Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bittathisbittathat...and a Creative Fix

Hi there.
Thanks for joining me.
No I know that Wednesday is usually the day we do some soul searching, but to be frank, I need a creative fix!
(Who’s Frank?)
Have you made all your Christmas cards yet? 
Yes? Well, Good For You!!
Ask me whether I have. Go on, I dare you ....
But rather than get into a spin, I decided to kick back and enjoy the day ahead. 

One card is better than no cards, so here’s a start!
When I got home from our jolly - not so jolly in Cally - on the Continent, Dave had put up the old sign I found in an antique shop in Lewes....

Hanging in the porch window.

See it?

Totally reminded me of the Ribbon Stamp we have.

Merry Christmas

So here’s a step by step using the fab sentiment stamp and those lovely stamps from Linda Williams, with the winter scene and the robins.
Christmas Carol 2 - Reindeer & Robins

Ready? Here goes.

Lay a tag down on a piece of white stencil card and stamp across it in black


Have I got a plan? Do I know what I’m doing?
About as much as the French did yesterday at the Eurotunnel.

I want to use a piece of the Designer parchment, I know that much!
This is the front of the parchment facing up. The more muted side.

Colour in the lettering with blue and white Pergaliner pencils

Stamp across the tag and the parchment.

Mmmm. Add a tree? Or two?

Let’s emboss the parchment on the pink Excellent mat, using the smaller Pergamano embossing tools. Good bundle.

Tag next.
The brushes are brilliant for adding a subtle edge.

Now for the frame on the parchment. 
The Nested Squares Extension ABC Frame is a must have.

Add a pattern from Tina’s Straight Grid Border No. 2. 
Piece of cake this is!! 

Overlay the tag, so that it all lines up.

Add a matching ribbon, and mount on the same 
Rainbow River paper.

Lots of little details.

Enjoyed making this.

But now I must dash.
I am torn between being a crafter and blogging, 
and running a business.
But there you go! I’ve had my crafty fix for one day.

Love & Hugs,