Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Home late

Hi there.
Just got in from Birmingham, 
so I will say hi and bye if you don't mind!
But before I crawl upstairs to the land of nod, I want to mention 
just a few highlights of the  Trade Show.
Firstly, we met  lots of lovely people - old friends and new.
Then we met people from all over the world, from Kuwait, from India, from Europe.
I finally got to meet Hilary from Wightcats, which was a real pleasure.
My goodness, she and her husband Stephen work so hard.

All the Pergamano and Groovi friends were oohing and aaahing over our Jim's latest invention,
Our Pergamano Tool caddy.
Want one? .? It is so excellent!


And finally, the new Deluxe Starter Kit was very well received.
Complete with beautiful Tina Cox projects .

So yeah.
The show was much smaller than last year, and there were a lot less visitors,
But we had a blast, made some great new connections, took a rake of orders.

Time for a cuppa and bed.

Love & hugs,
Barb xxx