Sunday, 19 November 2017


Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Working this afternoon, getting our ducks in a row for next week, if you’ll pardon the expression...

Forgive me for not blogging a step by step or anything arty for the next few days (although I’m really excited to tell you about my arty morning. Very messy - but oh what a result)


But the next week here is going to be our CLARITY SALE WEEK.

Pretty chilly outside,
but here at Clarity Towers things are hotting up in readiness for GRAY FRIDAY.

In case you are new to this ’ere bloggy fold, let me explain...
We don’t do Black Friday. Sounds way too dark. 
No, no. We prefer to go for GRAY!

33% off all Clarity-Branded products.

If we sell out of a certain stamp or stencil or Groovi plate, we will make more. So your order may take a little longer, but this is a bonafide sale. The third off price is guaranteed.

If you’re a member of our clubs, 
your 10% - 15% discounts are added too. That’s substantial.

So it might be a very good idea to join today if you haven’t already!
(Check out the info Youtube below). 

I have just spoken to Jeannine, and she has said she will activate the club discounts on the website by 9am tomorrow morning if you join today.

Yep. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Here we see the Clarity team all set to chirp n serve!

But what about the other things we sell? I
hear you ask,

Are they not in the GRAY FRIDAY sale?
No, sorry, can’t swing that...

 but I thought we’d have a cracking 24 hour BLOG BLITZ SALE leading up to Friday, and cover some cool craft items which won’t be in the weekend line-up. 
Starting tomorrow, I’ll launch cool daily sales here.
These items will sell out though, so first come first serve.
Online, and on the phone 01732 868215.

All next Weekend? Not just the Friday?

You may recall that our website crashed spectacularly a couple of years ago. The only redeeming factor was that cyberspace went into global meltdown, and all the big boys, like Amazon and John Lewis, fried too!
So to play it safe, rather than risk a repeat performance, we decided to spread the sale window over the whole weekend. 

The 24 hours BLOG BLITZ SALE will start tomorrow - 


Tell all your friends - Share the news.
Or don’t. Buy them presents instead!
See you on the other side!

Love & Hugs,