Friday, 12 February 2016

Star Books and a Stroll down Memory Lane...

Hi there.
Hope all is well with you on this rainy day?
As somebody once said to me,
“If you don’t like the English weather, just wait a minute”

Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
Well, let’s see...
Do you have boxes with trinkets and bits n bobs from the past?
I have a couple.
Here’s one I made earlier! Many years ago in fact.

Wow, those were the days when I made time to make things like this! How times have changed...

Stamps and tissue paper, tassels and bits of paper...

Shall we open the box and take a peep inside?

Ha! Full of lovely gifts and things from the kids and you!

Can you see the
Hi Grace!
That little original cartoon was from a dear dear friend of mine, Karen Matchette when Grace was tiny.
Recognise the cartoon Pebbles?
Well, Karen was a cartoonist for Hanna Barbera!
Really! She was one of the Flintstones cartoonists!
I have other pieces in the house which she did for both the kids when we lived in Carmel.

The flowery card....
Ahhh A Mother’s Day card from Mark. 
He must have been a nipper.

One of the Clarity Retreats years ago at Forest Row.
Both kids with braids.
Blimey. There’s my old carpet bag.
Still use it now!

A little box, tucked up in the corner of my art room, 
with all those wonderful photos and memory joggers.
To trigger good memories about good people
from the past AND present actually.

This little starbook is as lovely still as it was all those years ago, 
when we made it at that retreat at the Brambletye!

maybe it’s time to make another one...
just for old time’s sake!

Or better still, rather than getting all nostalgic,


Come on!
Get your clever corners out and 
let’s make some Star Books this weekend!

6 squares of paper measuring 3.5" x 3.5" 
or 4" x 4", depending on the corner you’re using.
Piece of cake.
Actually, whilst we’re digging around in the past, 
let me dig out the Star Book project from yon Project Club.
Did you know that this project Club of mine has been going since 1990 something?! Honest Guv!
I used to stick the photos of the projects on the photocopied instructions back in the day.
Or some poor sap who looked like they needed a job did!
Mark, wonder they left the country!

I remember hanging them in the tree at the old farmhouse.
Waited forever for the wind to stop catching them so I could take a picture!

Hope you can read this!
If not, look at this pictures....

the gap was where the photo got glued...

The work that went into this!!
This was years before TV and help!!!

Take a picture of your Masterpiece and email me.
Then I will pick a winner 
and send that Star of Star Books a £30 Clarity Gift Voucher!
Ooooh! I say I say! £30 !!
Will announce the winner next Friday. 
So you’ve got a week to rise to the challenge!

Remember: You have to be in it to win it!
And Star Books are such fun and simple to make.

love & hugs,