Thursday, 29 September 2016

Windows Galore!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog is always blue, 
so how about a very simple step by step today,
using the lovely stained Glass Groovi plates 
which Paul showcased on telly last Sunday?

Trace the mother and child out first,
then make a box frame, using the Nested Square plate.

Blue parchment?

Colour in the panels from behind using Distress Markers.

Look below.
See how you can inject blueness 
by simply laying a sheet of blue parchment underneath?

Here we have used the A5 blue from the two-tones collection.
I think this is a good taster pack. It gives you a selection of the various colours.

Then, if you particularly like one of the colours, 
you can order a pack of it alone. 

If you go with a dark blue, an opaque piece of card, 
it seems to dull the parchment down too much.

Very very simple card.
Great for making batches or selling as sets.

To that end, we have actually gathered all 5 windows in a bundle
so that when you buy all 5,
you only pay for 4.

Let me treat you to a beautiful Stained Glass Window Feast by Tina Cox....

Now that’s what I call a masterpiece.

For those of you who are stampers, these are also available in stamp format....

And for those of you who like a stencil, guess what?!

Anybody who makes cards for charity or to sell, 
these stained glass windows are ideal.

Love & hugs