Friday, 24 March 2017

Happy Days

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
T G I F !

How much can happen in a week, eh.
This time last week, Linda and I were in Maribor, Slovenia.

This is one of the projects I did in one of the workshops,
using the first and still the biggest selling Groovi plate we have -


They loved the Groovi System.
The ladies really got it. 

I invited them to write their own message in Slovenian
 around the wreath of course, which several duly did.

And they were invited to use any colourway they liked, 
rather than copy mine.

I think that’s the whole point of Groovi.
You can use the elements you want,
you can add your touch, your flavour,
and you can create your own original design. 

Actually, I’m really chuffed at how far my own parchment skills have progressed in the couple of years since Groovi was born. From ZERO I might add. I had absolutely no clue. Not a scoobie.
And now we own Pergamano. Amazing really.

So much has happened !
My oh my.
And this little artroom is a reflection of that!
It is chaos. Absolute overflow mayhem.
It was pretty busy in here when we just had the stamps and stencils!
But now we’ve added a whole other world of parchment and Groovi, and I can’t stand it anymore.
It’s not efficient, and it’s no good for the head. 
I’m not a tidy crafter anyway, so too much gear is just asking for trouble!
I have got so much crammed in here I can’t find anything. 
Need to have a major clear out, before I can start again.
Skip time. 

I quite like having a good sort out, don’t you?
Quite cathartic.
And I LOVE finding stuff I have been searching for for months too.
So here’s the plan:
3 work stations in here:
One where the computer sits, where I blog and do business.
One for messy, painty, inky art.
One for Groovi parchment.

Makes sense to me!

One more thing I wanted to flag up.
Lovely Louise at work is starting up a Groovi Group in the town. 
Here are the details.
For anybody near Edenbridge who fancies dipping their toe in the Groovi pond, here’s a great opportunity.
Lousie is very lovely.  If you call the office, you will know her. 
She works alongside Jeannine. 
Very arty, creative young woman too.
I wish her all the very best with her Groovi workshops.

Love & Hugs,