Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Border Plate Grid Project. + 40% Bumper Border Plate Sale!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog a blue blog, right?
And also, we have launched a 
40% off? That’s got to be worth looking at!
It will run until Sunday, so I thought I would show you some tricks using them thar borders!

I am going to use the Groovi Starter Kit 
and the Nested Squares Plate for this project too.....

Here we go....
Attach the A5 Parchment to the Groovi Plate Mate,
wipe with a Tumble dryer sheet,
and make a square with the Squares nest, like so:

Build a grid by moving the parchment around.
The Square grid will help you get perfect alignment.
Piece of cake!

Now attach the Borders to the Plate mate, the holder. 
This will keep them in place too. 
Use Cellotape on the backside. Sounds kinky.
If you know what I mean...

Time to fill the boxes with whatever takes your fancy.
Just start picking out patterns from the borders and the Mate to decorate the boxes.

See what I mean?
Always work from behind with parchment.

See the ribbons on the Border Plate?
And then they were in the box!

Love the chain pattern.
Got to use that one!

And the rope!
As you work your way round the Border Plates, you really become familiar with the dozens of different assets and pieces to play with.

It’s no good. I want to include the bird from the other Border,
the Baubles Border Plate. Fabulous piece of artwork....

and on we go.
Very relaxing and playful,
Very easy.
But also quite abstract and arty.

Sam Crowe did a mini version of this for me, 
using the letterbox boxes on the Mate for the grid.
That is fab too.

 Getting there....

Time to frame the lot, so back to the square grid.

Double-line edge.

Start filling that too.
I used the Square nest to whizz round a couple of the sides,

and the Zigzag from one of the borders for a change.
Oh! And the scallop.

It’s all right in front of you....

Some white dots using the larger stylus , 
up-down-left-right and round we go.
If you are lost now, 
check out the Bookmark YouTube I did last Tuesday.

Use the single line to score the work.
We are going to fold around a piece of card.

Both sides.

Blue Blog?
Blue pencils!
Spectrum Noirs work a treat.

So do Polychromos, Faber Castell.

Colouring in from behind, 
it’s starting to come together 

Almost looks like stitchwork.

Slide the black paper or card into the back
and attach.

Mount the panel onto dark blue paper.
We sell that lovely shimmer paper.

Mount on plain white 8" x 8" card.

A very enjoyable hour spent there.
Didn’t really have a concrete plan.

Like where I ended up though!

Do take a look at the Border Sale.
They will keep you entertained for hours!!!

love and hugs,