Friday, 31 October 2014

A Dotty Day

Hello there.

Friday’s blog a private peek.
Well what a week! Oh what a week!
Way too much pressure for this little head;
trying to put a HUGE shipment to bed. 
Boxes and labels, bags and stencils;
stamps and card, brushes and pencils.
If Santa had seen our own Clarity Elves
wrapping and packing, and emptying the shelves, 
their names and phone numbers he’d surely remember - 
and ask them to work for him in December!

By Wednesday I thought we were all going potty - 
then Elf Annie arrived with Baby Elf Dotty!

She also learned quickly to box and pack - 

and edit stencils on the Mac!

She even spent quality time with Jim,
lots of ideas and tips for him!

and I went from being all miserable moody,

to a Mum again, happy, and rather broody.

So thank you young Dotty, for saving my day.
I’d forgotten how lovely it is to just play.

much love,