

Less is more...

Now stamp the fork back over the original image. 
In black again.

Remove the mask and 

frank the stamp with the Thank you stamp.
Oh and the best bit:
Add a couple of little birds from the Birdhouse Set.

Colour in the Wheelbarrow with a pencil,

trim the card to size,

Add the Queen in the corner with balck archival.
This is a very useful little Postage Stamp Set!

Season the edges with a blending tool,

 Replace the XL Stamp mask, 
and add a little shadow around all 4 sides...
Blues to the top, 

and black to the bottom.

Now remove the mask,

and mount to a complimentary paper.

That’s it for today.
A Perfect Man’s card!
or should I say,
a great card for the man in your life!

Time to get out there and enjoy the springtime.