Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Free Abstract Download Papers. Purple, Green - both!

Hi there,
Welcome to Mindful Wednesday’s Blog!
This is the day of the week when we look at 
and how we handle it,
and where craft comes into play.

The more I consciously use art and crafting to switch off
my washing machine head,
the more effective it is becoming.
How about you?
Starting to feel the benefits yet?

I have always actually resorted to some form of creative release,
but without realising what it was doing for me.
During the past few months I have really started to develop 
an awareness of how focussing on the action stops my wandering mind in its tracks.
 Whatever it may be, concentrating on what I am doing or making helps me stay with my hands in the present, in the now.

Yesterday’s blog was a prime example of how we as a creative group have the ability to concentrate on something and really focus.

I asked you to take a look at two colour splashes I had made with 
Color Burst Pigment Powders.



I was blown away by the response, by the creative input,
by what you all saw.
And without reservation you shared your findings, too.

This proves to me that we are collectively moving forward.
A year ago, I don’t think we would have had the same open, uninhibited response. 

So to celebrate, I am offering you the two splashes to download.
That way, you can explore.

Click here to download Green Splash

Click here to download Purple Splash

You’ve already told me what you can see.
Now print of a few of these backgrounds and see if you can translate what’s in your head to paper.

Like I did yesterday, with the whimsy houses on the cliff.

From this, 

to this:

Several of you yesterday said how much you enjoyed getting into what you could see in the splashes.
Well, let’s go to the next step;
let’s get them thar pencils out !!

Have fun.
If you would like to send me a pic of what you create, 
I would LOVE that.
I really, really would. 

love & peace.

Even if you just download the papers and add them to your stash, 
they make a great background for something!