Monday, 25 July 2016

A simple Canvas using Yesterday’s Leftovers...

Sorry I’m so late!
After a really lovely first day of Retreat No. 4,
 Jim, Paul, Dave and myself had a design meeting this evening.

Made a plan of where we’re headed for the next couple of months and allocated fresh ideas and artwork.
Compiled the next few TV shows 
and figured out what to showcase, what to put into production etc. 
We’ve got some really neat new things in the pipeline now!
What a fab team we do have.

But it got late, so I thought I would refer back to 
yesterday’s blog and continue from there -
it being Monday’s Blog is Flowers and Trees...

Remember the stencil prints we did?

I thought I would run with the Copy Paper one this evening.

What to do with a copy paper scrap....

Here is it...

Let’s wrap it around a 6" x 6" Canvas board.
I bet it looks great.

We have a great selection of Canvas Boards. 

Trim it back and cut the corners off.
You can see the blotted colour through the copy paper, 
so it’s easy to gauge how much to trim back.

Using a paint brush, paint Mod Podge Sealant directly onto the front of the canvas board.

Lower the canvas down onto the back of the artwork,
flip it over and rub the front.
You can use a brayer to flatten it completely, too.

Flip it over again, and add Mod Podge to the flaps 
before you fold them over.
Really easy and very effective with copy paper.

Look how smart this looks!
See how all the wrinkles disappeared?
When the Mod Podge dried, they disappeared. 

Let’s mount it on the next size up canvas board, 
using a double-sided Clarity Adhesive sheet.

How easy was that?!
If I saw that in a little gallery, I’d buy it. 
I really would. 

I think the Gallery ambience would definitely help....


and now it’s

Love and Peace,