Sunday, 28 August 2016

You light up my life....

Hello there,
Thanks for popping in today.
We are in full production through the weekend, 
and it’s Dave turn today to keep the wheels turning,
so I am on my own for the day.

First things first.
A little art and a chat to my buddies in here. 

PS. Thank you for having my back yesterday. 
I read all the comments every day, as you know.
Was I upset because of one negative blurt?
No, not really. If one of YOU came at me like that, 
I would be devastated.
But not coming from a total stranger. 

So anyway,
I thought I would do a stamp project
using a Tree Design I drew ages ago, because it highlights our 
Claritystamp masks so perfectly...

It comes with a brilliant set of individual texture stamps

Woodland Trees + Pointillism stamps

Stamp the Trees on Watercolour paper,
using a Black Archival

Now it’s time for the mask work.
To the best of my knowledge, we are the only Stamp Company in the world who produce masks to compliment our Stamps. 

If you buy the stamp set, we will GIVE you the mask as a bonus!
Mine are old, they are a darker, improved material now,
but the function is the same.

We simply mask off areas and add colour with ink pads.
It’s a very quick, lovely way to bring a landscape to life.

You can see where the shine is.
That’s where I have laid the mask down on the card.
Including the outside.

Treetops first

Now for the excellent ink pads we have started importing from India.
This green is beautiful:

Using a make-up sponge, you simply smear colour into the treetops. You can see here how shadow can be created very simply. 

Before you move to the next area, add more shadow with a darker colour. I went for 

Now it time to cover up what you have done, and move on to the next area.

This is a thinking game,
but I love it.

The result is sharp, crisp and clean. 
And it is very quick actually. 

When you move to the sky, 
you have to cover up the trees and the grass completely. 
The colour I went with for the sky was very lovely:

Not too bright.

When you are happy that you have done all the colouring you want.
peel all the masks away and replace them on their homebase,
ready for another day.

It looks airbrushed. 



Designed by our good man Jim.
Ideal for colouring in with pencils too.
Good pencils,
good price.
Not as brittle as the last ones.

Time to add the elderly couple on the bench...
They tie the whole thing together.

They are from one of our Wee Folk Stamp Chains.

No. 1 in fact

I actually keep all of mine in a lovely 
all neat and tidy.
There are so many of them now!
I am going to be showing off the Christmas ones 
next Sunday on TV. They are delightful. 

Trim the edges,

Add a little doodle track to the quirky double line frame,
using a fine Micron pen.

Use a white pencil to enhance the silhouette couple. 

All done.

Have a great Bank Holiday Sunday!

Love and Hugs,